Why Sam Wears Boxers
Chapter 7: ICruise Part 2

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"Okay so, we're recording now." I say looking over to my right. "So doc, today I have a special guest. Meet my roommate Cat." Cat waves to the camera. "I guess we should just get onto continuing the story. I left off with us walking the front of the boat and seeing Freddie…"

Flashback- On The Majesty of the Seas

"Yo Fred whatcha' doin?" James yells over to him, as we approach him and his mom. Freddie looks over with a pained look. It quickly turns into anger.

"I told you DO NOT CALL ME FRED!" He yells at James, causing Mrs. Benson to turn towards us.

"Freddie!" His mom complains, "What's wrong with you? He's just calling you by a nickname."

"The problem is that I don't like it." He says to his mom.

"Guys." Alex says. I completely forgot that she was still here. When she went swimming, she wore a swim shirt and swim trunks, completely masking her feminine self. "We have dinner in half an hour, so we might want to go get changed."

"Changed? It isn't fancy dress is it?" Carly says worried. She has always taken over an hour to get ready for fancy meals.

"No, it's casual, but they don't allow swimwear, and also we might as well change out of our clothes. After all we still want to look nice for the dinner." Ben says stepping out of nowhere. I swear they must be ninjas. "So how was your swim girls?"

"Good. Where were you?" I ask him.

"Oh, I was shooting a quick video, letting my viewers know to tune in tomorrow evening." He tells me. before turning to Alex.

"So, Alex why don't you take them back to their rooms and I'll have a talk with James." He tells her, before grabbing James' arm and pulling him off to the side.

"Yeah sure," She says and looks over to us, " Follow me."

We turn and follow her back to the rooms. I knew the sooner we got back to the room the better after all, I know that Carly is going to take forever to get ready. Ben watches us leave, before turning to James. During the whole walk back, Carly hugs my arm and keeps nuzzling my neck. We make sure that Mrs. Benson doesn't see, but we also get a lot of looks from other passengers. I know that we both have urges, but fortunately we have been able to suppress them recently. Unfortunately, now it seems that Carly is beginning to lose control.

As soon as we reach our room, I throw open the door and pull her in slamming it behind me. Then I throw her down on the bed and begin to kiss her passionately. Her arms tangle with my hair as I break the kiss and move to her left earlobe. "mmm… that feels good Sammie." She moans. I move my arms around her waist and pull her up to a seated position on my lap, before continuing my rampage of kisses.

"Mmmm…. OH" She gasps as my mouth makes its way to her collarbone. I move my arms so that they are supporting her back and pull her tightly against me. Her arms slid up my shirt, but that's when it changed.

"Carls. NO." I say sternly, breaking the kiss.

"But Sammie…" She whines.

"No buts baby. You know that I want to wait for awhile before we 'do it'." I tell her, before laying back down on the bed. This of course causes her to fall on top of me, but I don't care.

"Okay Sammie, but can you at least tell me why?" She asks. I love her, I really do. I take a breath and begin.

"It has to do with my father…" I start. That seems to be enough, because she begins apologizing for not figuring that in the first place. "It's ok Cupcake, I just want it to be special." I say stroking her hair.

"Yes, that's what I want as well. but I guess I just got a bit carried away," She mumbles into my chest. "How long do we have until dinner?" She asks me, still with her head buried in my chest.

"Umm.. we have… OH SHIT!" I yell, almost jumping off the bed. "We only have ten minutes."

"Oh crap." Carly breathes. "How are we both going to get ready in time?"

"Um.. I'll apply my makeup and take care of other bathroom stuff, while you pick out your clothes and get dressed, then we can switch." I suggest. I know I don't strike people as a makeup person, but I use it as much as the next girl . Anyways we need to look presentable for dinner, so it might be a bad time to try to cross-dress. But tomorrow… NO you're wasting time. Sam. Bathroom. Now. My mind snaps.

I quickly rush to the bathroom with my/our bag of cosmetics. We had decided it would be easier to bring just one set of items, instead of two separate bags. Then take out my makeup kit and begin to apply it quickly, but carefully. Time must pass fast when makeup is being applied, because Carly is banging on the door asking me if I'm done.

"Yeah yeah, just give me one sec." I call through the door. After I finish, I open the door to see Carly in a Penny-Tee that we made a few months ago. I quickly walk past her allowing her to get into the bathroom. She shuts the door behind her and I hear it lock. Now what to wear, what to wear…. I think while tearing through my suitcase. Ah ha found it!. I smile in triumph as I pull out a yellow blouse and pair of jean shorts. I quickly slip out of my bikini and put on some real underwear, I would have kept them on, but someone got them all wet and sticky with her sexy movements, and slip on the clothes.

"You done out there Sam?" Carly calls from the bathroom, holy cow she's fast.

"Yep come on out baby." I say, emphasizing baby. She giggles before opening the door and stepping out. She gives me a small smile as she walks towards me. I reach out and pull her in for a kiss. Of course that is when we hear a knock at the door. I look over at her and we drop hands, and walk to the door. Opening it we see a very annoyed Cyler and a smug looking James.

"Hey guys, is it time to go yet?" I ask, trying to figure out what caused their two expressions. From what I can gather, James made some insult about Cyler before opening the door.

"Yeah. Everyone else is back at the room, so if you're ready we can collect everyone and head on up there." James says.

"Okay let's go then." Carly says, walking out the door. James strides back to his room to get the others, while Cyler stands awkwardly next to us. After a few moments James returns with everyone else, and we head down to the dinner.

After we finish eating, we all head up to the sun deck and just hang out, watching as we sail away from the port. James appears to be much more behaved than he was earlier, and seemed a little scared of Ben. What could he have said to James? Then around 8:00, we all head to the "Teen Social" which was just a nice name for wild party for teenagers. Once that ends I decide that I am ready to go to sleep, after all at this point I have been up for almost 24 hours. Me and Carly bid our farewells to the others, who have decided that they would just continue partying all night, and we go back to our room.

Once in the room, we both undress and pull on our pajamas before dropping onto the bed. Carly snuggles up close to me, and gently wraps her arms around me. We both drift off to sleep.

The next morning, we awake to the sound of an anchor dropping. Clunk Clunk ….

"Ugh... What time is it?" Carly asks groggily. We are still curled up together, but my knee is up against her crotch and I don't think she minds it too much. It feels a little wet, I think to myself. I refocus and glance down at my watch: 6:20 AM

"Not even 7:00" I groan, rolling over pulling her on top of me. She snuggles her head into the crack between my breasts. I begin to slide my leg down away from her, when she closes her legs and stops me from moving it. "What's up?" I ask her.

"Don't move it." She mumbles already half asleep again. "It feels good."

"'Kay. Just get some rest Cupcake." I whisper into her ear, before drifting back into my dreams again.


I jolt up, forgetting that Carly is still on my chest causing her to jolt back to the edge of our bed. We hear it again and I notice it's coming from our door. I let out a groan and pull the sheets off of me.

"I swear I'm going to kill whoever is out there." I growl walking over to the door, before peering out of the peep-hole. I sigh before cracking open the door to reveal none other than James, and his big dumb smile.

"Good morning Sam." He says as I narrow my eyes. "Did you sleep well?"

"No! I just want to go back to bed, so please just go away. We'll join you guys later." I tell him.

"Okay Sam. I just wanted to tell you that the first shuttle to the island leaves in 2 hours and we're all going to be on it. If you and Carly want to come later we'll see you there." He says before walking off. I walk back over to the bed and promptly get back under the covers before Carly crawls back onto me and we fall back asleep.

A little after 10 AM me and Carly finally roll of bed. After sharing some kisses and getting dressed, we head to the buffet at the front of the ship. As we sit enjoying our food we talk about our plans for the day and what we needed to pack for the island excursion. Finally we finish our breakfast and head back to the room to pack for the island. When we get to our swim suits, I take the bathroom while we change. I know I shouldn't have to do this, but I'm scared that what almost happened yesterday will happen today, and I'm terrified. Ugh, it makes me feel so immature not being able to change in the same room as my long time best friend and now girlfriend. But I have my reasons you know?

Back to current day

An alarm sounds from the kitchen and I quickly glance over. "Oh chiz! My steak!" I look down at the camera and back at the kitchen. "I'll be right back. I think." I say to the camera before turning it off and rushing over to try to salvage my poor steak.

To Be Concluded...

So I know this is short, but I really wanted to go ahead and upload this chapter so that I can start fresh for the next one. The next chapter will be the ending to Carly and Sam's ocean adventure, unless it somehow reaches an unreasonable word count (6,000+) Also I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing. The amount of you who genuinely enjoy this is astonishing. I wish I could have updated sooner, but as with everyone shit happens.