Chapter Twenty Eight


Word Count: 199

I have to admit, I expected Riley to look a little happier to see me rolling up to the garage at the usual time she got there. Instead, I'm greeted by an angry looking human femme whose glare could peel my paint. Go figure.


That didn't sound good. Quick—back to the 'Cons while I still have a chance!

"Do you know how worried I was? I thought someone had kidnapped you! And look at you. What happened? You're dripping blue stuff everywhere. And why is your paint all scratched up? You need to learn a thing or two about taking care of yourself Jeffrey. I can't always be there to repair you."

My spark—something I had long forgotten even existed—burst with uncharacteristic joy. I guess knowing that there was someone out there that honestly cared about you would do that. Who knew? Only a few months ago, I thought myself as nothing but a nameless drone. Now I've got something to look forward to everyday.

…I wish I could kick myself for how cliché that just sounded.

"Jeffrey, are you listening?"

Nope. See? I'm already adjusting to life here. Now, to find a cooler name…

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AN: Thus we conclude our story about Jeffrey the Vehicon :P. I see this little experiment as being a huge success! Not only was it enjoyable to write, but I got an amazing response from you guys. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with this from the beginning and even the ones who've only been around for a few chapters :D. Maybe I'll come back to Jeffrey and Riley in the future...maybe. Anyway, thanks again for sticking around XD.