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It was at least 2 years after it happened..2 years after Naruto had finally brought back Sasuke, but he didn't come alone..he brought his team with him and now..I seem like I'm a nobody to them..they forgot about me..for her..the one that came back with Sasuke...Karin...She's taken my life from me..She's not the only one that came back with Sasuke but it seems Everyone believes everything she says..well almost everyone..Tsunade, Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Hinata still don't believe her...my parents..they don't believe her either..too bad there not actually on the earth with me..I miss them so much. The day they died was the day I lost emotion...Not only that...but it was my birthday..I knew I shouldn't of let them go on the damn mission...Now I regret it..

Ever since Karin has came in my life she's made it miserable almost everyone in the gang is on her side. She's dating Sasuke, She's bestfriends with Ino, She hits Naruto all the time like me. Now let me translate that. She stole the man I've been in love with, She stole my bestfriend, and she stole Naruto...We were like brother and sister..and now its her that came in the picture. I dont even know what i did to her! but I obviously did something!...Now the worse thing is..I've been kicked out of team 7..I've been replaced by Karin...Now I am officially replaced.. My name is Haruno Sakura.

It was my birthday today and I was on my way to the cemetery. I greeted some of the villagers on the way, getting some apologizes for my parents. Most of the faces were full of pity...I didn't want there pity.

When I arrived I made my way towards the 3rd row near the middle of the row I stopped and looked down to where they lay. I put down two white lilies for both of them.

"Hey Otou-san..Okaa-san. Today was a pretty peaceful day, It was for once nice ever since you two passed away..I wish I could see you..you dont know how much I need you here..Just to see you two again.." I finished by bowing respectfully. I got up to walk away but was only stopped by Shikamaru. Since I didn't feel like talking I just waved and smiled before walking off.

I arrived home and set some of my things I bought from the market nearby. I took off my shoes at the front door after shutting the door. I dragged myself upstairs and laided in bed to clear my head to only be interrupted by a knock at my door. When I got up a pain shot up my leg to only make me wince a bit before sitting back down. I had forgotten about how I injured myself from training myself so hard. I put my hand over my leg to heal it again making the green chakra flow over the wound. The pain finally dissipated I got up and made my way to the door. I opened the door to be greeted by an ANBU.

"Tsunade-sama has summoned you Haruno-san." The cat masked ANBU said.

I nodded and shut the door after the ANBU disappeared I went over to my room and put on my Konoha Headband, After that I went over to my dresser and grabbed my weapon pouches knocking over a picture at the same time. I quickly grabbed before it hit the floor and glanced over it. I noticed it was the Team 7 picture from when we were genin, I started remembering when our team came together and the missions we went on, when Sasuke left..,When Naruto and I have tried so hard to get him back all those times until now. I then remembered when Sasuke came back with Karin and how everything started, I started getting angry staring at the picture for so long. As rage surged through me I threw the picture at the wall making an indention on the wall and breaking the glass as it hit the floor. I ignored the sound put on my shoes and head out the door locking it.

When I arrived at the door to Tsunade's office I noticed some other chakras that I recognized and got a bit angry. I pushed my anger aside knocking on the door. When I heard a 'Come In' by Tsunade I walked in getting stares or glares from everyone in the room.

"Good your here Sakura." Tsunade said with her chin resting on her hands.

"What is it Shisou?" I asked ignoring all the stares.

"Everyone get out except Sakura." Tsunade stated.

Naruto, Sasuke, Karin, and Ino walked out, I assume just coming back from a mission.

"Is something wrong?" I asked getting worried but not showing it.

"Its not me..Sakura its you..I worry about you. How is everything?" She asked concern in her eyes.

"Tsunade-sama I am fine...but I would..like a request." I asked staring straight in to her eyes. As I noticed she got serious I continued. "I would like a request to leave the village." I said no emotion showing.

"What? Why?!" She asked taken back by my words.

"Tsunade-sama I promise to come back when the time is right..but I would like to leave to train for a while.." I said not breaking eye contact.

"Sakura..is this because of what everyone's been saying or doing to you?" She asked getting a bit angry from the subject.

"No, No, No Shisou I just think I need time away from the village." I reassured her.

"Well since you put it that way...No." The Sannin stated.

"What!? Why not!? I said I'll come back!" I said anger rising.

"Sakura..No your not leaving. I am the Hokage and your my apprentice you will follow my order." Tsunade finished.

"WHY!? What are you so afraid of!? I can handle myself! Do you believe me as weak as well!?" I yelled out of pure anger

"NO! Haruno Sakura! Don't you dare yell at me like that!.." she was quiet for a while before continuing. "I'm just afraid you'll die..or i'll lose you! or y-" I cut her off understanding what she was saying.

"Shisou..Im leaving tonight! If you put me as rogue I don't care! I want to leave for a while to get away from this hellish place!" I yelled storming out.

I could hear Tsunade yelling my name but I ignored it. I know I was a total bitch to Tsunade-sama..But I just need to leave for a while. It's hard to call this place my home when some of the people betrayed me. No one is stopping me from leaving to train ...I've made it final..I'm leaving tonight...but I'll be back but I wont be the same Haruno Sakura everyone knows and loved.. oh no...I'll be even stronger.

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