Pan and the Pokemon Gang Chapter 1 Blackhole

High in the mountains, some where on earth. An army gathers, no, not a human army. Something else, something more evil. Inside the campgrounds, people bicker over small things. How this army grew with out anyone knowing is a mystery. On a hillside a woman watches. With eyes as black as night, she smiles evilly at the scene before her. A small man comes up to her, panting.

Man: You grace, the machine is ready. Woman: Good, prepare the troops, it won't be long now. Man: Mind me asking, what is the machine for? Woman: It will bring me a powerful army of creatures, and then I will rule this planet!

She grin wickedly this would be her chance.

On the road to Pallet town Ash, Misty and Tracy were resting by the road. They were on their way to bring Professor Oak his G.S ball. Ash, always being the one, who does things without warning jumps up from his place.

Misty: Where are you going Ash? Ash: I think there's a stream some where around here. Misty: Well then I'm coming too. Tracy: Me too.

Ash decided that there wasn't a need to bring his Pokemon along, so he took off his belt. He looked at Pikachu, and handed them to him.

Ash: Pikachu look after this, okay? Misty: Look after Togapi too okay? Pikachu: Pi pika chu! (I'll take good care of them!)

With that they left, Pikachu watched them go out of sight. He sighed, they were his friends, but he had to wonder about Ash. Looking back at Togapi, he grinned. If a Pikachu can grin. His ears perked up, turning around he found the three most annoying people on the face of the planet.

Prepare for trouble, And make that double. To protect the world from devastation, To unite all peoples within out nations. To denounce the evils of truth and love, To extend our reach to the stars above. Jessie! James! Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! Meowth! That's right!

Jessie: All right now! Pikachu come to us!

Jessie grinned, and she had every right to. With Ash gone, Pikachu should be easy to catch. Unfortunately with their usual bad luck something happened. A blackhole appeared, out of nowhere it just appeared. Pikachu also noticed the blackhole, he didn't know what it was, but he knew it wasn't good. Grabbing Togapi and Ash's belt he tried to run. The hole just got bigger, and was sucking everything in its path. Pikachu couldn't help, but to look in the hole. What he found shocked him. Inside were thousands of Pokemon, and before he could react he too was falling inside the hole. The last thing he could remember was yelling for help. Then everything went black.

Pan and the Pokemon Gang Chapter 2 Pan Meets Pokemon

Pan wakes up one morning, stretches and gets out of bed. Looking at her calendar she remembers that today she was going to Kame's Island. Jumping out of bed she got dress, and went downstairs. Her mom Videl was preparing breakfast. She looked up, smiling she set down a plate of food.

Pan: Hi mom, where's dad? Videl: He already left, so you can leave any time you feel like it. Pan: Okay.

Pan finished her breakfast, and hurried out the door. Deciding that there was no rush, she walked down to the beach. It was quiet, and no one was around.


Pan jumped, trying to figure out where the sound came from she looked.

Pan: Is there anyone there?

Pika chu?

She kept on looking till she came to the shoreline. There, strange creatures were lying there. Walking towards them, she kicked something. Looking down, it was a red and white ball.

Pan: * That's odd. *

Picking it up she studied it. Pikachu noticed her looking at it.

Pikachu: Pi pika chu! (Don't touch that!)

He threw himself at her. Pan saw the yellow mouse jump at her. In shock she dropped the ball. Big mistake. A flash of light came out of the ball, and in its place was an orange dragon. He yelled, and started throwing balls of fire at her. Pan dodged them easily, but soon she noticed she was surrounded by fire! Coughing she tried to find a way out.

Pan: * I'm going to suffocate in here! * Pikachu: * I've got to help her. *

This wasn't looking good.

Pikachu: Pi pi pika chu pika! (Squitle, Lapas! Use your watergun to put out the fire. Bulbasaur do something about Charizard!)

Pan was on her knees when the fire died down, she watched in amazement when she saw what was happening. A dinosaur like creature was fighting the dragon! Standing up she wondered what she should do. Suddenly she felt a pull on her pants. Looking down she saw the yellow mouse. Pan: What is it little guy? Pikachu: Pika chu!

Pikachu picked up the pokeball and started to act like he was throwing it. He kept doing that hoping that she would catch on.

Pan: You want me to throw it? Pikachu: Pika!

Pan took the ball from Pikachu. With great aim she threw it at Charizard, and with a flash of light. He disappeared, like he was never there. Pan was shocked, and didn't know what to say. Meanwhile, the Pokemon were having a conversation of their own.

Squitle: What are we going to do? Bulbasaur: Why do we ask her for help? Pidgeot: Bright idea, but she won't understand us. Remember, humans can't understand us. Pikachu: What about Lapas? She's suppose to be telepathic, she could talk for us. Lapas: But I never tried before. Squitle: It's now or never.

Pan was looking at the ball in her hand, she had no idea what was going on.

Pan: Man, that was so weird. Excuse me, could you help us?

Pan jumped, she heard the voice, but it was like she didn't heard it.

Pan: Who said that? Over here, by the shore.

Pan looked to find, a large blue creature, with a shell on its back.

Pan: You? Lapas: Yes. Pan: Don't mind me asking, but who are you, and what was that thing? Lapas: We are Pokemon, my name is Lapas, and these are my friends, Pikachu, Squitle, Bulbasaur, Pidgeot, and Togapi. That thing was you call it was Charizard. Pikachu tried to warn you, but you couldn't understand him. No one can us, but through telepathy. Don't feel bad, not even Charizard's trainer can control him. Pan: Oh, well what can I help you with? Lapas: We seem to be lost. Pan: Sorry, but I don't think anyone has seen you before. Lapas: This isn't good.

Pan could tell Lapas was worried, if only there was a way she could help. Then it came to her.

Pan: I know! We could be Bulma to help! I bet she's on Kame's Island right now. Lapas: If you need help getting there, I will be glad to take you. If you tell me the way. Pan: Wow! You could? Lapas: Yes. Pan: Great, but how are we going to get all of you there? I don't think you can carry all of us. Lapas: That's okay uh... I didn't get your name. Pan: It's Pan. Lapas: Okay Pan, do you see a belt? Pan: Yep. Lapas: Put it on, now do you see balls like the ones that Charizard was in? Pan: Yeah. Lapas: Those are pokeballs, we Pokemon stay in them. Pikachu doesn't like them so he doesn't stay in one, and Togapi is too young. Pan: Okay then, I think we're all set. While we're going there tell me more about yourselves. Lapas: Okay. Pan: Great! Lets go!