Pan and the Pokemon Gang Chapter 6 Tears

Author's Note: This idea for this story is not my own, this is an idea from Mewtwo Strikes Back.

The whole Dragonballz crew and Pokemon gang flew over some mountains. Over those mountains was a huge campsite full of people and Pokemon.

Pan: Well, want's the game plan? Pikachu: my friends and me will take care of the Pokemon. It looks like the ones in cages, belongs to other trainers. We could get them to fight with us. Goku: OK then, Vegita, Gohan, Piccolo you're with me. Goten: I guess then, the soldiers are ours.

Everyone broke up. Goku landed near a woman with white hair. She gave him an icy glare.

Goku: Look whoever you are, if you aren't going to cause trouble, then we'll leave.

The woman threw back her head and laughed.

Woman: I am Dianne Queen of the Goffin, and no one, but no one tells me what to do. If I what too, I'll take over your world. Vegita: Some people never learn. Dianne: Attack!

Dianne's army and the DBZ gang were locked in battle. Pan who was helping the Pokemon fight watched as people and Pokemon alike fell. She tried to ignore the terrible scenes to no avail. That's when she noticed a long dragon/snake like thing used an energy beam and knocked her father into a mountain. Pan, filled with rage cut many Pokemon and people down. She didn't notice several beams heading towards her from different directions.

Gohan: Pannn!

Everything after that became deathly quiet, the only sound that could be heard was Gohan calling Pan's name. Hot tears ran carelessly down Gohan's face.

Not to faraway Pikachu watched, tears brimmed in his eyes. Splashes of water fell to the ground, out from those tears came sparkles. The scene in front of all the Pokemon tore at their hearts. Slowly all of the Pokemon cried, and more sparkles were released. Everyone, but the Pokemon watched in amazement as the sparkles went into Pan. Her eyes fluttered.

Pan: Daddy? Gohan: Pan!

Father and daughter hugged.

Goku: What happened?

At that moment, as if that was a cue, another creature came from the sky. Pikachu stepped back, wondering if this was a friend or foe.

Pikachu: Who are you? Mewtwo: I am Mewtwo.

Gohan looked at Mewtwo, he didn't know whom he was, but he did know that he knew what had happened.

Gohan: What happened earlier? Mewtwo: It is said that Pokemon tears contain magic, magic that could bring a person back to life. Pikachu: What do you want? Mewtwo: I was sent here to return all of the Pokemon back to their homes. Pikachu: But what about the army. Mewtwo: The army will too disappear, as if it had never existed. Do not worry, you will not hear from them again.

With that the Pokemon disappeared, and the DBZ crew was back at Kame's Island.

Krillian: Was that a dream? Gohan: I don't know, and I guess we'll never know.

Pan and the Pokemon Gang Chapter 7 The End?

Pan glazed out the window; it had been almost a week since her adventure. Gohan was still trying to figure out whether or not Pan actually died. Pan sighed, watching her mother wash dishes. Out of the blue came a knock at the door.

Videl: Gohan, will you get that? Gohan: Sure.

Gohan opened the door, there standing were two boys and one girl. The black hair boy was the first to speak.

Ash: Is Pan here? Pan: I'm right here. Do I know you? Ash: Um... well... no. My name is Ash; this is Misty and Tracy. Misty: We came to thank you. Pan: Thank me? For what? Tracy: For taking care of the Pokemon. Gohan: Pokemon?

With that word, the whole gang appeared.

Pan: How did you know it was me? Pikachu: Guess who!

Pan jumped out of her chair.

Pan: Pikachu! Pikachu: That's right. I told Ash about what happened. Also Professor Oak needs a home for a Pokemon, and I told him you could take care of it. Pan: Wow! Really? Ash: Yep, and Professor Oak is going to give you a pokedex too. Tracy: The Prof. thinks that, there might still be Pokemon somewhere out there. So with the information, and other stuff, it will hopefully help you.

That's when Ash took out a pokeball. Out popped a brown and white creature, with a bushy tail.

Ash: It's an Eevee. Pan: It is sooo cute!

So after an hour of exchanging stories, and for Pan Pokemon tips Ash, Misty and Tracy left. Confirming the fact that their adventure was no dream. Bulma fitted Eevee with a translator and as for Pan. Who knows, maybe there will be more adventures to come?