This is not intended to be slash- just extreme admiration and hero-worship. ;)

When Mordred first met Emrys, he was stunned by the beauty of the power he saw there. He was thrilled, honored, even, when someone so good and powerful had risked their lives to help him, no one but a small druid boy.

When Emrys almost betrayed him, when he had almost refused to come to the aid of Mordred and the prince, the boy had been confused. Why would someone so kind, someone who was destined to be the savior of the druids, almost let him die? His young mind could not understand it.

Later, when Emrys had allowed the knights of Camelot to invade their camp, the confusion had been engulfted in fury and disappointment. How dare this man attempt to hurt him, one of his own kind, and side with Camelot? In his rage, he had been blinded to Emrys' inherent goodness and his own wrongs.

As the years passed and he grew in wisdom, he realized the error of his ways. When he met Emrys again, in the snowy wastelands, he had felt once again the man's overwhelming magic and integrity. In the presence of such a being, he had been deeply ashamed once again by his previous actions and had desired nothing more than Emrys' forgiveness and acceptance.

Yet, even after proving his loyalty to Arthur and his servant, time and time again Emrys rejected him, gazing at him with cold eyes. And then at last, he realized the incentive of the man's actions. It was not Mordred's deeds for which the warlock could not forgive the druid. It was Mordred himself. Emrys, leader of his people, despised him.

But rather than feel confused, or betrayed, or furious, this time, Mordred could feel nothing but fear- fear not for his life, or for what Emrys would do to him, but for what the man's loathing meant about Mordred.

Because how could someone as good and pure as Emyrs hate anything but evil?

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I may expand this at some time to a collection of little Mordred ficlets, because he's such an interesting character. What do you guys think?