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Chapter 8

Shimura Danzou narrowed his eyes at the presence before him, Orochimaru of the snake Sannin. The snake was watching him as it made its way towards him, possibly plotting something devious. He could never figure what went on in the head of the snake. He might be in a comfortable position, but the snake is dangerous - he knew that.

''Why the long face, Danzou?'' Orochimaru asked with a wide grin.

''You still have not brought me my perfect weapon,'' Danzou stated. He had contacted Orochimaru so that the snake Sannin could make him a weapon since he had failed to get his hands on the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki. He needed a weapon, a strong one. Sasuke was uncontrollable. He could not depend on him to achieve certain things.

''Yes, yes,'' Orochimaru said keeping his grin.

''I am beginning to think you are incapable of making me the perfect weapon,'' Danzou stated keeping his calm nature.

''Kukukukuku,'' Orochimaru laughed finding it amusing. ''You forget that I always deliver Danzou. I created your right hand.''

''Yes, you were able to achieve that. But this task seems to be beyond you. It has been two years now since I contacted you.''

''You must understand that creating this perfect weapon is a delicate matter that cannot be rushed. I also have to make sure every possibilities and impossibilities are calculated perfectly,'' Orochimaru stated standing in front of Danzou. ''The matter is much more complex and requires me to do things that your simpleton mind cannot understand.''

Insults - that is what Orochimaru reverted to when someone said something about his capabilities, more especially about his genius.

''How many times have I told you to watch what you say, Orochimaru?''

''Kukukukuku,'' again Orochimaru chuckled. It always amused him when Danzou said things like that. ''There is nothing you can do even if I continue to show you disrespect," The snake Sannin stated a fact.

''I will assure you that there is something that I can do to you.''

''Kukukukuku,'' this time Orochimaru laughed really hard in a very sick way. ''You forget Danzou I know everything about you. I know things that can get you executed by Konoha since you have committed treason many times.''

''Enough of this!'' Danzou said firmly not wanting to continue with the conversation any longer. ''When will I get my weapon?''

''Very soon, very soon, Danzou,'' the snake Sannin said with a grin. ''I have collected all the materials I need for the project. Since the last months, I have been collecting necessary data by conducting a series of tests. And so far the data I have collected is satisfactory.''

''You have not given me an exact date of when I will get it Orochimaru,'' Danzou stated tapping his fingers on his throne impatiently.

Orochimaru felt sort of disappointed that Danzou had not asked anything about the developments of the project. He sighed, brutes could never understand the delicate scientific principles he had not follow with the project. It was not like magic where he would say the magic words and the weapon would be formed. Everything had to be calculated, measured and weighed at the right value. All formulas had to be rethought and composed again to see if there were mistakes.

Mistakes in a project like this one were not something he wanted. It would prove to be dangerous for anyone should a mistake and miscalculation be made. Everything had to be in the exact order and angled correctly.

''Soon'' he finally said.

''When is soon? You have been saying soon for months now,'' Danzou was really becoming impatient. He needed his weapon ready for use at any moment now. He needed it a year ago, but with the weapon not yet ready, he had postpone his plans. He could not wait any longer than he already had.

''Soon, just be patient and I will give you your toy,'' Orochimaru stated annoyingly. He hated being hurried to do his work. He liked taking his time when experimenting on things. It was fun that way.

Now he was calling it a toy?

''Orochimaru, I will give you a month to finish creating the weapon. If you have not yet completed the project then I will concede that even the once in a generation genius is incapable of making some things.''

'How clever Danzou,' Orochimaru thought with a smirk. Danzou was just saying it so to entice him to work even more hard to prove his genius. Well, he was not going to fall for it. He had dealt with Danzou long enough to know how the old war hawk worked.

''Fine,'' Orochimaru said. ''But when it does not end well, don't come running back to me because you are rushing me.''

''Just get it done.''

''And our deal?'' Orochimaru asked. He was thrilled with that he was going to get out of this little deal with Danzou. The price was worth all his efforts.

''I will keep my end of the deal if you keep your end,'' Danzou stated calmly. He had what Orochimaru wanted. He knew the snake would do anything to get the project done.

''Make sure that the weapon knows where it's loyalties lie,'' Danzou said with narrowed eyes. He had been saying this each time Orochimaru came to see him. He wanted the snake to remember that the weapon he was creating was for him and him only.

''Actually that is the reason I came here,'' Orochimaru stated.

''What do you need?''

''Your blood,'' Orochimaru said licking his lips. ''Lots of it and your chakra.''


''Is it not obvious?'' Orochimaru questioned with a smirk.

Danzou nodded, ''fine, you will have what you need.''

Orochimaru threw Danzou an empty bottle for blood and a chakra storage seal. Danzou cut himself and allowed his blood to flow into the bottle after that he channeled his chakra into the storage seals. He handed everything back to Orochimaru.

Orochimaru turned around to leave. He took a few steps before stopping, ''Danzou, next time you send one of your pests to follow me I will not simply mislead them, I will kill them.'' then he was gone.

Danzou was going to order one of his Root to tail the snake to find out where he was conducting the experiment. The snake knew how to hide. He had never been able to get old off then snake when it did not want to be found by him.

Naruto's House

Naruto sighed as he sealed a few things he would need for his journey with Jiraiya. He regretted going with Kakashi to the Jounin lounge yesterday. He did not think that adults would behave so childishly and then came Anko.

He shook his head, the woman was crazy as they came. He had to restrict her with a seal to avoid her jumping on him. She wanted pay back for ''running'' away from her and then when she had gotten drunk, she was drooling all over him, literally. The sight was unpleasant. Never was he going back to the lounge again.

The jounin drank sake too much, especially when they were happy or celebrating something. Still, their celebrations were wild. It was mostly the men who were ''out of control'', the women except for Anko were acting their age.

At least some of them offered him some pleasant conversations, unlike most of the man.

He had looked at Asuma with a blank expression when the jounin had asked him if he was still a virgin. Then everyone stared at him waiting for him to answer. He did not answer the question though.

''Just so you know, regardless of what you answer, I am willing to ride you tonight.'' Anko had said causing him to stare at her for a moment.

He had expected the jounin's to act a bit more mature. Well they were mature, it was just that when alcohol entered their system, they lost all maturity. Alcohol was not a good thing if you could not take it. He was surprised though, Kakashi was just his usual bored self so was Guy. The two only took a few sips of sake and then it was it. They settled for having civil conversations without much fuss.

Well that was for a few minutes before Guy started to argue with Kakashi over their score in their battles. Guy believed that he had won more matches than his eternal rival, whereas Kakashi refuted the claim saying he won more matches. He even reminded Guy of their last match which the green beast did not remember.

Jiraiya had said he would come to fetch him when they were to leave. They would be leaving today. The Sannin said he would have to do a couple of things before they left. Their journey would take up some time away from the village. That meant that they would be away from the village for a few weeks.

He did not mind being away from Konoha though. He had been away from the village for three years, and he liked being away. It was refreshing being away. He never got many chances to leave the village during his genin days. So any chance to go outside the village was highly appreciated and welcomed. He would not miss the chance for the world.

It was not that he hated being inside Konoha. He liked being inside the village. Konoha was his home, and nothing could change that. It would always be his home. He had been born for this village. Perhaps his mother may have been an outsider, but he was still born here during a historic day.

The day the Kyuubi attacked.

Speaking of which, he had not spoken to the beast in quite sometime. The time was now stretching towards a year.


He walked into the cold sewer with his calm expression kept. He would certainly lose his mind if he had been the one locked up in a place like this. Surely Kyuubi got bored sometimes with being always locked up in a cage without anyone to talk to. He did not think that any human would survive with the kind of living conditions set after being locked into the cage.

It was no wonder that during the times he had come here, he had always found the Bijuu sleeping...or sometimes pretending to be. It would have been better if it could take one of those years' long slumbers. If it could, it would repel the boredom the beast had to face.

He pitied the great Bijuu for that, but never said it loud as it would only serve to infuriate it. He remembered the time he had thanked the Kyuubi for saving his life when he was still playing stupid. The Bijuu had reacted in a way he had not been expecting. And went on to remind him it only did it because if he died it would be the end of it too - temporarily as in a few more years, the Bijuu would reform.

He stopped walking after reaching the front of the cage that kept his prisoner. He did not say anything at first, he waited for the Kyuubi to acknowledge his presence. If it did not, he would turn around and leave. He had done that before. But he knew that the Beast always knew when he was there - it just refused to acknowledge his presence.

Slowly but surely, the huge blood-red eyes of the Kyuubi open, lazily as they did.

''Hello, Kyuubi,'' Naruto began in a casual tone as if he was speaking to his friend.

''What do you want?'' nothing more of what he had expected. It was always like this with the Bijuu - to the point first.

''I came to talk to you,'' Naruto stated. The fact that the Bijuu had acknowledged his presence meant that it felt like talking to him.

''Get it out and leave.''

''You and I are going to be stuck together for a long time''

''Tell me something I don't know,'' Kyuubi said sarcastically.

''I know you don't like me, being that I am the one containing you. But you and I know that I had no say in that. Nevertheless, you don't like me and I believe you don't like anyone for that matter,'' he paused and looked at the Bijuu intensively. ''As I said, you and I are going to be stuck together for a long time. We could work on our differences and get along quite nicely.''

''You are repeating the same words you said two years ago,'' the Kyuubi said with a snort. Sometimes it really did not understand its container. That was because he tried to be friendly - Kyuubi did not understand that.

Humans were all the same. They saw Bijuu's as weapons, tools to be used for their means. He could not understand why Naruto would be want to be friends, or try to just get along with it. It hated humans. And it was not going to get along with one. That is unless...

''That means I am consistent,'' Naruto said. ''You could give it a chance, I mean what do you have to lose? No matter what happens you are always going to remain sealed in me. That will only change if I die.''

Again, the Bijuu snorted and closed its eyes. But it did not say a word.

''Think about it,'' Naruto said and walked away from the cage. The Kyuubi never looked at him as he left - it kept its eyes shut.

About an hour later

Jiraiya showed up at Naruto's house looking a bit out of breath. Naruto figured the Sannin had been running away from something. When someone like Jiraiya was running away from something, you knew that it had to be women he was peeping on. He must have been caught peeping. It was a wonder to Naruto how the Sannin never seemed to be able to completely hide himself while peeping.

He was able to hide for a few minutes, but sooner he would be caught. Perhaps it was the perverted giggles that always gave away his position. He was stealthy enough to hide from a few civilians. When he was caught, it was punishment time. He never seemed to escape that one. Never would Naruto pity the man, even if women do beat him up to an inch of his life.

Perhaps people like Kakashi and other fans of Jiraiya's perverted books would be able to pity him. He was the source of their favorite books. Without him, there could be no books - that would surely be the end of some men. Kakashi would probably go into a mental breakdown and quit his shinobi career if Jiraiya was no longer there to provide him with new issues of Icha Icha Paradise.

''I thought you were doing something important,'' Naruto stated looking at the pervert. He had said he had something of importance to do before they left. He had not thought it would be peeping.

''I had something important to do,'' Jiraiya said in a slightly serious tone after catching his breath. He had been nearly caught. Had he been caught, he would have been at the hospital. Today he had peeped on some beautiful and feisty women. They were really mad when they found him. He was lucky enough to have out run them.

He did wonder why they had to be so mad about it. It was not like he had taken anything. And he had also seen what he wanted to see. Hitting him was not going to make him forget or stop doing what he loved doing. In fact, when they beat him up, it made him recall everything he had seen at an even clear detail that he would without being beaten. Tsunade had nearly killed him, and yet he still remembers how her naked body looked like.

''You need to set your priorities straight Jiraiya. Since when did peeping become something of importance?''

''Its not peeping! It is called 'research','' why do people always get it wrong? Why could they not just understand that he was collecting 'research' data instead of peeping. ''Konoha has the best hot springs. I had to get some inspiration before we left the village,'' he said getting his tone down.

''I do not appreciate being kept waiting, especially when you were wasting time doing immoral things.''

Jiraiya ignored Naruto's words, ''have you packed everything?''

''I just said I had been waiting for you, did not I?'' why would he wait for the Sannin if he had not packed up everything? That would be stupid.

Jiraiya sighed, ''you could have just said yes or no,'' he stated slightly annoyed by Naruto's way of responding. Saying yes or no was a lot easier than saying all things he did not want to hear.

''If I wanted to,'' Naruto said placing a scroll right beside his sword's sheath. He hooked the scroll with the sheath before placing it on its rightful place - his back. ''...now shall we?''

''We have to see hime first,'' Jiraiya stated causing Naruto to sigh. He followed Jiraiya to Tsunade's office.

Hokage Office

Tsunade stared at Naruto unblinking. He had just returned and now he was leaving her again. She was beginning to think that he longer liked being inside the village. She had not thought that he would take Jiraiya's offer without even thinking about it more than he did.

Jiraiya had told her that he had accepted without thinking about it for more than 2 seconds. It took him that little time to make a choice that would see him depart from the village. Why could not he understand that she needed him by her side? It took him little time to make a choice to get away from her. That left a bad taste in her.

Looking at his eyes, she could not get anything out of them. They were their usual blank. Even sometimes when he smiled, his eyes betrayed that smile because they would never reflect happiness - they reflected nothing. She wanted to see him smile a bit more and laugh as he used to. But now she was realizing that it was just wishful thinking. At least he did smile at her every now and then.

She had realized that he had become increasingly bored being cooped inside the village without anything to do. Perhaps this journey with Jiraiya would offer him a chance to get rid of the boredom so that when he does return, he would be at least without the bored look he had been carrying over the past few days.

Tsunade blinked and released a sigh, ''I just wanted to see you before you left,'' she said to the other blond.

Naruto raised a brow. He had been here yesterday with Jiraiya after the pervert had informed her that he would be leaving with him. She already knew he was going, not just from Jiraiya's mouth but from his mouth as well. He thought that they had handled everything.

''You really need to take parenting lessons, Hokage-sama,'' Naruto stated earning a nod from Jiraiya. The Sannin agreed with Naruto.


''You are showing too much love and you are way overprotective - it is over the bar. I can see just by looking at your eyes you would rather I did not leave with Jiraiya,'' Naruto stated calmly. ''You have to understand that I am not a child who needs to be under your constant watch. I have told you that I can handle myself. I will be involved in dangerous things, some life threatening. You have to allow me to fight my own battles. You have fought yours, and survived. I will fight mine, and will survive, but that cannot happen when you are always standing in front of me trying to shield me from any danger.''

Again, Jiraiya nodded. ''I have to agree with him hime. Naruto is no longer as he was three-years ago. You have to allow him to grow and let him be a man. He cannot go anyway if you won't allow him to grow. He is no longer a child. He has grown wings. You have to let him fly, otherwise he will remain rooted to the ground.''

Tsunade sighed. She was just being concerned like any other person would. Could they not understand that?

''...and besides he has me to look after him,'' Jiraiya added with a grin.

''Yes, and It went well last time I trusted you with his care,'' Tsunade said sarcastically.

''You are not going to let that go, are you?''

''No,'' Tsunade gave a short and firm reply. He had trusted her with Naruto's care and he failed to do so after going on to his peep show.

Naruto sighed silently. Sure he had some unresolved matters with his godfather, but Tsunade had to let that go. There was nothing Jiraiya could have done against his escape. Jiraiya was certainly not going to forgive himself if Tsunade kept reminding him of it. It would leave a bad taste in his mouth if he simply watched without care while the Sannin suffered. He was not that cold and heartless. People did make mistakes. He understood that, that is why he even speaks to Jiraiya. But that did not mean that there were no consequences for the mistakes. They were there, and had to be fully paid for.

''As many mistakes Jiraiya has made,'' Naruto said causing the Sannin to wince remembering all the mistakes he made. ''I do not find my escape to be one of them or something he should be blamed for. I could have run away from him regardless of what he did. Either my chakra was sealed or I was trapped in a barrier, one way or the other I would have found a way to get away from him.''

Tsunade looked at Naruto for a moment before nodding silently. He was still not apologizing for running away. What he had said just showed her just how intent he was on getting away from her former teammate. It was clear that even if she had been there to forbid him from doing anything stupid, he would have still ran away.

''Perhaps I have been a little overprotective, but that is just because I am always worried about you. I would never forgive myself if something bad happened to you,'' Tsunade said quietly.

''Don't you think it's becoming more of paranoia?'' Naruto questioned the blond Godaime Hokage. ''Each time I leave; something bad is going to happen. Do you think that is healthy?''

''Just be grateful that someone is worried about you!'' Tsunade exclaimed staring straight at Naruto. ''Well anyway, have a safe journey and don't ever return like Jiraiya.''

''What makes you think I will ever be like him? He is not the ideal role model and anyone who would want to follow on his footsteps would surely be lost.''

''You know that I am right here and can hear you perfectly well, right?'' Jiraiya said not sounding the least wounded by Naruto's words.

Naruto merely shrugged, while Tsunade ignored him. ''Point taken,'' the blonde Hokage said with a small smile.

''That was cold hime,'' Jiraiya said after Tsunade had ignored him like he had not said a thing. Sighing, Jiraiya continued, ''let's go Naruto,'' he said turning his eyes towards Naruto.

Naruto nodded, and smiled once for Tsunade before disappearing into thin air. ''I really hate it when he does that,'' Tsunade mumbled after Naruto had disappeared into nothingness with his unique Shunshine.

''You are not the only one,'' Jiraiya said before he too disappeared. His disappearance was accompanied by a cloud of smoke, though.

Just outside of Konoha

''Thanks for saving me back there,'' Jiraiya said to Naruto as they walked in a comfortable pace. He was referring to when Naruto told Tsunade that she should not blame him for his running away.

''I was merely doing what was right,'' Naruto stated not even sparing Jiraiya a look.

Jiraiya sensed there was a hidden meaning to the words, but did not press to find out what it was. It was better that way. Some things were better left uncovered. Sometimes it was better to let things be and stop reasoning because there were times we would uncover things we rather not have uncovered.

''Where are we going to visit first?''

''We will first go to Kumo, then Kiri,'' Jiraiya replied.

Naruto nodded. Before they even reach Kumo, he would have to disappear so that he could speak to Itachi. He needed to inform the Uchiha of when he would try to visit Konan in Amegakure. Jiraiya was not going to be always at his side. The pervert would occasionally leave him on his own while he did other things. Given that opportunity, he would teleport to the hideout. Luckily, Itachi would be there, he had informed him that he would teleport to the place.

He walked silently beside the toad Sennin. This journey would surely give him a chance to see the world more. He would not mind to eliminate some bandits camps while on the way. There were many of them scattered across the Elemental Nations. More of the bandits camps, meant more women were suffering. Perhaps some action would get his name on the map. Certainly having his name known in most lands would make it easy for him to reach foreign lands.

With more reach over other lands, he could find the space to operate, have some sort of influence over the world.

Naruto & Jiraiya

They had been travelling for four days now. Well not exactly that - they had only travelled for two days and when they reached a town, Jiraiya decided it was best they rested for some time. He had said that they were not going to stop at another town after this one. They would simply head straight to the Lightning country without any stops - they would only stop for rest.

Naruto was not complaining though. He did not mind their pace - he was in no hurry to return to Konoha. Returning to the village, he would only be welcomed by boredom. At least out here he could take a walk and see people he did not see every day of his life. It was refreshing seeing new things than things that were already imprinted within his mind.

The image of Konoha and its street was plastered across his mind. He could fairly walk around the village with his eyes closed and never fear about hitting something. He had run around the village countless times during his younger days when he was playing pranks on the villagers. He knew all the hiding spots. He had had blue print of the village in his head.

At least he got something from his stupid days.

Jiraiya was going to be leaving any minute now. He could see by the look on the man's face. He was increasingly becoming bored and had a look on his face that went towards a brothel.

That's how Jiraiya got laid. He had to pay for sex. It was pitiful, yet amusing for him. He had no doubt that if he was the type or felt like getting laid, he would never need to pay. He would simply talk his way into it without visiting a brothel or paying any women for the sex. For Jiraiya, despite his fame, women did not throw themselves at him. They never showed any interest in him. Perhaps a few did, but there were only a few of them.

''What kind of Intel are you going to get from your contacts?'' Naruto asked. Jiraiya was now spotting a dreamy look, but it disappeared as soon as he asked the question.

''You will know when you meet with them,'' Jiraiya replied with a shrug of his shoulders. ''How about we go and have some fun? You are getting at that age...and I think it would be normal if you showed some interest in women.''


''You are missing something great,'' Jiraiya responded. Naruto was missing the pleasures a women could give a men. He knew all about it, but it would also be great if his godson knew about it too. It would also give him research material and something to write about.

''I think not,'' Naruto responded with a wave of his hands.

''Come on, just come with me, for today only. If you don't agree with me, I will never make a request like this again,'' Jiraiya said standing up. 'I will also think that there is something wrong with you if you don't find it enjoyable,' he thought.

''I'd rather not,'' Naruto said turning the Sannin down. ''I will take a walk outside the town, you can do what you wish. But tomorrow we leave.''

''Fine,'' the toad sage said. ''But you are missing...'' he let the words hang.

Naruto did not comment any further. He walked out of the room. He always carried his sword when he walked. Perhaps if it was Konoha, he would leave it behind. But this was a foreign town to him. He was just passing by. He could not trust it with his blade.

Outside the town

Naruto stopped walking suddenly and turned around as he sensed something. He saw nothing when he turned around. But there was no mistake he had definitely sensed something. He kept his guard up and looked back to where he had been headed. He could not show signs of distress at this time. He just had to stay calm and perhaps whoever that he had sensed would reveal himself.

He was not paranoid enough to be making things inside his head. He held no illusions that someone was always trying to get him. His senses were always right, unless they were tricked which had not happened so far.

He suddenly came into a halt when again he sensed something behind him. This time his senses were on high alert. He turned around slowly and narrowed his eye. In front of him was a man with short spiky black hair and a fair skin. He was just about an inch taller than him. He wore a black coat that stretched out wide at its end. Under the coat he wore a long sleeve blood-red T-shirt, and also wore black cargo pants; this was accompanied by black shinobi boots and blood-red fingerless gloves. The feature that stood out the most was in his eye sockets, there was just a black void.

Naruto was not sensing anything good from the man. ''Can I help you?'' he asked stoically.

He got no response from the man. He simply moved towards him in a burst of speed that surprised him. The take of the man caused small chunks of earth to peel off. Naruto got into defense seeing an attacking coming. He brought out both his hands and crossed them in front of him to make a defense. He blocked a powerful punch that was directed to his face.

The force behind the punch caused him to be rooted to the ground - his feet burrowed on the ground. He winced at the contact. There was some power behind the punch. It made attempting to block another punch next time not so much of a good idea.

Naruto leapt backwards to create some distance between himself and the stranger, ''who are you?'' he asked calmly. Still the stranger did not seem to be capable of producing words.

The stranger took off towards him again. Naruto took off at the same time. If the man wanted to fight, he would give him a fight. Besides, it was not like he had any other options. The man seemed to want nothing but to fight. For what purpose? He did not know. He did not have any enemies that could want him to die.

The man lunged a right hook towards him - it came fast and swift. Naruto brought out his hand to block the attack. This time he was a lot more prepared than last time. He man threw another punch towards his face. He used his other to block before pushing the man away from him. He was trying to make him lose balance, but that was unfruitful.

Naruto tried a high round house kick at his opponent - he put as much power as he could before the attack. The kick was gracefully caught by the stranger. Naruto made an attempt to forcibly retrieve his foot, but he hold was too tight for him.

Seeing that his other foot was caught, Naruto moved his other to attempt to kick the man. The motion caused him to fall on his back since both his legs used for balance were out of position to balance. His attempt for kick was caught again by the strangers strong grasp. Before he could hit the ground, the man swung him into the air. He spun several times before throwing him away.

The throw was powerful, but Naruto had been under the kind of situations before. He tried his best to regain his balance before flipping several times while still flying towards the tree. He landed on the ground but was still pushed back by the momentum.

He did not wait or have to look for his attacker as the man silently appeared before him. The man sent a spinning kick towards his temple. He quickly brought out his for a hasty but effective defense. The kick connected with his defense and sent him flying due to its power. He was sent sailing towards the trees.

Naruto allowed the momentum to carry him. He was going to hit the tree with his head first. But when he was about to crash into the tree, he swiftly flipped and hit the tree with his feet. He did not stop, he sort of like bounced off the tree and sped towards his opponent.

The speed he was travelling in was fast. But his opponent waited for him as he reached near. He raised his right foot and sent it crashing towards the man's head. The man brought out both his hands in defense. When the back on his foot connected with the defense, it held on. The power behind it, forced the man's feet to burrow into the ground.

Naruto flipped and returned with a kick to the man's chest. His opponent jumped back to avoid being hit. He landed on the ground and stood there for a second before disappearing off to attack the black-eyed stranger.

He charged a Rasengan on his right hand as soon as he reached his opponent. The man blurred out of sight and went behind him. His Rasengan hit the ground with a loud boom and created a crater on the ground.

He was forced to be on alert as the stranger was on him again. He sensed him coming, but did not react fast enough to do anything against the kick on his back that sent him flying. He crashed into a tree breaking it before recovering.

He hit the ground and stared at his opponent. The man was fast and really good. He might end up forgetting that the man just attacked him out of nowhere and start enjoying the battle. So far it was good, and he had been pretty much put on the defensive.

He was not going to try to talk to the man, by now he had already realized that he was not going to get any answers. He did not seem to be capable of speaking or he just preferred to be quite. He did not mind though. He liked things just the way they were.

Without another thought, Naruto dashed in great speeds towards his attacker. The man did the same and met in between. The grabbed both each other's and clashed in a battle of physical prowess. He was no push over in this department. But in this case, he was evenly matched with his opponent.

He began to push chakra behind his push. His opponent seemed to do the same. Their battle forced both of them to burrow into the ground. The release of chakra forced debris around them to pick up.

Naruto got a closer look at those black eyes. There was nothing in them. They were just a black void with eternal darkness. There was no life in them. He could not see anything from them. They merely stared at him.

Naruto head butted his opponent seeing that the struggle for power was not going to end soon. His move seemed to have surprised the man. It was as if, he was not expecting him to do it. The hands broke apart and Naruto used the momentarily loss of balance by his to his advantage.

He flashed through hand seals faster than the normal eyes could see. ''Fûton: Kaze no Panchi,'' he muttered and released compressed wind in the shape on a punch. The wind punch hit his opponent head on in the gut and sent him flying.

The man was quick to recover from the attack. He landed gracefully on the ground. But Naruto was before him in a flash. He had moved faster than he had been. He jumped into the air and attempted to deliver a powerful midair kick. The kick did just end as an attempt, it hit the man straight and hard in his face. The powerful kick sent him away from Naruto. The blond landed on the ground and waited for his opponent to recover.

The movements of the stranger were calculated and not wasted. The attacks also had a lot of power behind them. He was curious as to who the man was. He had managed to surprise him with his speed. He wondered though how long he would keep it up without having to use some of his special moves.

The stranger recovered quickly and walked towards Naruto. He stood and stared at the blond as if inviting him to attack. Naruto did not think it over, he went straight towards the man.

He used his great speed again. He appeared in front of the man and jumped into the air. His jump was fast and caused cracks on the ground. He swung his right foot horizontally towards his opponent. The man reacted quickly by bending to avoid the blow. Naruto spun around with the momentum of the kick.

He was forced to go on the defensive when the man he was fighting against attempted to kick him while he was still spinning around. He channeled chakra into his feet before the man's kick hit him. When it did hit, he felt nothing. He blurred away from him.

The stranger was at him again. He lunged himself at him and attempted to punch him. Naruto ducked under the punch and attempted to punch him in the gut but his punch was caught. The man yanked his hand towards him and drove his fist towards his face.

Naruto tilted his head to avoid the punch. But his opponent did not stop there. He twisted his hand painfully and pulled backwards before letting go of his hand. Before Naruto could do anything, he was kicked painfully on his face. The kick sent him flying away. He was quick to recover, nonetheless.

He recovered in the form of going through hand seals, ''Fûton: Daitoppa!'' he released powerful gusts of winds that sped towards the black eyes stranger. The gusts picked up debris as they rushed towards the target. He was not expecting the jutsu, hence he was sent flying by it. The jutsu sent him away. But he recovered quickly and landed on the ground with both his feet.

Naruto also did the same. He summoned a kunai and shuriken pouch before placing it on its rightful place. He took out four Kunai's and held them with both his hands - two in each. He disappeared into the trees.

The stranger stood calmly staring at the spot Naruto had been standing before he disappeared. He did not look too concerned about the sudden disappearance of Naruto. A kunai came flying towards him in great speed. He disappeared from his position. The Kunai burrowed into the ground as it had missed its target.

More Kunai's came flying towards him. He was able to skillfully dodge them all. Naruto had been throwing them from different directions. One or two at a time, though. Suddenly he changed tactics and sent a shower of them towards the man.

He disappeared from his spot and appeared on top of a tree branch. Naruto appeared before him with a Rasengan on his hand. He drove the Rasengan towards the man's gut, but he dodged it by jumping into the air. The Rasengan hit the tree and destroyed it.

Just then as the man was in midair, another Naruto came fast towards him not giving him a chance to react. He was holding his blade his left hand. He changed hands and held the blade with his right hand, before he swung in across the man's chest, ''Kaminari Katta,'' the blade was crackling with lightning as he swung it.

The Naruto that had charged the Rasengan disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving the one holding the Sword of the Flying Thunder God. The man had already disappeared after being cut. He jumped into the clearing away from the trees.

Looked at his blade as it was dripping something dark red. It was blood, but way dark. It almost looked like it was not even blood but some sort of liquid. He flicked it ridding of the blood.

He was again forced to be on the defensive when the stranger appeared before him. He was holding a black blade that seemed to be made of solid chakra. He could feel that it was definitely chakra. Naruto parried the slash that came across his face. He pushed back before swinging his own blade across the man's chest. The stranger blocked the slash with his own blade.

The blades become locked up in a battle of power as they tried to see which was the sharpest and strongest. Naruto stopped pushing and jumped back.

''Kaminari Katta,'' he muttered swinging his sword horizontally. The sword released a lighting blade that sped towards the opponent. The technique was the same as the one he had use earlier. The difference was that this time he had resealed the lightning from his sword. Last time he had not released it. It was almost unavoidable when the shot it towards an opponent. Its speed was great, that only the fastest would be able to dodge it. But when he used it while maintaining it on his blade it could be avoidable. But when used with the sword, it dealt more damage to the opponent.

The last time he had used it, his opponent had slightly dodged it. But he had hit him across his chest. There was a wound across the chest where the blade had it. It was just no deep though.

The lightning cutter was at his opponent in mere seconds. The man brought out both his hands and shielded himself against the attack. The attack hit him and seemed to go past him. It hit just below his shoulders. From where the jutsu had cut, his coat fell to the ground after being cut. His shirt also. There was a slash across his chest caused by the jutsu. The gash was also on his back. It took seconds for the second gash to start leaking blood.

Naruto was before the stranger before he could recover from his attack. He drove his blade towards the man chest. The target did enough to move away slightly to avoid being pierced on his chest. The blade ended up piercing his right shoulder.

With how deep the blade had entered his flesh, anyone would have first attempted to remove the it. But not his man. He seemed to have shrug off the wound and grabbed Naruto's right hand which held the blade. He was about to cut Naruto, with his own blade when the blond held a single hand seal, ''Fûton: Shinkuu Dangan,'' he did so faster before he could be hit. He released a vacuum bullet from his mouth. The bullet hit the man on his chest, hard. It pushed him back slightly. It was obvious he had used his power to stand his ground.

This caused him to let his grip on his hand loose. Naruto did not waste time. He jumped into the air and spun around delivering a power kick to the man's temple. The kick sent him flying. But Naruto was not done. While the man was still on flight, he appeared above him and claspped his hands together, ''Fûton: Kaze no Hamma!'' he did so sending a heavy blow to the man. The wind hammer hit him, hard, and sent him crashing towards the ground.

Naruto landed on to the ground and waited for the man to get up. He knew that his efforts were not enough. Soon enough, the man was up on his feet. His upper body's clothes were messed up and the deep wound on his shoulder was leaking blood. He was also spotting several bruises.

Naruto flashed through hand seals. He was not too concerned about the enemy. He still looked he wanted to fight. ''Fûton: Kaze Shuriken,'' multiple wind shurikens formed beside him. They spun around for a second before he sent them towards the opponent.

The opponent held both his hands together before he released some powerful gusts of wind that deflected the shurikens away from him.

'Daitoppa? So he can use ninjutsu too. Well I should have expected that,' Naruto thought looking at his opponent.

The black eyed man rushed towards him with some debris picking up behind. Naruto sensed a rise of chakra from him. The chakra was unlike anything he had ever sensed before. It was foul, and sinister, even more sinister than the Kyuubi's. He also felt the Kyuubi shift inside the cage.

While the man was dashing towards him, he went through hand seals before releasing fireballs. Naruto knew that it was no ordinary Katon Jutsu, that is it was Katon. The flames were too hot and intense for any fire style jutsu.

He took out his blade again and held it in front of him ''Kaminari no Shouheki,'' he said so channeling chakra into his blade. A lightning barrier erected in front of and stood like a wall. His blade was the source of it, as he conducted the lightning though it.

The flames hit his barrier and tried to break it. But Naruto put more chakra behind it to enforce it. He was not about to be burned. After the struggle, the barrier died down along with the flames.

Naruto widened his eyes slightly when his opponent greeted him with a punch under his chin. It did not end there; a knee to his gut followed causing to wince painfully. This was followed by a punch to his face. Naruto had to say the punch was chakra enhanced. He did not believe that anyone could punch that hard.

The punch sent him rocketing towards the trees away from the clearing. Naruto hit a couple of trees as the momentum carried before finally stopping. He hit the ground painfully and took some time to stand up, he did so panting. Nothing was broken except for his nose and a few bruises along with his slightly tattered clothes.

He was forced to abandon his position when a breath of scotching flames came towards him. He replaced himself with a log before disappearing back to the clearing.

The stranger flashed back to the clearing. ''Fûton: Shinkuuha.''

Naruto took a deep breath and spun around while compressing into a solitary wind blade. The jutsu blasted off around him cutting everything on its path. Unfortunately, it was not his opponent. He only got a few tree with the large wind blade.

He looked around for his opponent, as he could not sense him. He quickly sensed him, when he felt a spike of chakra. He stranger was charging a small ball of black energy on his palm. Naruto could feel that there was a lot of chakra on the technique. The man held out his hand, palm facing Naruto.

'Shit,' Naruto cursed as a beam of black energy short towards him. It would definitely not end well for him if he got it by whatever the jutsu was. He quickly went through hand seals, ''Fûton: Kaze no Shouheki!'' he yelled before clasping his hands together. An invincible barrier of wind quickly formed in front of him.

Naruto cursed again when the black energy hit his barrier. The technique was a lot stronger than he had thought. Keeping up the barrier was a difficult task because he had not molded enough chakra.


There was an explosion right in front of Naruto. The explosion picked up large amounts of debris and created some gusts of winds. When the debris cleared, Naruto was seen with both his hands stretched out. Both hands had some burns towards his elbows. His front was also burned slightly. He was also breathing heavily.

Naruto looked at his hands. Had he not quickly coated most of his body with wind chakra, he would have been burned severely. 'What was that jutsu?' he thought. The jutsu had left its footsteps on the ground when it travelled towards him. There was also a large crater in front of him.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when the stranger appeared in front of him with his right hand stretched out towards him. 'Shit,' he cursed as he saw the same jutsu being charged at it him. He quickly disappeared in a yellow flash before the jutsu was blasted across the clearing.

He had marked a tree earlier during the fight. He disappeared back to the clearing to see the man waiting for him. Two clones came into existence before him. One created a Rasengan before charging towards the enemy.

Naruto held out his right hand and formed a Rasengan, but the Rasengan changed shape and became a four bladed shuriken. The screeching noise followed. Naruto looked to see how his clone was doing. He smiled it was busy. The other clone stretched out both its hands towards the jutsu Naruto held. It channeled fire chakra into the jutsu. Within seconds, Naruto held his complete jutsu. The jutsu was now in complete fire, literally.

He winced when he got memories from his destroyed clone. It was the same jutsu that burned his hands that destroyed his clone. His opponent turned his focus to him. The black eyes looked at his jutsu curiously.

It did not matter now, he had completed his jutsu. He took out a three-pronged Kunai with his left hand and threw it at the man. The man merely tilted his head to avoid it. But he did not expect Naruto to suddenly appear before him via a yellow flash.

''Shakuton: Rasenshuriken!'' he yelled hitting the stranger the powerful jutsu. As soon as it hit, he disappeared again in a yellow flash to avoid being caught in the blast.


A large scotching explosion rocketed throughout the battlefield causing Naruto to shield his eyes. There was a large crater, large than any other as a result of the explosion. There was no sign of the attacker.

Naruto smiled. He had never tried the jutsu before. Itachi had burned him from using S-rank jutsu's while at the hideout. It was a success. It had done what he had created it for - turn the enemy into ash.

He sighed and sat down to recover his breath.


''Kukukukukuku,'' Orochimaru chuckled darkly with a satisfied grin after watching the battle with Naruto and his test subject. He had been watching from afar. Who better to give him the data he required than the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki?

''Naruto-kun has become strong and is quite skilled,'' Kabuto commented impressed with the blonds' skills. He was indeed wrong when he said Naruto had no shinobi skills. But he could not forget that the Naruto back then and now were different.

''Indeed he has,'' Orochimaru said after getting his laughter under control. ''I am surprised that he can use Minato's jutsu. That last jutsu was powerful. I am interested in it,'' certainly. He would not mind using a jutsu of that power. He always was craving for new jutsu's. The jutsu Naruto had used to obliterate his test subject was interesting and wonderfully attracting.

''The test subject did better than I had expected, a pity Naruto-kun destroyed it. We could have taken its remains and study them further,'' Kabuto stated the disappointment clear in his voice. Any scientist would be sad at the loss of a such a subject.

''Don't worry about that, we still have the original. That was just a clone of the Original I made. I wanted to see how a clone would do before I could finish work on the original. It is an curious specimen isn't it?''

''Hai, Orochimaru-sama,'' Kabuto said with a nod. ''I am still amazed that you created something like this, Orochimaru-sama,'' Kabuto was indeed impressed. He knew his master was a genius. The man was a work of genius himself. But this was just special. He had never seen anything like it before. Even he could not create something indigenous as this. He would never come close to doing so.

He wished his master had allowed him to be involved though. He had only been useful in collecting data and the DNA Orochimaru wanted. He also knew what went around and what he was creating. But he was not involved with the creation process. Orochimaru had insisted on doing it alone. Perhaps since he was brought here today, they would finish the weapon together.

After seeing the blue prints of the project his master had invested his time on, he had become increasingly curious and a bit excited to see it. But Orochimaru was oddly keeping him out if it.

''And that fool Danzou thought I could not create it,'' Orochimaru said with a snort. ''The weapon's power is astonishing. If the copy could do this, what more will be the original be able to do? The prospect of finding out thrills me,'' the Snake Sannin said grinning in all corners. In all honesty, he was excited. This was his pet project. Like any scientist, he was happy when his research finally paid off. And now he had just witnessed the result of his research and hard work.

''He will certainly be happy when he does get his hands on it,'' Kabuto said. He doubted that his master would give the project to Danzou if it proved to exceed his expectations. He knew his master better.

''Yes, but I might just decide to keep it for myself.''

Yap he definitely knew his master better than anyone

''Let's go, Kabuto. We have work to finish,'' Orochimaru stated. He had seen what he wanted to see and had collected enough competitive data. He had witnessed his creation battle, even though it ended up being destroyed in a way he would not have wished for it to be, he was still happy. He would not have minded to take it back to his hideout and use it for further research.

''Hai, Orochimaru-sama,'' Kabuto said and followed his master like any faithful servant. He smiled though when he heard Orochimaru say ''we''. That had to mean they were going to finish the project together. He would be satisfied with it even despite not having taken any real part in the creation.

Back with Naruto

There was a question ringing inside his head, who was this man he had killed? He did not get any answers before the man died, he did not even say a word to him. That left him curious. Who could it had been and who sent him? No one would surely just randomly come to attack and be killed.

This was far from something to be called a coincident or something that just happens. He had a feeling that the man sent to battle, specifically him. But for what purpose? Was it an attempt on his life? No, it did not certainly look that way. It seemed that the man just wanted to battle, battle before he died. So then why did he just want to battle and with him?

So many questions that required to be answered. And he was not going to get any of the answers - since he had turned the stranger into ash. But knowing that the stranger was gone to not stop the questions raining inside his head. Anyone would be curious about the event that had just taken place. But he was not paranoid enough to think that an assassin or a mercenary was sent to kill him.

He had no such thoughts. But that just left more questions he could not answer nor even come close to figuring out.

Naruto looked at himself. His hands were still spotting burns. The technique that had hit him was really powerful. He had not seen anything like it before. It shot at him like a beam - deadly beam of energy. He knew it was no ordinary jutsu if he could hurt him like that. He was glad though, his secondary defense held on. Or perhaps he would have been severely injured. But the burns he had suffered were not anything serious. Kyuubi would begin healing them anytime soon.

He had not sustained any other alarming injury. He was a bit tired though. The man knew how to punch and kick. He had felt like he was being kicked by Guy all over again. The man was also fast, and seemed to have been calm the entire time they battled. He did not show any signs of distress or any emotion for that matter.

Jiraiya whistled as he looked at Naruto, ''I see that is what you have been hiding,'' he said walking towards the blond. He had witnessed some of the battle. ''You have some good defensive jutsu's, and can use three elements. I did notice that you use lightning through your blade, which leads me to believe that your lightning element is not quite strong without the blade - electric blade. Still, you use your sword very excellently,'' the Sannin stated. 'and after all that battle all he got were burns on both his hands. I do think there is more to it', he thought.

Naruto stood up and looked at Jiraiya blankly. The Sannin continued, ''I was right after all to recommend you to Hime for the promotion of jounin.''

''Really Jiraiya? That is what is most important here? I just was attacked by an unknown man,'' Naruto stated calmly.

''Take the complement brat. Some people would kill to be complemented by one of the Sannin,'' Jiraiya stated irritate. ''And besides there is nothing to work on since you destroyed everything.''

''I doubt he was going to talk anyway. He did not say a word the entire we fought,'' Naruto said nonchalantly.

''What was that technique you used?'' Jiraiya asked genuinely curious about the technique. Anyone would be interested in a jutsu that can turn anyone to ash.

''Rasengan, as the base mixed with wind and fire chakra,'' Naruto said.

''Oh, you completed the Rasengan? Minato was never able to do that. How long did it take you to do it?''

''Not too long,'' Naruto gave a vague answer. ''He was not wearing a forehead protector to define which village he came from.'' Now Naruto was going back to more serious matters.

''I did not recognize him from anywhere. Not even that Jutsu he used,'' the Sannin stated with a thoughtful expression. For all his years of living, he had seen a variety of jutsu's, but the jutsu he had seen was unlike any other. He was also curious as to who the stranger was. A pity Naruto had destroyed his body, he could have sent it to Konoha to be examined.

''Did you sense it?''

Jiraiya nodded, his expression becoming slightly serious. He had sensed how sinister the chakra of the man felt. The feeling did not make him feel comfortable at all. He was used to feeling such foul chakra from jinchuriki or Bijuu's, but not a normal shinobi.

''His chakra was black. Have you ever seen anyone with black chakra?'' Jiraiya shook his head. Even Orochimaru who was evil in all sense of the word did not have evil chakra. ''It felt like a Bijuu's chakra,'' Naruto said bringing both his hands in front, ''It is also a lot more potent and harmful. My burns have yet to disappear. Normally such things would have already disappeared. But the process of healing is taking longer than it should.''

Jiraiya looked at Naruto's hands. Indeed, his burns were still visible. Naruto healed faster because of Kyuubi and his Uzumaki genes. Burns like that would have healed a long time ago. But because what caused them was not normal, the burns were taking their time to disappear. ''I will send a word to Hime,'' he said finally.

''I doubt she will know something. And it is not like that man will just appear again.''

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