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"Dude, this is really awesome!" Emmett clapped Edward's back, looking around the modern kitchen.

Edward gave a small shrug. "Well, it's obvious who's gonna spend quality time in here. I wanted decent shit to work with."

"I wasn't really aware of how loaded aunty and uncle were until they bought this apartment and gave you veto to decorate it."

"Geez, and that took ages," Edward complained, leaning against the black counter, pressing his hands on the edge. "Bella's so damn picky. She has some ideas, which are cute and fun sometimes, but other times…" He shuddered.

"Well, your dream came true, at least. When you finished school you got out of their house." Emmett winked at his cousin before going back to examining the cupboards.

"The plan was different, Cous. But I can't say I don't like how it panned out. But don't you think it's too soon?" He voiced his greatest fears.

"What's too soon?" Emmett asked distracted, having found his favorite snacks.

Edward snatched the bag of chips from his cousin, glaring. "You lived alone for God knows how long…but here I am…"

"I think you're used to living with Bella. You've shared a house for the past year. Believe me, kid, you won't step on each other's toes like it happened with Rosie and me. I wasn't ready to have a persistent, crazy chick invade my privacy, but the more time we spent together I came to realize I liked her there."

"You sound like Jazz. He said something similar to me."

"Exactly. And if something happens—which I know it won't—don't worry. At least, you've moved out of your parents' house." Emmett patted Edward's shoulder sympathetically.

Edward opened his mouth to retort that he wasn't planning on ever breaking up with Bella, but he was afraid what would happen when they'd be alone in the big apartment, what would happen when they had a fight, when things got rough; they'd have to act like grown-ups and talk about it. He didn't feel like a grown-up at eighteen, though he'd probably been through more than an adult had ever been.

His words stuck in his throat when Bella strolled into the kitchen with baby Matthew in her arms. She looked absolutely mesmerizing like that, and Edward couldn't help but gape at the sight in front of him.

Emmett elbowed him in the ribs, making Edward hiss and grab at his side, turning to glare at his cousin who gave him a salacious smile and wiggled his eyebrows.

"If you like the sight, make one of your own," he whispered before pushing off the counter and walking to Bella.

She was hovering in the doorway looking uncertain, but keeping the baby close to her chest, one hand on his small blonde curls and one just under his butt.

"I think it's change time," she said uncertainly. "Rosalie's busy with Alice gushing over my new wardrobe."

"No worries. Daddy Emmett is in the house." He scooped his son from Bella and with another wink at his cousin, he sauntered out of the room.

Edward was still frozen against the counter, staring at his girlfriend with wide eyes.

"Hey, you. I barely saw you today," Bella said softly, walking to him and snuggling into his chest.

Edward finally moved and wrapped his long arms around her, bringing her closer and burrowing his nose in her hair. "Missed you." Kissing her head fondly, Edward pushed Bella at arm's length to look at her. "That was a mighty sight, baby."

"I nearly keeled over when Rose put Matthew in my arms, running after Alice to see the clothes." She stared at him with wide, scared brown eyes.

"You did well. Did you babysit or something?"

"No, actually I've never been around babies."

"Really?" His eyebrows shot up. "Well, me neither, but you're a natural. I'd have probably passed him over to the next person before throwing up. And I'm not sure that's the correct order," he mused, grinning at her.

"It wasn't that bad. I mean we sat on the couch. He's really quiet, thankfully."

"With Em and Rose as his parents? That's a miracle."

Bella giggled, rising on her tiptoes to kiss her boyfriend. Her fingers went into his hair, but before they could get lost in the moment, Rose burst in the kitchen speaking in a no-nonsense tone with Emmett who was trying to soothe a wailing Matthew.

Edward smirked at Bella, proving her he wasn't quiet, before grabbing her hand and trying to slink away. They didn't get too far, before they were involuntary involved in the fuckery that was preparing Matthew's bottle.

When the baby had calmed down and was asleep in one of the guest bedrooms, the four of them returned to the spacious living room where Edward's parents along with Jasper and Alice were sitting around on the many couches and armchairs, talking.

"I ordered pizza. I hope it's okay," Esme informed them.

"It's perfect. I'm starving," Edward told her, grinning. "This place is amazing. Thank you."

"This has been our idea of a graduation gift ever since you said you wanted one like Emmett's when you were older. But in time you made me question this decision, until I realized how serious you were about this darling girl and when you proved how mature you are, with the race, assuming your responsibility so your friends won't get hurt." Carlisle gave his son a proud look.

"All Bella's doing," Edward said quietly, hugging her to his side. She looked embarrassed but smiled nonetheless, wrapping her arm around his waist. Her right hand settled on his stomach where the ugly scar was proof to what could have happened.

"This place is truly great, man," Jasper commented. "Like really fucking awesome." His eyes lingered on the big plasma.

"You know you can come over anytime. We can watch ball or play things." Edward shrugged nonchalantly, but deep down he hated how posh his place was in comparison to his friend's. He knew Jasper's past was sketchy and that he had rented that place with the money he earned legally or not, but it was his money. That reminded him of what he'd been trying to get courage to ask his father for weeks now.

"Hey, Dad?" he inquired.

"Yes, son." Carlisle gave him a warm smile.

"You said you needed help at the office. You know to put all the files in their place…"

"Yes, the new place looks like bomb went off in there. It takes us ages to find anything, and we're all busy so there's no time to actually put the files on the empty shelves."

"Exactly." Edward beamed at him, hoping he'd get the hint.

"That's a great idea, honey!" Esme leaned over to pat her son's knee. "Before he starts college, he can help you at the firm, dear." She turned to her husband, urging him with her eyes to accept the offer.

"Is this what you want, Edward? I'm telling you now, that's a tedious job."

"Yes, Dad. On one condition."

"What do you want?" Carlisle stiffened, expecting some crazy request.

"You're going to hire me. And when all the files will be in their place, I'll still work there…helping with whatever, depending on the amount of free time from school allows me."

Bella stared in awe at her boyfriend. She knew what a hothead he could be, but she'd never seen that trait used for a good cause. He glanced at her and winked.

"Of course, son. We could use the help. It's just the three of us—me, Kate and Garrett. Until we find more associates, we thought we could do it without hiring help, but apparently we can't go on without it. Come by the firm Monday morning."

"Are you sure about this, man? You'll have to wake before nine. In the morning." Jasper laughed.

"I'll make a personal effort."

The intercom buzzed loudly. Bella rushed over to answer.

"Pizza!" Emmett cheered.

"And we wonder why Matthew is always hungry?" Rose shook her head amused.

"He's a growing man, babe."

"He's barely two months old."

"Exactly, he needs to eat." Emmett beamed at her, making everyone laugh.

After pizza and more talking, everyone started finding excuses to leave, thinking Edward and Bella wanted to be alone. The more guests left, the more panicked Edward grew. Bella noticed and squeezed his hand.

In the end, it was just them and Jasper and Alice, who offered to linger and help them clean the mess. Naturally, Edward and Jasper got engaged in a game of Wii while the girls started folding pizza boxes and twisting soda cans before throwing them in the trash.

"How difficult is it to live with Jasper?" Bella wondered as she tied the top of the garbage bag, already filled after only a few hours in the new home.

"You should be used to living with a guy. I mean, you lived with your brother for so long…right? For me it was super difficult." Alice slumped on a tall stool at the kitchen island. "But you'll work it out. Gosh, this place is awesome, Bella."

Bella smiled shyly. "We tried to make it feel homey, though the idea of living alone with Edward scares me. It thrills me, don't get me wrong, but when you'll leave and it will be just the two of us…"

"Get a pet or something."

"That's a good idea."

Alice winked. "And I bet you can find something to do." She giggled, reaching over the top of the table to squeeze her friend's hand. "Give it a few days. It's all new now, but soon you'll get in a routine and it will be so much easier."

"Routine…shit. That word scares me." Bella bit her lip. "And if Edward starts working…what am I going to do? Big cities always put me on edge, it got easier because I've always been out with you or him or someone else, never alone."

"Bella, stop fretting. You'll get used to this. Fear of the new is something common."

"I guess you're right." Bella nodded, agreeing with her friend. If she thought about it, everything new and that she hadn't experienced before always worried her and made her think the worst of the situation—like flying, or sex—and now this, living alone.

The boys entered the kitchen in that moment, going to their girlfriends.

"I won," Edward declared smugly, planting a loud kiss on Bella's neck. "You and I should play. We have tons of games courtesy of Dad's generosity and the Amazon card he gave me on my birthday."

"I'll probably suck," Bella said uncertainly. She'd never understood the Wii games. She'd feel like an idiot jumping around and waving her hands in the air.

"Careful, 'cause he's a cheater," Jasper warned her.

"Am not!" Edward protested, looking hurt.

"No, shit. You totally threw me away from the TV's range area. Of course you won."

"I didn't mean to push you away, Jazz. It was a mistake."

"That helped you win." His friend huffed.

"Aw, you're such a sore loser," Alice cooed at him, kissing his nose.

"You know what would make me feel better?" Jasper asked suggestively, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his lips to hers.

"Dude, go home," Edward groaned, feeling sick. He'd always considered Alice his sister and seeing her with his best friend, it made him feel his insides twist.

"That's a good idea now. Let's go, little one. These two need some privacy."

"I'll walk you downstairs," Edward offered, ready to get rid of them. As much as it worried him what would happened the moment he'd be alone with Bella, he really didn't want to witness his friends making out.

"Take the trash out too." Bella pointed to the black plastic bag.

"Sure, baby."

Bella said her goodbyes to Jasper and Alice, before closing the door after them. Edward promised not to take long.

"I hope you're going to still come by the garage whenever you have some time, now that you landed yourself a real job." Jasper said off-handedly in the elevator.

"You know it, man. I found the radiator for the Plymouth on a website, but it was too fucking expensive," he added, hoping to show his friend he was still interested in helping him with the cars.

"It's probably original. That's the last car of the five we got from the race that still needs repairing."

"Because it's fucking difficult to find parts," Edward muttered, stepping out of the box when the door opened. "Anyway, I'll call you before I drop by."

"Good. Have fun on your first night in the new house." Jasper winked.

"They'll be fine," Alice said dismissively. "Look at him all domestic and shit, taking the trash out."

"So what? The trash area is scary…I mean for Bella."

"Two words, dude." Jasper smirked. "Pussy whipped."

"If that's so, then she's totally cock whipped," Alice said laughing loudly. "Did you see how she picked the peppers from his pizza knowing he didn't like it? They're a perfect match."

"Cock whipped?" Edward asked bewildered, trying not to laugh. "I'll have to tell Bella about that. Now off you go." He waved to their friends.

With them gone, he threw away the trash and on the way up to fifth floor, he tapped his foot impatiently to the elevator's floor. Come on, faster. I miss my baby.

Edward stepped inside their apartment, locked behind him and rested his back against the door, closing his eyes and sighing. Home.

"What's with that silly smile?" Bella asked, approaching him.

Edward hugged her close, running his hands through her hair. "Alice and Jasper made fun at our expense."

"Oh no." She gasped in mock-astonishment.

"Yes," he whispered seriously, but a large smile formed on his lips. "He said I was pussy whipped."

"You are." Bella giggled, leaning up kiss him quickly.

"Well then, according to Alice, you're cock whipped."

Bella threw her head back and laughed loudly, freely. He loved seeing her so happy, and she had an infectious laugh. Soon, they were both laughing at the stupid expression Alice head come up with.

When Bella sobered up relatively, she tugged at Edward's head until she could kiss him better. "I like your cock. You can whip me with it any time." She blushed furiously, but she was proud of herself to have had the guts to say it aloud.

"Oh, you little tease." Edward scooped her up, draping her over his shoulder, walking determined to their bedroom where he threw her unceremoniously on the big bed. "Let's christen this fucker, then we can continue with every available surface in our apartment."


"Ours," he repeated, grinning like a fool. "Love you, baby."

"Oh, me too for some reason, you crazy boy."

He dived for her neck, peppering kisses on its length. "Never thought I'd say it, but I'm grateful for everything that happened and it led to me being sent on that student exchange program. I'd have never met you, you amazing girl."

"I feel the same."

Smiling, he went back to kissing her. Starting this new chapter of his life near his girlfriend made Edward feel proud of how far he had come from his old habits of drinking and racing, to thinking of a job and a roof above their head and their future together.

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