Dean had given Baby a quick once over right after she'd turned back into a car but now in broad daylight he had a real look at the damage.

The hole from the gunshot was there but a look under the hood relieved that there was no actual damage. Just like in her human form, the bullet had missed everything vital. Near the headlights Dean found a scratch, the equivalent to the cut she'd gotten in the bar fight, but otherwise she was fine.

"Don't worry, Baby." Dean rubbed with his thumb at the defect in the paint. "I fix this, no problem."

For some reason Dean hadn't been sure if their stuff and the guns were still there but when he opened the hidden compartment he found the usual chaos.

"I'm telling you." He took out his shotgun and cranked it open. It looked normal. "Next full moon I'm getting out my weapons before they end up in your ass."

He tossed the gun back and closed the trunk. He'd work to do.

Dean had repaired way more severe damage but this time he took extra care. He was glad Sam chose to stay in the house most of the time because it was kinda embarrassing that he spoke to Baby while he worked. Like a doctor he talked her through every step he made, every tool he used. It was stupid, he knew that, but he didn't want to startle her with something unexpected.

When the paintwork was done and when there was no sign left of the damage, just shiny black and chrome, Dean cleaned her insights. Just like she'd told them he found a half-eaten sandwich under the backseat. It hadn't grown legs yet but he tossed it out before it could reach the next evolutionary step.

"Haven't seen her this shiny in years." Sam's voice came from behind him and Dean struggled to get his upper body out of the car.

"She deserves it." Dean threw out some old candy wrappers, he wasn't sure when he'd seen that brand the last time, didn't they went out of business in the nineties? "You think she's coming back?"

They hadn't cured her or anything so if this was somehow related to the whole werewolf gig, which it clearly was, than she should turn every full moon. He'd like that.

"We'll see." Sam didn't give him a straight answer but Dean guessed he just simply didn't know.

"I hope so." Dean patted the roof. "However, we should keep it in mind. I don't want her to show up in the middle of a hunt or something."

"I think we can manage that." Sam smiled openly at the car and judging by the softness in his eyes Sam would have said some sappy things to the Impala right now if it hadn't been for Dean standing right next to him.

"I'm done here. You found us somewhere to be?" Dean rubbed his hands in anticipation. He wanted, needed, to take her for a ride.

"Actually, yes." Sam teared his gaze from the car and opened his mouth for a wordy answer but Dean cut him off.

"Where?" Was all that mattered to Dean right now.

"South Carolina."

In his head Dean estimated the distance. "Good."

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