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I had to speak to Selina. This could not wait. As soon as she arrived I left Percy to greet the guests alone and urgently dragged Selina away from Charles. I hate to ruin the moment, but I was having major issues over here.

I pulled Selina into a corner to give us some privacy.

"Annabeth, what's up?" She paused then her features suddenly contorted into a look of concern. "Oh Annabeth, I know that look anywhere; is it that serious?"

I nodded. My voice fell to a barely audible whisper. "More than just friends. More than that."

She didn't say anything; instead she gave me just what I needed. A hug.

She broke the hug and held me at arm's length, her delicate hands gripping my shoulders. I raised my eyes to meet hers; they were swirling violently and quickly shifting from one colour to another.

"Selina, we almost kissed." My voice was even quieter, if that was possible. "But he stopped mid-lean. Part of me was screaming 'Yes! This is what you want!', while the other 'No! You mustn't!'. I know it's wrong. But I..." I gasped for breath, my body hesitant to release the words. "I feel more. I shouldn't. But I think I like him Selina. In fact, I know I like him. More than a friend."

She knew the amount of courage I had to tell her that and nodded respectfully.

"I'm proud of you Annabeth, just remember I'm always here for you. To listen. But it's either all or nothing. You have to make a decision. To tell him, with the possibility of both rejection and perfection, or to live your life wondering over the 'what ifs'. I'm sorry Annabeth, I can't help you anymore; the choice is yours to make. "

Her eyes bore deep into my soul.

"I know you're not stupid Annabeth; you'll make the right decision. I am sure of it."

I swallowed hard, my tongue fixed. I just spoke with my eyes.

We shared one last hug before returning to the Ball.

"Whatever you do, do it soon." She breathed into my shoulder.

"I promise."

And I was left with my internal battle.

I was going to tell him.

No avoiding it.

No going back.

No 'What ifs'.

My body was doing internal war; my stomach was a washing machine on an endless spin cycle and my heart beat like a blacksmith's hammer, pounding into my ribcage. Even my toes tingle with anxiety and anticipation.

This could be the worst decision I've ever made.

Or the best decision.

I began mentally preparing myself.

Annabeth, you can do this.

He might feel the same.

You can be together.

You and the boy with the mesmerising eyes.

But you have to accept the possibilities.

He might not feel the same.

He might not think of you that way.

But you can move on, be the bigger person.

But he might feel the same.

I had been scouring the castle for a while now, I couldn't find him anywhere. I had returned to the door where I left him a few minutes ago to speak to Selina. I'd visited a table where Thalia, Nico, Hazel, Frank, Piper and Jason sat.

"Hey, have any of you seen Percy?"

"No, last time I saw him was when we arrived." Nico said. Nico's eyes were dark, yet I may have seen a glimmer of hope.

He is one of the most mysterious boys I have ever met. He closes himself up and only his true friends can open him. I'm glad I'm one of them. I trust him.

"Actually, I just saw him with one of the Stolls. Don't know which - they're impossible to tell apart!" Frank added.

"Okay thank you, have a nice evening everyone."

I turned to leave, not before catching Piper's eye.

Her look was one of understanding as if to say 'good luck'. The sparkle she had proved that she'd known all along. I gave her a subtle smile in return.

I headed for who I believed to be Connor, who was speaking to a brown haired girl that I hadn't met before. I just caught her saying she was leaving to go to the toilet.

"Hey Connor, do you know where Percy is?"

"F.Y.I. I'm Travis." He said smoothly and draped his hand round my shoulder.

I am I that stupid? He's obviously Travis...

"And I left him speaking to the actual Connor by the door." He pointed in the general direction with his left hand.

"Thanks." I prised his arm off me, he was a little too close for comfort, and headed that way.

"No problem babe!"

My menacing glare that said 'you have a girlfriend, and back off' shut him up.

I give up! Percy is actually avoiding me. I'm sure of it. He wasn't there.

I go back to the beginning and start my way back to the tables.

I weave between couples swaying to a slow dance. To my right, Calypso was resting her head against Leo's chest while he whispered Spanish compliments in her ear. They're so cute. I'm sounding like Selina.

"Urg! Seaweed Brain! Where are you?" I cursed to nobody in particular.

I needed to speak to him.

This was exhausting.

I slowed my pace to a walk.

It was dawning on me.

I like Perseus Jackson. Prince of Atlantis.

And I'm going to tell him.

I was too absorbed to notice that what I was looking for was now right in front of me.


But I froze.

He was there.

Kissing. Another. Girl.

Then and there, my heart shattered; the tiny shards embedding themselves in the rest of my body. I lost conscious control. My eyes glazed over unwillingly.

He pulled back quickly from the red head, cheeks pink and flustered.

My tears spilled over and ran down my blotchy cheeks, they dropped onto my blue dress.

My dress was the colour of his eyes.

Another. Stupid. Reminder. Of. Him.

Of course he wouldn't like me.

Perseus Jackson falling for his insignificant chambermaid?

Hades no!

Percy was equally stunned at the drama unfolding before us; he was also speechless.

His eyes darted uncomfortably from me to the girl who still had her hands firmly round his neck.

But that doesn't matter now. He made his feelings very clear.

"Percyyy babe," She said, dragging out the 'y' in an attempt to be suggestive. To me it sounded needy and just plain whiney. "Who's this? A servant?" I detected an edge of disgust in her tone.

He barely registered her words though; his face dazed. "Yes. She's my servant after I rescued her from a shipwreck." He said absentmindedly, no thought into what he was saying.

I am just his servant.

His gaze rested on me, but his stare was making me uncomfortable.

"Oh Perce!" She tackled him with possessive kisses. Her red lipstick stains on his cheeks screamed 'my property'. "You're sooo brave!" She squealed.

She pressed her chest onto his, presenting her cleavage. "I wish I could be saved by you, my hero!"

He turned his head to reply. "Rachel..."

She smashed her lips onto his mid-sentence. She took his parted lips as an invitation.

She snaked her hands into his ruffled hair. He moved his hands to her waist.

He was enjoying this.

I ran, this time my legs obeyed me. Anywhere away from Rachel. And the boy, Perseus Jackson.