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"Perseus Jackson!" My sword instructor boomed across the valley.

Not good. Jason only used my full name when I'd done something really awful. Which technically I kind-of had, but he shouldn't be angry: I'm the prince here. I sighed and continued to grudge up the hill to the arena.

"You're late! Y-"

I cut him off.

"You're early." I snapped back.

Jason Grace kept to things in Roman-style precision, meaning it was a crime if you were even the slightest bit late. The look in his ice-blue eyes was an utter death stare.

"Someone's happy to see me?" I added as I sauntered towards him.

No reply. I guess the grimace plastered over his face was enough. Sometimes he really annoys me, but I have to admit he's one of my best friends.

I uncapped Riptide; the blade felt perfectly balanced in my hand.

"Right..." Jason started.

I couldn't help but feel as if the whole of Atlantis was watching me right now; the sword fighting arena was on top of one of the tallest hills in the city, with villages sprawled across the valley below. I could see over to the palace stables where the hippocampi were happily grazing. Rainbow, I noticed, was trying his best to avoid one of the butler's attempts to ride him. They were both thrashing their tails in frustration.

You see, I'm the only one with legs here. Apart from my father Poseidon that is. Everyone else is either a fish, or a merman or mermaid. I don't dislike my company, it just gets lonely being the only mortal, well, part mortal, one here. I'm a demigod; a halfblood. Since my father's the sea God I can breathe underwater without any problem, but I never knew my mother. Jason is a merman.

Jason! I zoned back onto my sword practice.

"Percy? Are you alright? You look a tad out of it." Jason asked, an inquisitive expression on his face.

"Yeah, of course. Just thinking."

"Were you thinking about what your Dad said again? You know, about getting married?" His blonde hair was whipped around his head by the current.

I grumbled and he took this as a cue to get back to parrying.

Jason sparred, thrusting his golden sword forward.

I sidestepped and deflected his blow. I feinted to the right then pressed the hilt of the blade towards his chest.

Jason dropped his sword; I'd disarmed him again.

"Stop letting me win! I'm the prince. I demand a challenge!" I said with a smirk.

"Of course Sire." He chuckled, reaching down and picking up his sword.

We began to square up for Round 2, when we noticed a commotion on the water's surface above us. And I mean a real com-ocean.

"What's that? Wait! Wood?"

A dinner plate drifted down past our heads.

"China?" We said together.

That meant only one thing. Another shipwreck.

Mortals have been searching for the 'Lost City of Atlantis' for thousands of years but none have ever succeeded. My Dad takes care of that; he doesn't mind the occasional new servant. The Bermuda Triangle isn't called 'All Hades' for nothing.

Jason immediately swam off towards the castle to alert the guards of the new arrivals.

The ship was a small yacht; the mast had been snapped in two. I estimate around six people could live on the boat, max. I wasn't the first at the scene. I could see two generals riding hippocampi with a person laying over the back of each one.

"Hey Percy! We're taking these two back, I think that's all. See you later!" Frank Zhang called over to me.

"Sure thing, I'm just going to do one last check."

He nodded and they swam towards to castle.

That left me to attend to the wreck and clean up the mess. I headed over to the hull where belongings littered the seabed in an irregular and chaotic pattern. I collected a few things I deemed remotely valuable and placed them in the drawstring bag attached to my hips. I slowly started to circle the wreck and I could see a large fissure across the starboard side.

Then out the corner of my eye I saw it. Not it. Her.

Golden curls cascaded onto the floor around her. Her skin glowed with a sense of warmth I have never felt before. But her body was limp and lifeless. Only her grey dress moved slowly back and fourth with the current. She was unconscious and drowning; I could feel the oxygen escape her body.

I had no time to think.

I softly brushed my lips against hers.

I leant backwards and looked at her face once more. I knew my kiss had power, my father had told me. He'd said I should be careful, save it for the right girl.

"You'll be alright." I whispered.

She coughed and spluttered, inhaling large gulps of water. Her arms and lips were trembling.

I placed my hand on her forehead and supported her back so she was in a sitting position. I willed the water to give her life, and my gut wrenched.

Her eyes blinked open. Her eyes contained constantly brewing storms; the grey swirling intensely. She was pretty, and she had princess-like golden hair.

"Thank you..." she rasped and pushed a ringlet out of her face.

"No problem, part of my duty..." I caught her as she slumped forward. "Woah! Take it easy!" I readjusted my arms to better support her.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon. And that's Prince to you. Call me Percy. And you are?"

"I don't know." She shrugged. "How did I get here?"

"Shipwrecked. That's your yacht..." I gestured towards the ruin on our left.

"Oh." She looked saddened and her eyes even more unsettled.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Nothing. I don't know my own name. Where I've come from, who I was with, what I was doing..." She trailed off, and her shoulders heaved.

"It's okay." I gave her a hug comforting her. I pulled back, pushed her chin up, looking into her eyes. They were stained red with tears.

"Look here." I said.

She snuffled.

"You're safe now. We'll look after you. You are welcome to stay in my castle; you'll be treated well. I can show you Atlantis if you want."

Her eyes glimmered with hope.

"Really? I mean, that would be great. Thank you..." She took a sharp breathe and sighed. "Thank you Percy. Thank you so much."

I smiled.

"Just one more thing, if you don't mind. How can I breathe underwater? What am I?"

Good point. My eyebrows knitted in confusion. I stepped back.

Her grey dress was no longer a grey dress. It was a glistening, grey silvery tail. Mermaid tail.

"Wow." I muttered. My kiss is more powerful than I thought. I didn't mean to, I just wanted her to be alright. I guess this is the result.

"Apparently I turned you into a mermaid. Not quite sure how... Or why for that matter."

"Hmm... that's a first." She remarked.

"Anyway, time to get you to the castle. Cover your ears."

She did as I asked, albeit with a confused look on her face.

I placed two fingers in my mouth and whistled my loudest whistle yet.

Blackjack, my seahorse thundered out of the depths. I found him one day ensnared in a fishing net and freed him. Since then, he's kind of taken it upon himself to be my personal steed. However, I'm not complaining.

Hey Boss!

Blackjack, you know not to call me Boss.

Sorry Perce.

Oh, and if you haven't already guessed, I can communicate with horses. Telepathically of course. My father created horses so I have a natural ability to talk to them. However, this can get annoying at times as some are quite needy.

Can we have a ride back to the castle?

Sure thing! The girl coming too?

Yes, needs to go to the infirmary. She was just shipwrecked.

The mermaid was shipwrecked? Is that possible?

Don't ask.

"A giant black seahorse?" She exclaimed. "Cool!"

A shipwrecked mermaid who's never seen a seahorse? Really?

Don't judge. She has no memory.

Sorry Boss.

I decided to let that one go. I helped the girl onto the horse; she hasn't quite got used to swimming with a tail yet. I slipped on in front of her.

"Put your hands on my waist, it's quite a bumpy ride."

She slipped her hands gently around me.

"Let's go Blackjack!" I patted his neck and we zoomed off.