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"It's my turn!"

"You're confusing your days!"

Higurashi Kagome glanced back and forth as two of her new teammates argued like children and dare she say it almost reminded her of Inuyasha and Kouga?

"It's Sunday, isn't it?" Clint Barton crossed his arms over his chest, "We agreed on the days and Sunday was one of my days!"

"You're mistaking Sunday for Monday," Natasha Romanov retorted with a subtle frown, "Stop acting like a child and just accept that it's my turn."

Kagome hesitantly stepped forward, her towel still in hand, "I would really like to take my bath now," She said, catching their attention and she felt her face turn red in response, "I know my bathtub really only fits two people, but I'm sure–"

"I'm not sharing my time with her!" Clint huffed childishly and both women almost expected him to stick out his tongue to go along with that, "Besides," He eyed her form quite obviously, "I'm sure you've had enough girl time. It's time for a hard rough f–"

"Kagome doesn't need to walk in sore on training tomorrow," Natasha interrupted flatly, causing the blond archer to pout, "Nor does she need Stark's harassment when he sees her limping!"

"A-ano..." Kagome stammered, feeling her face burn even hotter at their innuendo, "I think I'll just go take my bath now." She went unnoticed by the assassins as she snuck into the bathroom by herself.

"Just staking my claim," Clint smirked, feeling his ego stroked just a little bit at Natasha's words and observations of what happened last time on one of his days, "Anyways, this is Kagome's apartment. She's not going to have any of your kinky toys–!?" He immediately stopped when he heard the water running.

The two partners looked to the door, glancing at each other briefly before they tried to open the door, but was denied when the doorknob refused to budge, "You locked the door, Kagome!" Clint hollered, "C'mon, we know it was my day to share the tub with you!"

Natasha rolled her eyes and sighed when Kagome shouted her answer over the noise of the running water and pretty much summed up the entire situation.

"Children need to learn how to share before they get rewarded!"

The Russian glanced to Clint and almost smirked at the sullen look on his face and almost couldn't help but to agree with their young lover's words.




Though it still was her day.