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"Caroline your going to be late!" Her mother's incessant screams roused the blonde from her sleep although not without grumbles "Am up … am up" she muttered not at all impressed by her mothers shouts. Looking at the clock she noticed that she would in fact be late if she didn't get up now and she knew that being late on the first day was not the way to make a good first impression. Flinging back the covers she visually shivered as the cold air ran across her skin, why she always got the coldest room was beyond her.

Standing up she headed into the bathroom wanting the water to wash any thought of going back to sleep away. As she walked into the bathroom she physically cringed, the mirror was showing a pale sleepy eyed girl with a blonde bird nest of her head, oh god this wasn't how she actually looked was it. How was she meant to walk into school charming all the boys after her if she looked like she was just dragged from the drain.

After setting the shower going to warm up the water she began attacking her hair with her brush, wincing every time a new knot surfaced. After what seemed like hours to her – which in fact was only minutes – she had got her hair to fall in sleek waves that framed her face perfectly. Tying her hair into a bobble and putting on a shower cap she stripped and entered to shower, you could hear the moans of delight as the warm water cascaded down her back.

All too soon she had finished and was exiting the shower much to her displeasure. She dried off and released her hair from it's confinements, after putting on her clothes - which she had carefully picked out the night before - she brushed her teeth and began her make up. She wanted people to look at her twice and be jealous of her beauty so she did her face as neutral as possible not wanting to be seen as plastic.

With barely any minutes to spare she was running out of the house with a slice of toast in her hand, pressing the button on her car keys to unlock the door to her blue Mini. Her pride and joy, her dad and Steven had brought her it for her sixteenth birthday a reward for her passing her drivers test. Throwing her bag in the passenger seat, she drove to Mystic Falls High school which she would be attending for the next two years. It took her only minutes to be entering the car park as not only was Mystic Falls a small town but her house was also situated within a five minute radius of the school.

After looking up at the building for a few seconds she spied an entrance with the words "Reception" above it. Figuring this was where she was meant to go she grabbed her back and give herself a quick once over in her rear view mirror before stepping out of the car and locking it up. As she walked towards the entrance she was glad that the car park was void of any other life species but her and a few creepy crawlies. Knowing her luck and clumsiness she would trip and embarrass herself and in a small town like this she would never live it down.

She walked through the door conjuring up confidence and she prepared herself for conversation. Just like she was expecting the principle was waiting for her by the front desk right where he said he was going to be "Ah you must be Miss Forbes, it's a pleasure to meet you" grasping his outstretched hand she replied "The pleasure is all mine" She had been brought up with a police officer for a mother she knew exactly how to be polite and well spoken.

After the quick introduction he began leading her through the school, showing her where everything was and how things worked here. When we got to the gymnasium he stated that the cheers-leading try-outs were today and that I should go. Smiling she informed him that she used to be the cheer-leading captain in her old school and she would enjoy being on the team.

After they had gone around the school the principle walked her to her next period, just when we arrived the bell rang signalling to every pupil in the school that they had to change torture rooms. A river of students pushed out of the room, grateful that they could have a few moments of freedom until they were back into the classroom. After the stream a dwindled to only a few students she made her way through the open door wanting to quickly get settled before her classmates come in.

Upon entry she was greeted by the history teacher Alaric Saltzman, he was pleasant enough seating her at the back claiming that it would save her from the curious glares. Within seconds of her sitting down people began filing in everyone's eyes seemed to be drawn to her, gauging what she was like, judging who she was before they even new her. This was what scared her most about going to a new school, in a small town like Mystic Falls there was never any newcomers therefore she was a rarity pair this with the fact that her mother was the new sheriff she was a celebrity.

Just when everyone was seated and Mr Saltzman had began teaching the door banged open causing everyone's attention to stray to the new opening. "How nice of you to join us, Mr Mikaelson" Mr Saltzman's voice rang clear a bitter tone marring his normally friendly one. She was wondering how long until he would make a appearance, the high school bad boy she knew from experience that you have to stay away from them they only leave you heartbroken when I they sleep with your best friend.

As he was walking towards her his gaze found hers a question on the tip of his tongue before he realized that he didn't really care who she was. Her heart rate increased as he got closer, what did he want. Then just when he had got to the side of her he lowered himself into the seat next to hers and she breathed a sign of relief he wasn't coming to talk to her, he was just going to his seat.

The first lesson went smoothly; however the closer the bell came the more apprehensive she got, next was break and she knew no one she was going to be the bumbling new girl that no one wanted to befriend. Throughout the entire lesson she couldn't help herself from glancing at the boy next to her, his dirty blonde curls would make him look like and angel if it wasn't for him hardened glare. His clothes were simple, a white t-shirt under a black leather jacket, paired with a dark pair of jeans and biker boots, he was truly fitting into the stereotype of 'Bad Boy'.

When the bell rang she stood along with everyone else in the room and gathered her belonging of the table, scooping them into her bag. She was taking her time not wanting to be on her own doing nothing for a long period of time however just after the bell rang speech broke the silence "Hi, am Tyler Lockwood, you new right?" spoke a boy from the middle of the room.

Before she could answer grateful that someone was talking to her, especially someone as cute as him when a strong British accent rang through the room "Ten points for observation, mate" walking towards the door he looked back a smirk on his face he continued "but then again you've never been that smart" he exited the room before Tyler could reply leaving me and him alone. "His a dick" he stated with venom in his voice and she wondered silently what he could have done to offend Tyler. "So were having a party a my house, you should come" he said, not waiting for my response he reeled off an address and left a small smile playing along his lips. Well her first day she got the attention of someone in the football team - or at least that's what his Mystic Falls varsity jacket said – she thought shallowly.

Throughout the day random people were routinely coming up to and attempting to befriend her, she was civil and polite however she couldn't see herself being friends with them. She managed to find faults that annoyed the hell out of her every time some attempted conversation making her wanting to throw them out of a window before they had even introduced themselves. It was like a part of her wanted to be completely alone, no one chose her first anyway it would be the same if she made friends here, they would just betray her or choose someone else first it was inevitable.

At lunch she ate with Tyler and his friends grateful that she didn't have to eat alone, Tyler kept giving her lingering looks however she knew that the only thing that he wanted was for her to open her legs. She found out the hard way, in her last school she was named a 'slut' even though she was a virgin but she was caught in a compromising situation and since then she was branded the name. So naturally when her mother got the offer of a transfer she jumped at the idea not wanting to stay when her so called friends had turned their backs on her.

The school day finished with a shrill noise of the bell and she smiled her first real smile of the day as she thought of cheer-leading again. Lucky her mother had already told her of Mystic Falls cheer squad so she had shorts and a tee in her bag just in case they were try-outs. After quickly re-locating the gymnasium she hunted down the girls locker room although it didn't take long considering the long stream of girls in cheer outfits and shorts and tee's.

When she walked in she was hit in the face by the sheer smell … no it wasn't a bad smell … well, there's only so much perfume a girl can put on a still smell attractive, jeez. Whoever put on this perfume would be smelt a mile away, she could feel it solidify in her lungs taking form and squeezing the oxygen from them. Eventually with the door being open the concentration of perfume slowly diluted allowing her to breath with only slight restrictions, grabbing a spot behind the door she proceeded to changed wanting to get on the field and de-rust her cheer skills.

Moment after she began changing she heard conversation behind her directed in her direction, not wanting to appear rude she turned and greeted the two girls who were speaking. The first girl had waist long brown hair tied back with a red ribbon and olive colored skin, her brown eyes showed friendliness and on looks alone she couldn't find anything about her that annoyed her, yet. The second girl was marginally shorter than her and was darkly toned, raven black her fell to just past her shoulders and she was sporting a cheer leading outfit in fact they both were.

"Hey am Elena and this is Bonnie, its going to be nice to have some fresh blood on the team" The one with the brown hair said a cheery tone in her voice. There was a slight pause were she prepared a speech that would rebuff them however the more she thought about it the more she actually wanted to get to know them. In all honest they didn't annoy her like everyone else and they didn't mentally scream hit me either so they cant be all that bad. Without a second thought she replied "Am Caroline, I heard from my mum and the principal that they were try-outs so I thought I would give it a go"

A comfortable silence greeted them while they quickly changed; although when they left the locker rooms they were talking about the previous awards and competitions they had all won for cheering. It was like they were old friends, there wasn't any first meeting awkwardness were you worry about saying something wrong and offending them. "So have you been invited to the Tyler's party yet, figure he'd snap up a hottie like yourself" Bonnie mused, slightly tapping Caroline with her elbow as they walked onto the field. She smiled slightly at Bonnie's assumption and the fact that she was correct, after informing her she had in fact been invited they quickly assured her that she would not be going alone, they would go with her as her dates.

"So who's the cheer leading captain?" she wondered out loud, however when she glanced around at her two new friends she was rewarded with a smirk from Elena and a shake of her pomp-poms. Putting two and two together quickly she smiled grateful that Elena was the Captain, she wouldn't feel as nervous as she was doing her routine in front of her. Just as she went to step forward a blonde ball of energy zipped in front of her not even apologising when she barged into her "Who the hells that" she asked moving her head to point to the attractive blonde who was beginning her stretches.

"That's Rebekah Mikaelson a Sophomore, you have to be careful around her she's almost as bad as her bother … I can't believe she's trying out to be a cheerleader" Elena whispered obviously a bit afraid of being overheard "Her brother?" I questioned "Niklaus Mikaelson; though he goes by the name Klaus, they say he killed his own father or that's what the rumors say" Bonnie finished pointing discreetly over to were a group of guys were standing and sitting by or on their bikes. It was obvious who she was referring to, the one in the middle surrounded by others trying to get his attention; although it seemed he was ignoring him a cigarette in his hand and his gaze fixed elsewhere, where she could not be sure of as he was too far away to discern, all she knew was that it was in their direction. Her stomach fluttered as she entertained the possibility that he was lucking at her; however she quickly dismissed the idea why would he be looking at her.

Looking away quickly, she began her stretches not wanting to pull anything and embarrass herself while she was trying to impress, she didn't do halfhearted attempts if she was going to be on this team she was going to give it her best. "Right try-outs are beginning so if contenders could sit on the grass here" Her voice was authoritative but polite as she directed us all the sit next to her and the need to become friends with her intensified. "Right instead of doing it in alphabetical order which will just take way too long just get up as you see fit" Elena announced and everyone fell quiet around her as they noticed that they would have to decide who was going first, no one wanted to be first. She was just about the stand up when Rebekah stood up tying her hair up in a high pony "I'll go first then" She centered herself in front of Elena as she did her perfect routine, she could normally find a fault in everything someone did a nasty trait of hers that she had to except; however she couldn't with Rebekah it was sickeningly perfect.

She finished off her cheer with with a round-off, her feet bouncing gently as she jumped out into a straddle. To say that the people around her were even more scared to go next was a massive understatement, deciding that no one would go next unless she did she stood up moving confidently to stand in the same place that Rebekah had just vacated. After a small reassuring smile from Bonnie and Elena she began making sure her voice rang clear as she chanted, all the way through her performance she had a beauty contest smile across her features showing people how much she enjoyed cheering. As her routine came to an end she began feeling nervous wondering if she could pull of the back flip she had planned as it neared she didn't hesitate as she threw her self backwards surprised at herself when she landed perfectly.

The other people trying out dwindled after her and Rebekah had performed probably not wanting to embarrass themselves, she felt a little guilt as she watched people get up and walk back to the changing rooms without even performing. The people who stayed did a good job however she had a sneaking suspicion that Elena had already picked the two people to fill the spots that were needed. By the end of the try-outs she couldn't wait to go home the day had been eventful and all she wanted to do was sleep; however she knew that if she didn't appear at Tyler's party it would be social suicide.

When she decided that she would be going to Tyler's party after all she pulled herself up off the grass and started heading back to get changed with Elena and Bonnie by her side. She accepted their compliments on her routine and was ecstatic when Elena told her that she was definitely on the team, she even went as far as doing a slight jump in excitement much to Bonnie and Elena's amusement.

They were nearing were the delinquents were talking, why they were still in school she had no clue probably waiting with their 'leader' as he waited to take his little sister home. Although she couldn't really see him as the brotherly type of guy. Her thoughts were interrupted when a football rolled into her feet very nearly tripping her up, looking up she saw a group of guys waiting for her to kick the ball back. Not wanting to embarrass herself by walking away and seeming a bitch she readied herself to kick it, when her foot hit the ball she expected it to fly straight to where she wanted it to however it seems the ball had other ideas. It flew towards Klaus short gasps and a quick "look out" was uttered before it collided cleaning into the side of his face, it would have been comical if not for the murderous look he sent in her direction when he recovered.

Yelling out her apologizes she hid her flushed face as she hurried towards the changing room at much faster pace, when she finally was in the safe haven of the girls changing room she breathed a sign of relief. A loud laugh exploded from Elena "It was good knowing you Caroline but you just kicked a ... ball at Klaus's face and his going to kill you" She snorted half-way through which then sent Bonnie into a massive fit of giggles. She was glad they found her upcoming doom so amusing, she knew she was clumsy but how could she have kicked to ball at his face.

"You should watch out you know … My brother likes to play dirty and he hates being embarrassed" Rebekah said to her in a sadistic voice as she left the changing room, the small speech from the blonde sent Elena and Bonnie into a even bigger bout of giggles, without rendered them useless for speech. Although no matter how much she tried she could not see the humorous side to this, her first day and she already had the school's bad boy hating her.


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