Author's Note: This story takes place in the Paper Mario world, so, when you're reading this, imagine the Paper Mario world. :)

Daisies for Daisy!

Shaking in mild nervousness, Luigi stared at himself in a mirror. He kept telling himself to move, but he felt paralyzed. Squeezing the several daisies in his hand, he chewed on his lower lip and unsureness colored his eyes.

What was he doing?

Princess Daisy was outside his home, waiting for him to come out. Yesterday, Luigi had gathered enough courage to ask the lovely princess to go on an evening stroll with him today. It was like a date; and he and Daisy both knew that, but refused to voice their opinions.

Prepared to go out with the pretty princess, Luigi had quickly picked a bunch of daisies and now here he was, staring at his reflection in a mirror and scared out of his mind. He really wanted to go out there and walk with Daisy, but he was nervous that he might do something to mess things up. Plus, he was unsure of how she'd react to the flowers he had picked for her.

Suddenly, Mario entered the room, looking at his younger brother questionably. The plump plumber waddled over to the taller male and poked his side, causing Luigi to jump ten feet into the air due to surprise. When the green plumber landed back on his feet, he turned to look at Mario with wide eyes.

"Bro! You scared me to death! I almost had a heart attack just now!" Luigi exclaimed loudly, placing his free hand over his heart and trying to breathe properly.

Mario just shrugged.

"What's up, bro? Is there something that you need?" Luigi asked curiously.

Mario explained that Princess Daisy had been waiting outside their home for thirty minutes now and was now preparing to for her departure.

Luigi gasped. "Oh no!"

Mario nodded in agreement.

"Sh-Should I go out there, bro? I'm kind of nervous," Luigi confessed through a sigh. He was disappointed with himself. "Daisy and I were supposed to go on an evening stroll today. Plus, I picked these daisies for her," He showed his brother the handful of daisies in his hand. "But now I don't think we'll be going for a stroll or anything because I'm gonna blow it becauseā€¦I'm a wimp!"

Mario shook his head.

"Uh huh." Luigi sighed.

Mario rolled his eyes and pushed Luigi out the room, ignoring the protests that escaped his younger brother's mouth. After they were out of the room, Mario kicked Luigi out of the house and Luigi let out a wail as he crashed into someone.

It was Daisy.

He and Daisy had collapsed onto the ground from their sudden collision. Luigi was now on top of Daisy and they were both just staring at each other. Cheeks coloring, Luigi scrambled off of her and apologized multiple times.

"Daisy, I am SO sorry!" Luigi wailed.

Daisy dusted her dress off and laughed. "No worries. It's fine, Luigi. Hey, are those for me?" Daisy questioned, pointing a gloved finger at the daisies in Luigi's hand.

"No-I mean y-yeah!" Luigi stuttered, shaking his head and shakily handing the daisies to Daisy.

Daisy delicately took them and grinned widely. "Cool! Thanks, Luigi!"

"You're welcome." Luigi smiled.

Daisy leaned forward and planted a kiss to the green plumber's cheek. "That was sweet of you, you know." She told him.

Luigi blushed madly and then chuckled uncontrollably before falling to the ground, fainting.

Daisy stared at him, blinking.

Then she sighed, "Seriously?"