1984 Trouble

Ms. Morgen examined the prisoner through her telescreen, after his capture three days before he had been subjected to various forms of Level 1 torture to soften him up.

"Sleep deprivation through the Screen, sporadic food laced with mild mood altering drugs, forced to stay in the same position for hours on end, time perception manipulation, and having persons he knew in his former life brought in as prisoners for him to see for limited amounts of time." Ms. Morgen noted to herself, checking off the list by routine.

"I think it is time I paid my friend a visit." Ms. Morgen said to herself while brushing a strand of hair away from her glasses, noting that she would need a new pair crafted.

She took note of the cell number and began the walk down the familiar halls of the Ministry of Love, the stark gray walls were oddly comforting to her, a symbol of the power of the Party.

"God is Power." Ms. Morgen thought to herself as she reached the cell door and felt a smile form on her face and a wave of pleasure flood her body, this is what she lived for, finding those who rebelled against the system, even if it was only in their minds, and then fix them.

By any means necessary.

As one of the guards escorting her opened the door however the smile fell away and she reassumed a stoic mask, deprived of any human emotion and she got her first look at the prisoner since she last met him, posing as a fellow thoughtcriminal.

The gaunt figure was being forced to sit on the edge of the bed, with his legs in an awkward position, his arms were his only support to maintain the pose, any deviations would result in him being ordered to reassume position, a slow response would cause the guards to enter the room and force him back into it, along with a mild beating.

"Oh," Trent Lane said in his slow drawl of a voice, "They got you too."

"No Trent," Ms. Morgen said as she sat on the bed next to him while one of the guards followed in her wake, "They got to me a long time ago."

The other guard slammed the door shut.

Note: This is a small slash between Daria and the novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' by George Orwell, no profit was made by this fanfiction.