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Why was it when one wanted to get somewhere quickly, they could never get there fast enough? That was exactly how Thorin felt at that moment. Ever since Radagast's report of the Orcs, the King was even more anxious to find his nephews. Yet it seemed, to Thorin, no matter how fast or hard he ran or how far he went he was no closer to finding Fili and Kili than when he and the others first started.

They pushed on at a quick, steady pace. The path was relatively straight with a few twist and turns; and the earth beneath their feet was dry and solid. However, after a while the ground became wet, as if they had stepped over a threshold onto a new trail, and there was a subtle hint of moisture in the air.

It had previously stormed in the area, but the rain had long past washing away any sign the two princes may have gone that way. Everyone noticed the change, especially Thorin and Dwalin who knew they could no longer depend on their tracking skills alone. Having taught Fili and Kili everything they knew about survival, Thorin and Dwalin were almost certain the lads would've sought shelter at the onset of the storm; and as close to the path as possible.

Continuing down the path, all six dwarves kept their eyes open for anything that looked to be a shelter. After several minutes, Nori spotted a small cave just a few yards off the path to the right side. It was a perfect place to escape a shower.

Making their way over, they stopped short at the rather gruesome sight outside the cavern. At least a dozen, if not more, Orcs laid in puddles of black blood. They were dispersed across the murky terrain, having fallen where they were struck down. Some were pierced with arrows that Thorin instantly recognized as Kili's, while those closest to the entry of the cave were hacked and sliced, a couple with severed heads. Immediately, Thorin made for the rocky hole, the others at his heels, weapons at the ready in case the enemy lurked within.

The scene inside was no better than the one outside. A few feet inside the entrance were Kili's bow and quiver, the arrows scatter across the floor with specks of blood splattered here and there.

There he saw them - Orcs. Big, small, and some in between headed straight for him. And at the lead, mounted upon a white Warg, was an Orc pale as the moon with an iron rod for an arm. Kili swallowed hard, and muttered the name "Azog!"

The Pale Orcs made eye contact with the Dwarf, malice glinted in his eyes and his lips turned up in a sinister grin. Kili's heart was pounding against his rib cage and his breaths were heavy and short.

Like his brother, Kili was a trained fighter, schooled in the art of weaponry and war by his uncle and Dwalin. However he had little experience off the practice grounds, save for the few times he had encountered the Orcs of Ered Luin on hunting trips or simply hiking through the woods. And in those cases there were only a handful of the evil monsters and Kili had been accompanied by his brother, uncle, or both. there were too many to count and Kili was alone. Yes, Fili was there, but he was asleep at the back of the cave and even if he were awake he had very little strength to offer.

Centering in on Azog, Kili reached behind his back to retrieve an arrow. He was so focused on the Pale Orc he did not see one of the other Orcs send a pair of bolas whizzing and spinning through the air until it was too late. One end of the chain caught around his neck, as the other end whipped itself around and around until the stone ball struck him in the nose with such force it sent Kili to his knees with a groan.

Kili held his face, blood oozed from between his fingers, dripping onto the ground. The bolas was small enough not to kill him, but still large enough to break his nose. It was a sharp, burning and - at the same time - a dull, numbing sort of pain. The kind of infliction that radiated through the entire body, caused the head to spin, and vision to blur, before the stunned and paralyzed victim passed out. And that was exactly what happened to the dark prince.

Further in the contents of the bags the dark haired Dwarf had carried were carelessly tossed across the floor; the thick material of his heavy leather coat, the one he'd offer his brother to lie upon, was shred to ribbons; and the vial once in Fili's possession was shattered to bits, the tiny shards of glass absorb by the thick, dark, sticky substance. Against one wall were a couple of Orcs, each with one of Fili's throwing axes embedded in its head.

Fili's eyes were closed. He wasn't sleeping and yet he wasn't awake. He was in that hazy place where dreams and reality became blurred. So, when he first heard the faint, distant shrieks and howls he did not react. Yet, when the screeching and yowling became loud and distinct, reverberating off the walls of the cave his eyes shot open.

They came through the mouth, down the short passage toward him in a wave. Orcs! All screeching and hissing. There were so many, that even in his best of health, a Fili knew he would never be able to take them all. Still together he and Kili may of had a chance though be it small, but still a chance. Quickly Fili scanned the cavern for his brother. He finally spotted Kili lying on the floor not too far from the opening, a chain wrapped around his neck, and blood dripping from his nose.

Realizing he was alone in this, Fili struggled to lift himself off the ground with a wince and a groan. He was able to get himself propped up on his elbow, when an Orc came right at him swinging its sword. He was going to die, he was sure of it, but he wasn't going to die without a fight.

Pulling his leg up as high as he could the blond yanked loose the small axe strapped to his boot and sent it spinning through the air. The blade struck the Orc between the eyes, piercing into its skull with ease. Sweating, and gasping for air, Fili repeated the action again taking down one more, before another rammed its foot into his stomach.

Everything turned white, a stabbing pain ripped through his body, and though Fili opened his mouth to scream nothing came out. Gasping, he nearly choked as blood seeped from deep within his throat onto the floor. Another blow came, this time to side of his head and all went black.

But there was no sign of the fair or dark prince. All there was a message on the wall above the bodies of the two Orcs. It was one word. A word so evil, it turned cold the blood of the most powerful kings and stopped the hearts of the boldest warriors. There on the wall smeared in black blood, was the name AZOG.

Azog has Fili and Kili. Things just went from bad to worse. Unfortunately, I cannot promise at this moment Fili and Kili will appear in the next chapter. As a I previously said I had intended to reunite the Company and get them on the move in this chapter, but it didn't work. So that will be my main focus on the next chapter. And depending on how it lays out will determine if I'll be able to work in Fili and Kili.

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