Sir Martin was one of the many high-ranking knights of the prosperous land of Astora. He always kept his dark brown hair short and his face clean-shaven. Martin always honest knight, although he was only twenty-five years in age, he had already risen to the rank of an elite knight.

Astora was a land that lied in a plain between mountains and forests. In the center of the plain, a massive kingdom filled with many dwellings and towers was there. A river flowed through the kingdom. Astora was home to many skilled warriors and craftsmen. Delicately crafted swords, shields and armor were made in the kingdom, making Astora a force to be reckoned with. Kingdoms of men would not dare challenge the forces of Astora, but men were not the only force to fear.

Before Martin went to the barracks to round-up everyone for his patrol, he had to pick up a new sword from André the blacksmith. Martin could already smell the smoke from the forges when he stepped up to the door, he knocked and after a few moments, André opened the door for him. André was covered in sweat from a hard day's work. Even though he was a lighthearted man, most people were nervous around him, mostly due to the fact that his muscles and veins were always pulsing from hours of work. Martin stepped in the doorway and asked, "So is my new sword ready for use?"

"Indeed it is Sir Martin," André said as he went towards the back of his shop. The shop itself was full of weapons and various shields, all mounted onto racks. Weapons ranged from swords, spears, axes, there were even a few Claymores. Each weapon shined in the light, André kept every sword clean and sharpened. No one could ever tell if a sword was several weeks old or brand new. André finally grabbed the sword that was for Martin, it was a standard long sword but delicately crafted, made of steel . Its handle bore an intricate design of inter-changing lines. André showed it to Martin, "Ah, here it is. I just finished this fine beauty today. I forged this with my finest steel, a priestess even came by and blessed this sword with divine magic. It will not let you down, just try not to shatter another one of my swords."

"Thank you André, this looks like a fine sword, and I was barely able to escape that wyvern, I do not think any sword could withstand a bite from its massive jaw." Martin took the sword and sheathed it onto the left side of his waist. He then nodded to André and left, the streets of Astora were pretty quiet until Martin passed by Solaire's home. Lot's of loud banging and shuffling came from inside. Martin drew his sword and quickly flung the door open. Solaire's house was a mess, old maps and papers were thrown about, all of his cupboards seemed to have been emptied, all of the chaos looked like the work of thieves except for the fact that Martin had found Solaire scurrying around. "Uh, Solaire?"

"Praise the Sun! Martin it is you. I didn't see you there. Forgive me for the mess but I am getting ready for a journey." Solaire stood a few inches taller than Martin, wearing his iconic sunlight armor. Most of the knights mocked Solaire's armor because it was an old style of armor not to mention Solaire's custom painted sun that he had put on his shield and armor. Solaire looked down to the side and finally saw what he was looking for. "Ah, there it is!" Solaire picked up a scroll, he then went to the nearest table and swept everything off of it, not even caring of the objects that he threw to the floor. He laid the scroll on the table unrolled it, it was revealed to be an ancient map.

"Wait is that Lordran?" Martin said as he observed the map, he had only heard rumors of Lordran, most of the talk of the land had come from Solaire himself. The land was also rumored to be crawling with just about every horrible creature imaginable.

"It is Lordran, the land of the ancient lords, the land of my father. Lordran is my destination, I am going there to find my own sun." Solaire was fixated on the map, clearly lost in his own thought process.

"You never talk much of your father or family in general, what happened between you?" Martin asked this because it was true, Solaire had always mentioned Lordran but never of his family that was supposedly there. Most people generally avoided Solaire but for those who talked to him, Solaire was a jolly fellow though if one took the time to talk with him. Martin respected Solaire because in battle he was unparalleled, a great swordsman and on top of that, he had the power to cast lightning spears at enemies. Solaire looked to the ground after Martin had asked him of his father.

"It is a long and complicated tale, besides you probably never would have believed me if I told you. Anyways Sir Martin, it was great to see you but I must be on my way. I have a sun to find. Ah, the sun is so magnificent, give my regards to the other knights when you see them and continue to praise the sun!" Without another word, Solaire rolled up the scroll and gingerly placed it into one of his pouches, he then glanced at Martin and left, heading towards one of the outer wall gates.

After Solaire had left, Martin started to head towards the castle. The lower villages were always noisy but at least they kept the streets clean, all the waste was tossed into gutters keeping the streets clean, it still smelled awful though. As Martin strolled towards the castle, he overheard a huntsman talking .

"It was the beast I swear, I could not have mistaken it, black as night with a crimson red eye, be warned, the Evil Eye is out there!" Reports had begun to spread throughout the kingdom, all claiming the existence of a dark and shadowy beast. At first, hunters like this one claimed to have seen it in the wilderness. Whispers continued, then travelers coming from a far off land claimed to have seen the beast. The knights and royalty disregarded all of these claims, calling them ghost stories.

Sir Martin finally reached the castle and entered through the massive main gate, the castle towered above all of the buildings in Astora, it was in the dead center of the city with four massive walls, six turrets, three on the left side and four on the right. A tower stood in the middle of the castle rising up high into the sky, from the top of the tower, one could see past the outer wall. Martin walked in and went through the many decorated halls in the castle. Red tapestries were hung on the wall with golden crests and other designs. The floors of the castle were a pale white but the walls and ceilings were a glistening golden color.

Martin finally reached his destination, the hall of recuperation as the knights had come to call it. It was made up of simply a long wooden table that spread across almost the whole length of the room with wooden chairs among it. A great place to eat and drink as well as talk to comrades. Today, martin was using it as a place to meet his patrol team. He found his group sitting and chatting. Sir Harold was Martin's fellow elite knight and leader. Harold had long blonde hair and flawless skin. He had never even gotten a battle wound miraculously. Seated next to him were six novice knights that Martin had never seen before. They all wore Astora's basic knight armor. Martin turned to Harold. "I was not told that we would be taking along novices with us."

"Sir Luke decided to put them on patrol with us, it should be a good experience for them." Harold looked at the other knights. Each one had a determined face, ready to prove their worth to Astora. Knights always had to look bold and determined in Astora, any looks or doubt of fear could make a knight appear weak. Harold held a hand out to each of the six knights as he identified them by their names. "This is Sir Mark, from the distant lands of Catarina. Sir Robin of Thorolund. Sir Sebastian who came here all the way from the Great Swamps. Then there are Sirs Allen, Peter and Samuel all born of Astora."

"Well you all should be fine, routine patrols tend to be boring and tedious but they are still important, we have to watch our borders." Martin said this as he looked over all of the new knights. He was not surprised to hear of their kingdom origins, many people traveled to Astora to try to get a share in its prosperity. Each knight seemed to be comfortable in their armor though, Martin was glad to see this because he did not want any of the novices to fall behind. "Alright everyone, we can drink when we get back, our job is to check the eastern borders near the forests and make sure nothing is amiss there. So let us be off then." All of the knights gave a nod of acknowledgment and they set out towards the forest.

So the knights were casually walking around the borders, all was in check and none of them had the slightest worry or concern.. It was a dark and cold night, the knights were at the edge of the forest when Sir Allen saw a faint red light in the distance past the trees. "Hey, what's that over there."

Sir Martin saw the light as well and looked at the others. "Could be a sorcerer, practicing magic in the forest is a crime, let's investigate." They drew their swords and cautiously approached the red light. Upon getting to a short distance away from the light, Sir Martin saw a dark line through the red light, after studying it further, he realized that it wasn't a light at all but an eye. He quietly turned to the other knights and whispered. "This must be the beast that the townspeople have told tales about, the beast they have come to call, the Evil Eye."

There was a moment of unrest between the knights. Sir Allen looked over at the Evil Eye. He then turned back to the group and spoke just quietly. "If this is the beast, then what are we to do? The nobles have scoffed at these claims, they will say that we drank too much before patrol and have imagined it all."

"Then it is simple, we slay the beast and present its head to them, that way we will no longer fear it." Martin stated as he looked at the shadowy beast. The knights all nodded in agreement and moved to surround the beast known as the Evil Eye.

As the knights surrounded the beast, it's gaze was unmoving as if it was in a trance of some sort. The air grew even colder as they approached the beast, it made the beast seem all the more sinister. Sir Harold raised his sword and was getting ready to stab the beast when suddenly the beast let out a deafening scream. The Evil Eye tore Harold apart in a matter of seconds, causing the other knights to cringe in horror.

The Evil Eye rose and gazed down upon the group of knights. At this point, the Evil Eye was twice the size of an average man, only it's menacing red-eye could be seen. Every knight had their kite shield raised in defense but it proved useless against the Evil Eye's might. It tore through each knight one by one as if they were untrained peasants holding wooden swords. Sir Martin was the last one who stood against the beast, he charged at the monster but was quickly tossed back by the Evil Eye's might causing him to hit a tree and lost consciousness.