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Why Sam Wears Boxers

Chapter 1: Abandonment Issues

Sam's POV

I'm sitting on a comfy couch in a windowless room. My therapist is going on about how this is my last chance and I'm not getting another one if I break the law again. He keeps talking about how I need to let it all out so finally I give in and yell. " I'M DEPRESSED OKAY!", he stops talking.

"Samantha", he says, " You're not here because you are depressed. You stole a car and robbed a liquor store on the same..." He sighs seeing my expression which I might add is not very pleasant. "Are you trying to tell me that the whole reason you did that stuff was because you're depressed?",he asks me.

Finally he gets it! " Something like that" I tell him. Its been over 2 months since my best friend Carly was forced to go live in Italy with her father. Ever since then I have been bouncing from one place to another trying to make an honest living for myself, (Obviously it wasn't working).

"Listen Samantha I-"

"Call me Sam" I interject.

"Okay Sam, I want you to be in here every Friday so we can talk about what is causing you to be depressed." He says without making eye contact.

" No can do doctor, I have other places to be" I tell him.

He wipes his glasses on his shirt, " Well you NEED to be here or it's back to jail for you.!"

"Can't we compromise?", I ask him pleadingly.

" What do you suggest?", he says as he leans forwards.

"Well, how about I make a video diary of my life and send it back to you for review?" I say as though this isn't up to debate.

"I normally don't allow that Sam, but seeing as you won't come otherwise I can't see why not." I almost jump out of my seat when he says that.

"Great, I'll start tonight and send you one every Friday for you to review." I tell him sincerely.

"Okay, just don't forget because if you do..."

"I go to jail, I got it okay" I interrupt him.

"Great! I'll see you next week then" He says

"Will do Doc and thanks for everything!" I yell back as I leave his office, hopefully forever.

As I'm walking back to my motorcycle I take a moment and reflect my life up until now. I was born in the back of a bus along with my goody two shoes sister Melanie. My father left my mom when I was 2 and we haven't seen him since. I met Carly on my first day of school here in Seattle and we became best friends. Then we inadvertently fell in love with each other.

"Damn it Sam, you need to let her go." I say as I fell tear run down my cheek.

After that moment of weakness had passed I got on my motorcycle and sped off to who knows where.

Carly's POV

I'm sitting in my schools counselor's office waiting for my father to get here. The counselor sits down and tells me " Your father can't make it so it's just you and me".

"Why am I here?" I ask already knowing the answer, but trying to delay the inevitable.

" Well for starters you have beat up almost every boy who tries to ask you out, without explanation as to why." She says as she looks at me expecting me to explain, " Also your last stunt could put you in jail. Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?"

I can't help thinking how cute Sam would sound with that Italian accent. " I don't see what I did wrong here, last I checked there are laws allowing me to act in case of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT!" I scream into her face.

She purses her lips before speaking, " Now I wouldn't go that far Ms. Shay, he only-"

"He tried to force his DICK into my ASS, IN WHAT WAY IS THAT NOT RAPE!" I force out of my throat before breaking down in tears.

Before I know whats happening she is next to me and embracing me in a protective hug.

" Look I've given you a lot of chances because of me and your father, but this time it has gone too far."

"I still don't see what the big deal is. I was assaulted and I defended myself." I squeak out, wiping a loose tear from my face.

"You kicked him so hard both his testicles are in his stomach and you don't see the big deal." she says sternly, she obviously didn't want to talk to me anymore. "I have no choice but to put you on suspension until this whole thing is resolved. I also must contact your father about it."

"NO" I cry, "Y- you can't I... I had a deal with him! If I don't get suspended this year then I get to go back to Seattle over the summer and I HAVE to go back." I barely manage to get the last part out before I have a complete break down. Yep that's right, tears, crying, screaming, the whole nine yards, Ms. Harrit held me.

'I wish I never came to Italy' I think to myself,

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