My new story! It's something completely different from what I've written before. It's told in the third person and it's kinda angsty. and it's kinda angsty. A tiny bit. :)

Twilight isn't mine, but the idea is. I was inspired to write this after a marathon of Fast and Furious. All the songs on the soundtrack helped me create this, so you should check them if you don't know them.

Many thanks to my dear friends m0t0b33 and TeamAllTwilight.

This is the cruelest thing anyone has ever done to me, Edward thought mournfully as he walked through the airport.

His cousin and best friend had sent him away on a student exchange program to keep him away from bigger trouble. It was this purgatory or juvenile detention.

Somehow, Edward failed to see the difference. He had a great life in Chicago and he was respected even though he was only eighteen. No one dared to cross him knowing who his father was and if they as much as looked the wrong way at Edward, his father would know and make sure they didn't see the next day.

Of course, Carlisle Cullen didn't approve of his son being immersed in this life—the reason he enrolled him in a private school and pumped money into his education, trying to steer him away from danger. Edward didn't listen, and every delinquency he committed in the past year brought him to this shitty small town in the middle of the desert.

And I'm not even there yet. Once I find the people I'm going to live with for the next few months, we have to drive to our destination.

He finally arrived and if he expected a sea of people waiting for their dear ones on board he was mistaken. His fellow flight companions scattered away in different directions leaving him looking around the deserted area.

Well, fuck. This is simply awesome. Edward rolled his suitcase to the Information desk. Since he wasn't paying attention, looking at his phone as he scrolled through the contacts ready to call his cousin and curse him to the deepest pits of hell, he crashed into someone.

"Shit!" he exclaimed. His wide eyes were on his phone which had fallen at the impact with the other person. He grabbed it and of course it had fallen with the screen down. Now it was cracked and it wouldn't open.

Edward turned his glare to the person who collided into him, but immediately blanched. A cop. Just my luck.

"Watch that language, young man," the cop muttered, and made to walk away but then turned and gave Edward a scrutinizing look.

Maybe Emmett, Edward's cousin, was right and he had the world TROUBLE written on his forehead with capital letters and in flashy colors. He seemed to have a magnet for cops.

"Did your plane just land?" the police officer asked, checking in his pockets for something.

Fuck. Tell me he isn't cuffing me. I didn't do shit! Can he smell the pot on me?

Edward stared panicked at the uniformed man in front of him and nodded quickly, swallowing thickly. To his relief, the cop was looking for his phone and after thumbing through it while giving Edward long looks, he smiled.

"You must be Edward Cullen!"

"I…am," he stammered. He wasn't usually this scared little boy but this cop rubbed him the wrong way.

"Well, that's great! You're coming with me!" The cop took the rolling suitcase from Edward, along with his duffle bag. "Let's go already," he insisted when Edward didn't make a move. "We have a three hour drive home."

"Are you arresting me?" Edward found his voice and sarcasm, lunging for his things. "There's someone waiting for me around here…I hope. They'll be worried."

The police officer laughed. "I'm here for you."

Edward's heart took off double speed. Had Emmett lied and actually sent him to juvie?

"No." He shook his head mechanically.

"Yes." The cop gave him a big smile. "I hope you won't cause me any trouble. Oh, maybe introducing myself would ease your nerves. I'm James Swan. My sister, Isabella, is a senior in high school like you."

"Awesome. Emmett failed to tell me you were a cop," Edward muttered.

"Let's hope I won't have to arrest you, alright? Come on." James motioned with his chin toward the doors, walking ahead of Edward.

The teenager was fuming and couldn't wait to get to his home for the next few months to contact his cousin via e-mail and call him every bad name in the book. He hadn't told Edward anything about this exchange program besides that he had to get good grades and keep his nose clean.

On the way out of the airport, Edward caught up with James. "Listen, is there a phone store around here? I need a new one. You broke mine."

"I'm sorry for that," James apologized. "We can go and find you a new one, but we should hurry. I have the night shift tonight and I'd like to get home, eat and then leave."

"So you don't live on donuts and coffee?"

"Oh, is that a joke?"

Edward scowled at him, trudging his way toward James's car. When they stopped at a Ford Focus ST, his eyes widened. He could see this car had been modified, but it definitely didn't look like a cop car. Besides, his fingers were twitching to get behind the wheel, something he had to swear to Emmett not to do unless it was for simply driving around.

This beauty was red with black stripes on the doors, there was a black spoiler at the back and a hood scoop, the protection bar was also lowered. Edward was dying to see the engine.

"Put your eyes back and don't get ideas." James's voice brought Edward to the present. "I know racing is one of the many infractions on your list."

"I was simply admiring this beauty. I'm curious, though. It doesn't look like a cop car. Are you working undercover in illegal racing? I can help," he said eagerly.

"It's my sister's car."

That seemed to be the end of discussion.

A girl owns this car?


For the first time since Edward knew he had to come to this shitty place, he started feeling hope.

"Don't even think about it," James said on a warning tone.

"Now you think you can read minds?"

"I know that look on your face. Brady had it every time he saw a modified car." He popped the trunk and threw the bags in there. "Get in and don't ask questions."

It was as if he knew Edward was about to ask about that Brady guy.

As promised, James took him to a store to buy a phone. It wasn't as fancy as his old one, but Edward knew if he begged his dad, he'd send a replica of his old one as fast as possible. This shitty one would have to do until then.

Once back in the car and on the way to Fredonia, their destination, Edward slouched in the passenger seat, getting busy with his new phone. He called his family letting them know he arrived well and that he found his contact, he also mentioned needing a new phone but his mother dodged that subject.

An hour into the drive, Edward started feeling the effects of being stuck in Arizona desert for months. He was already sweating and not even taking his leather jacket off helped.

"Is it always this hot?" he complained, wiping his temple with his wrist.

"We're experiencing a heat wave right now. It's usually pleasantly warm." James glanced at his companion, smirking. "But I'm sure it's a far cry from Chicago."

"You think?"

"Listen, kid. I don't want to be your enemy. We can be friends."

Edward scowled, folding his arms over his chest, but he thought better of it and let his right arm hang out the open window. It was too freaking hot.

"I decided to come alone to get you because we need to talk privately before you meet my sister."

"Why? Is there something I should know about her?" Edward asked curiously.

"No, there's something she shouldn't know about you—the reason why you're here." James caught Edward's eyes, and the teenager could see how serious the cop was. "Are we clear? You wanted this experience, but aren't happy because you ended up in the middle of nowhere. It should about cover your displeasure of being here."

"I wasn't going to tell anyone why I'm here. I'm not stupid, you know?"

"I hope so, though your track record says otherwise."

"Dude, I've done stupid shit, I know. But…" Edward sighed loudly. "This is cruel."

"It's a precaution. If you show you can be a nice guy and get good grades, the police are willing to drop all the charges."

"I promise not to do anything stupid," Edward promised. "The second I got arrested that night, I regretted everything I've done in the past year. My past decisions and rebelling against my parents…it got me arrested and nearly sent to jail."

"It would have been juvie," James commented amused.

"Because I was only a week away from being eighteen when it happened. Thank fuck Emmett was there to help."

"Your cousin?"

"Yep. Whoa!" Edward stared amazed at the scenery around them.

The road cut the dessert and in the distance he could see the Grand Canyon flashed on billboard photos. It was such a beautiful sight. It gave him a sense of freedom, even though he was far from being free.

He turned his head toward James when he heard the engine being shifted into a higher gear. The cop winked before pressing the gas pedal.

They were flying on the deserted US-89 N toward US-86A N.

"Not that I'm complaining, but I thought speeding goes against your cop rules," Edward said with trepidation in his voice. The rush of speeding again was consuming him, and if he was honest it terrified him a tiny bit since he wasn't the one behind the wheel.

"Oh, but I love speeding. That doesn't mean I indulge or take part in illegal racing. I usually rely on speeding when I'm chasing after someone. You won't believe the action we get here what with these open roads."

Edward gritted his teeth. "That's like dangling a joint in front an addict. If you expect me to behave, don't give me ideas."

James chuckled. "Didn't you promise only an hour ago to be good?" He slowed by a few miles, before turning his head to look at the teenager next to him. "Besides not mentioning the reason why you're here and being a good boy, I have one more request. Don't ask about Brady. It's a sour subject for everyone."

"Right. Can I ask something else?"

"It depends on the level of how stupid it's going to be."

"You keep mentioning your sister."

"Stay away from her!" he growled, narrowing his eyes at the boy. "If you touch her, that is going to be the last thing you do before you rot in prison."

Edward raised his hands in defense. "I wasn't even thinking about that! Good to know how highly you think of me," he grumbled.

"What was your stupid question?"

"What about your parents? Don't you live with them? You didn't mention them…" It was a normal question.

"Yeah, add that to the pile of untouchable subjects. Let's leave it at they're dead. I don't need to tell you the history of my family. It's not like you're going to be part of us. I'm hosting you during the first semester of senior year, and you're hosting my sister during the next semester. Then our lives go back to normal and that's it."

"Sounds easy."

A while later Edward could see houses appearing at the horizon. At last, they arrived.

James pointed to the right, toward a stone reading:

Welcome to


Arizona's Desert Rose

Est. 1885

"Gateway to the North Rim"

"Dare I ask how many people live here?" he asked James, shifting his eyes toward the driver.

"About one thousand three hundred. And before you roll your eyes and think you're in hell, let me tell you that I have a feeling you'll like it here. It's quiet and I can keep an eye on you. Everyone knows what everyone is doing."

"Awesome," Edward grumbled, turning his head to look out the open window. There were some stores, people walking up and down the street, a few houses. It wasn't hell as James put it, but this place was going to drive Edward nuts.

While the young man gave himself a silent pep-talk that he could live here for a few months, James pulled the car in front of a garage. The house was a one story and looked smallish. It had probably seen better days, the paint was peeling off and the grass in the front yard was burnt by the sun giving it a yellowish look.

"Home sweet home." The cop beamed at Edward, stepping out of the car.

Gathering his things, Edward followed James to the front door. As he stepped inside, he noticed the hallway was as long as the house, probably leading into the backyard. There was a door to the right and one across from it. Looking more carefully, Edward realized the hallway had more similar doors. It was an odd house.

James opened the third door on the right, stepping aside. "Here you go. This is going to be your room. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

"Uh, thanks." Edward looked around the room. It had a wooden bed covered with light blue bedding. Upon closer inspection, he noted there were small white, fluffy clouds printed on the sheet. He shuddered, turning his eyes to the closet. It was a decent size and his things would fit in there. There was also a table in front of the window, along with a chair. These pieces of furniture didn't look like belonging in the room, so Edward guessed they were installed there for him.

A drop of sweat rolled down his neck soaking his already wet shirt. He needed a shower, but when he turned toward the door to ask James for directions to the bathroom, he wasn't there anymore.

Oh, well. Edward walked out the room, looking left and right unsure where his host had gone. He found a door cracked open and decided to check in there.

The sight in front of him stopped him in the tracks. It was definitely the wrong room, but he couldn't turn around. His eyes were glued to the girl who was in the process of changing her clothes. He could only see her back, but that lacy black bra was going to appear in his dreams tonight. He was sure of it.

Suddenly, his back met the wall and a hand was wrapped around his neck. "What the fuck did I tell you?" James spat, glaring at him.

Edward's fingers clawed at the hand chocking him. "I was looking for the bathroom!" he rasped out.

"Wrong fucking room!"

"I swear, I didn't see anything…just a peek." He started feeling dizzy at the lack of oxygen.

"I hoped you'd listen."

"I do! Sorry."

"What's going on?" a soft voice inquired from Edward's right side. "Jimmy! What are you doing? Is this the exchange student?" Her slender fingers pulled at James's hand until he released Edward, who doubled over wheezing and rubbing at his throat. He was aware the siblings were having a heated conversation, but he couldn't care what they were talking about. That fucking cop had tried to kill him without any apparent reason. He simply had the wrong room and heck, any guy his age would have stopped to peek at the girl changing her clothes.

A small hand touched his cheek making his head jerk up. "Are you okay?" the girl asked quietly. "Did Jimmy hurt you?"

Edward dropped his hand from his throat and gave her a tight smile. "Yeah, I'm cool. About that…I'm sorry." He gestured awkwardly to her room.

She smiled. "I'm a teenager too. By the way, I'm Bella."

"Edward." He extended his hand. She took it in a firm shake. "So you prefer Bella to Isabella?"

"Bella!" she exclaimed. "Please, call me Bella. Isabella makes me feel like…I'm an adult. I'm not one and I don't want to be one yet."

"Got it. So…" Edward looked around.

"Are you hungry? I feel like pizza."

"Can you order in this place?" he asked, feeling hopeful.

"Nah. Either we go to the restaurant or I make some. I'm no cook and Jimmy is an ass. I'm not talking to him right now."

Edward knew how to make pizza. His mother owned a pizzeria and he'd spent his whole life around her since she was a stay-at-home mom. Maybe at some point in the future, he'd share his knowledge on making pizza with Bella, but she shouldn't know that side of him.

He was determined to be a different person here, but telling her about his mad pizza making skills would have made him look like mama's boy.

"Is the pizza house far away?" He chose to ask.

"Ten minutes away if we walk, or around four with the car."

"Right. Well, first, I need to shower and change out of these clothes. That's what I was doing earlier—trying to find the bathroom."

Bella giggled and walked to the end of the hallway. "Here you go. It's the only bathroom so be careful about hogging it in the morning."

One bathroom was the least of his worries. Her room across from his was a huge problem.

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