A/N: So I got this "Wreck This Journal", and am having a lot of fun with it. I started to wonder what Sherlock would do with one. These will all be flash fiction entries based on the entry of the journal.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Sherlock Holmes. Wreck This Journal is the creation of Keri Smith.

"John, I'm bored." Sherlock huffed from his spot on the couch with his back to his friend. It had been three days since their last case, and with nothing new to occupy Sherlock, John was on the receiving end of his annoyance and childishness.

"Check the website, Sherlock." John said patiently, while writing up a case on his blog.

"Did it already," Sherlock muttered, "boring. Three extra-martial affairs, two embezzlers, and a missing cat."

"And a partridge in a pear tree." John laughed, but it soon turned into an awkward cough when Sherlock shot him a look of annoyance. "You could go get the shopping."

"Not really the shop type." Sherlock grumbled.

"Of course you're not." John groused, closing the lid of his laptop and standing. "I'll go and get it, shall I?"

Sherlock just, "hmm"ed under his breath and John sighed, grabbing his coat from the chair, and descending the steps to 221A.

When he knocked, his landlady Mrs. Hudson answered the door.

"Oh, John! Come in!" She greeted him warmly, beckoning him in.

"No, that's okay, Mrs. Hudson. I'm just going to run to down to the shops. Do you need anything?"

She shook her head, "Not that I know of dear."

"Ah, okay. Well, Sherlock's in a bit of a mood right now because he's not on a case today, so don't mind him if he's being cheeky."

"Alright dear." She replied in her normal understanding tone. "Oh wait!" Mrs. Hudson left the door for a moment and returned with a book.

"My niece left this here when she visited," Mrs. Hudson explained, handing it too him. "It's called Wreck This Journal. I was thinking it might be good for Sherlock in between cases because, well-you know how he is."

John returned home with the groceries nearly an hour later. He set the bagged food on the kitchen table, and took another into the living room, where Sherlock was still curled on the sofa.

"Here. Bought you something."

There was silence, and John wondered for a moment if Sherlock had actually fallen asleep, and then Sherlock turned over.

"What's that?" Sherlock grumbled, taking the book from his friend's hands. "Wreck this Journal."

"Yeah. Well it's something to get out you're frustration, more or less."

"It's for a child, John." Sherlock sneered.

"Well if the shoe fits..." John laughed, despite the glare that came from the detective.

"Look, you don't have to use it, I'll just give it to, I dunno-give it to Molly or something. (Sherlock snorted at this), "but I've got a date tonight, so you'll be on you're own. Try not to blow up the flat, okay?"

The reply was another monosyllable reply. Sighing, John went upstairs to change.

When John arrived home from his date around 11 o' clock, he plunked his keys on the table and went into the living room, and was not surprised to find that he flatmate was not there. Sherlock had a habit of being extremely lazy in between cases. He spied the journal with a post it note on the top cover. In Sherlock's messy penmanship was a brief. "Challenge accepted John."

John couldn't help but chuckle to himself and open the book to the information page where Sherlock's name was written in what he assumed was invisible ink (as he could read it), in big and small print and backwards.

This was going to be interesting.

To Be Continued...

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