Authors Notes

... and Lysander Hardley and his friends lived happily ever after.

It looks like the Story of this peacekeeper has come to an end.


I should start off by thanking ForFutureReference, as he has been a constant support and inspiration while writing this series. His feedback is a source of help that is always welcome. Feel free to read some of his stories as they are very good.

I feel I should also thank BamItsTyler, Cashmere67, and Horsesareamazing for following this story.

I will also thank 1-1 Marines for reading the story and sending feedback.

Finally I would like to thank anyone who reads, follows, or reviews this series in the future.

Reasons I have for writing this story:

I started the series because I wanted to tell the story of the Hunger Games from the point of view of the other side. Practically every story shows the peacekeepers (and by extension the careers) as either soulless sadists or secretly rebellious.

I wanted to show that the peacekeepers and Careers are human too, and even if they are on the wrong side the individuals still have valid reasons for the side they chose.

Sometimes the rank and file soldiers on Bad Side do not know they are the bad side, maybe because they were lied to or maybe because they think the enemies are worse or maybe they simply do not think about it beyond "protect my family and my home". Usually the rank and file soldiers on both sides of a conflict live and laugh and love and have families back home who they want to protect from harm.

While some peacekeepers were no doubt bad, the same could be said about some rebels. The simple fact that usually the people supporting the wrong side are just that: people. Most times they were roped into supporting the bad guys through lies or threats.

In fact, it could be stated that the peacekeepers and careers are also victims of the Capitol, as they were manipulated into supporting and dying for a cause they do not understand.

Reasons I DON'T have for writing this story:

I am not trying to claim that the Capitol is the good side; it is clear that they are evil.

I am not trying to say that democracy is broken or that dictatorships are good. Democracy is the best form of government so far, and dictatorships are the worst form of government.

What comes next?

A very good question. While the series is over, I have every intention of continuing to write stories and even another series of a few.

There might even be some spin-off stories to this series. In any case, I wish all my supporters the best of luck.