At the top of the castle, the knights looked in sadness at their burning city. The Evil Eye continued to rip through the city with its minions, killing everything in its path with malice. It saddened Martin to see such a beautiful kingdom burning, he never though Astora would get to the brink of being destroyed. The monster was almost in range for the arrow but suddenly the beast seemed to become cautious as if it sensed something.

Sensing the magical presence, the beast gazed around in search of the source. Its vision seemed to be able to pierce through walls as it searched for the ring. Moving cautiously as it searched, it seemed like the battle froze. The minions stopped and stared as well, every eye searching for the magical item that they sensed. The smaller minions were definitely connected to the Evil Eye as they appeared similar in appearance to the monster and they all reacted to the actions of the Evil Eye. Ultimately, the Eye's gaze became fixed upon the castle.

Sir Martin quickly hid the arrow as the red-eye looked towards the castle. With the beast so close, Martin could see the gigantic crimson eye of the monster. Veins could be seen bulging around the iris. The beast never changed its expression, the red-eye always had a blank and soulless stare as if it was in another place entirely. It made the beast all the more sinister in appearance. Dark aura surrounded the eye and made up its body, the Dark Aura shifted around the eye. Perhaps the beast could change shapes at will as well but to seemed to favor the form that it was in now.

As they ducked out of sight on the castle wall as the Evil Eye searched for the ring, Oscar whispered to the group, "We sure could use one of Solaire's lightning spears for a distraction."

Martin looked up and saw an unmanned catapult, he then turned to Ricard and Oscar. "We don't have Solaire for a distraction but you two can use that catapult to get the beast's attention, get it mad so it comes closer, then I will hit it with the arrow." Oscar and Ricard nodded and without hesitation, they ran over to the catapult.

Oscar loaded a boulder and set it ablaze. Ricard then aimed the catapult and fired it at the Evil Eye. The boulder struck and gained the Evil Eye's attention, its gaze shifted towards Ricard and Oscar. Although the monster's eye was expressionless, the loud stomps and movement of the beast revealed that it was enraged.

It let out a growl as it walked towards the castle, a fire-ball growing in its shadowy hand as it did so. Oscar and Ricard frantically went to work on loading another boulder. They knew it would not be long before the creature would attack them. The Evil Eye was faster though, its fireball had grown to full force before Oscar and Ricard could launch another boulder at it. However, at this point it was within range of the cursed arrow.

Sir Martin stood with Ricard's bow drawn with the arrow. Upon feeling the power of the ring, the Evil Eye turned to look at Martin. As soon as its gaze turned to Martin, Martin fired the arrow and the Evil Eye threw the fire-ball. The arrow struck the Evil Eye dead center in its eye, causing it to let out a loud shriek.

The Evil Eye began to be pulled into the ring, it violently thrashed around, destroying even more structures. For the first time Martin had seen it, the beast's eye was strained in pain. It fell to the ground and stuck its shadowy claws into the ground as it was being helplessly pulled into the ring. A last shriek was let out as the beasts claws were ripped from the ground, everyone in Astora could hear the deafening screech. Finally, all of the Evil Eye's body was absorbed by the ring, then black ring simply laid idly in the street that it fell to.

The fireball that the Evil Eye had thrown towards Martin struck the section of the wall that he was on. Martin was unable to avoid the massive attack, the blast sent him hurtling into the air. He hit the ground hard from the fall, shattering bones in his body and blood began to seep through his armor. Sir Martin stared into the sky as his vision faded, just as his eyes were almost closed, he saw a burning red circle.

The Darksign? Martin could not think anymore on the symbol because his breathing stopped, he laid dead in the spot where he had fallen.

Sir Ricard and Oscar rushed to his body but they were too late to help Martin. Oscar looked back at the burning kingdom, all traces of the Evil Eye were gone, its minions along with the dark sky and rain disappeared with the death of the monster. Sunlight came over the mountains and lit up the land of Astora once more. This victory had come with great loss, many knights and citizens were killed in the battle and many structures had been decimated. It would take months to repair all the damage that had been caused by the monstrosity.

Ricard went and found the arrow with the ring in it. He was amazed to see that the ring had completely absorbed the Evil Eye, such a monstrous creature was now trapped in a small ring. "Looks like this is the Ring of the Evil Eye now."

Ricard did not admire the ring for long because he and Oscar began to bring bodies to the morgue in the kingdom. Many corpses had been piled together on the streets. Tears streamed from knights and citizens alike as they overlooked their respective departed loved ones. Ricard and Oscar were saddened as well but they had to round up the bodies so that they would be properly accounted for and buried. One of such bodies was Sir Martin's.