Darkness Within

Summary: While on patrol the death eaters find a crippled and dying Harry Potter in the home that was supposed to protect him. Confused and lost on what they should do, they take him to Voldermort, from there everything spirals out of control.

Dark!Harry (I have been DYING to do one)
Harry/Draco – Because you know, YES
Bad guys win alright let's just get that out of the way


Chapter 1: Found

The night was cool, which was a wonderful relief to Lucius as the day had been scorching hot as the summer wore on. Grass in all the perfect little homes had dyed and become brown from lack of water, windows were thrown open carelessly and couples lay separated in their beds, too hot to curl up together in sleep. He could hear the mechanical sound of fans and air conditioning and although he wasn't fond of the muggle world he had been carrying a portable fan on himself for day, his hair tied up high on his head to keep the heat off. He would have used magic but he and his fellow death eaters were forbidden to give themselves away, that and using magic was like a beacon to the ministry, no need to let them know where they were.

He walked the streets comfortably though, as the unforgiving sun had set and the moon was half full in the midnight sky, allowing him to cool down, he would soon be replaced by his cousin Bellatrix though, and he could head home for a nice shower and rid himself of the day's filth and sweat.

"Lucius!" Bellatrix had appeared out of nowhere and the silver haired man nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Where in Merlin's name did you come from?" Lucius hissed as his heart went back in to his chest.

"Just passed by Potter's," She shrugged and grinned a little "Scare you dear cousin?" She asked as the two walked back down the street again, "Odd isn't it?"

"What?" Lucius asked as they stopped in front of Potter's house and looked at it, Number 4 Private drive, no car in the driveway like other houses, the grass still held a tint of green and the trash cans were set out for the morning pick up, gleamed in the moonlight.

"No one is here," She said "Well I mean Order people, have you noticed?" She said and looked around "We have been patrolling this street for Potter to come out and not once has any Order like foke come wandering down."

"Yes, I noticed, I thought I saw Severus sneaking around the other day, maybe they are using charms and magic to hide themselves," He said and crossed his arms. Three days ago the family had left, putting out the trash and driving off in a hurry, Voldermore had though it a good time to watch the streets, surly Potter would come out to do something, shop for food, go out with friends or maybe even just come out and cool off under the hose or something, but nothing. Lucius was thinking maybe Potter took off to the Weasley's home and had asked Author at work how his sons and Potter had been. Author had given him an odd look and said he hadn't seen Harry all summer and it wasn't his busyness. Lucius had felt a knot in his stomach ever since. Potter hadn't come out of his house, Severus said he wasn't at the Order Head Quarters and Author said he hadn't seen the boy either, something was off.

"Lucius what are you doing!" Bellatrix hissed as Lucius stepped up the sidewalk and driveway of the house, "You can't go in there."

"Well then you get the amusement of watching me fly without a broom," Lucius hissed back and crept closer to the house as Bellatrix bounced on the balls of her feet and looked around nervously before she rushed up after her cousin who was carefully stepping up the front steps.

"Should we be able to do this?" Bellatrix asked and Lucius shook his head, "Then why are we?"

"I have no idea, quit crowding me!" Lucius pushed his cousin back as he touched the door hesitantly and then placed his palm on the smooth wood, "This isn't right, this shouldn't be allowed."

"Well then, open the door!" Bellatrix said excitedly and tried the door, nothing, it was locked, "Magic you twit!"

"No!" Lucius hissed "That will bring the Order down on our heads, along with the Ministry, you want that?" Bellatrix shook her head as Lucius looked about. Bellatrix snapped her fingers as if a sudden epiphany came to mind and reached up for the small lamp beside the door, her fingers caught hold of something silver and she brought it down, a key.

"I saw the fat little boy get it a couple days back and place it back, didn't think it was useful information since we shouldn't be able to walk up the driveway, let alone the front door," Bellatrix said as Lucius took the key and unlocked the door, pocketing it a moment later as the door swung open. "This could be a trap."

"Doubtful, who would think up something like this when we usually don't come within a few feet of the driveway, like you said," Lucius spoke as he stepped inside, hoping there were no magical alarms being tripped as he did so. Bellatrix followed a moment later, closing the door behind them.

"I can't see a damn thing, where are the lights!" Bellatrix hissed and Lucius ran his hand against the wall and stopped when he came across something sticky. The lights suddenly came to life and Lucius almost cried out as he discovered that the sticky substance was blood.

"Merlin's beard," Lucius whispered and stepped back, looking about the house, blood was spattered against the walls like paint and he heard something screech painfully from somewhere, a howling from an owl in obvious distress.

"Lucius!" Bellatrix called and he whipped around and saw her holding a pair of broken glasses.

"Find him!" He ordered as he and the wild haired woman pulled out their wands and started searching the house. Bellatrix rushed upstairs as Lucius looked through the main floor of the house, finding disturbing evidence of the boy's life in this house. Not one picture of him was on the walls, not a single bit of anything of the boy's existence was anywhere in the home, except maybe his blood, and an alarming amount of it.

Blood painting the walls in gruesome hand pints, as if someone had braced himself against the wall, larger hands could be seen against the walls too, braced more heavily and boot prints fell on the floor like a warning. Potter had been beaten, and badly, Lucius feared they may find the boy, but not breathing.

A screeching owl brought him from his thoughts and away from the drops and small puddles of blood upon the floor and a white shadow descended on his face. Claws, feathers and beak tore in to him and he cried out before he grabbed the animal and held it awkwardly.

"I found the blasted thing locked up upstairs," Bellatrix said as she came down, her face bleeding from a similar attack, "The room had enough locks on the door to keep in a werewolf and a cat flap, whoever lived in that room was kept like an animal."

The owl hooted pitifully and Lucius looked down at it and gave a heavy sigh "Look, I'm letting you go, but don't attack me again, got that?"

"Or me!" Bellatrix snapped and the Owl looked between the two of them before chirping. Lucius loosened his grip and the owl righted herself before she took flight, awkwardly, and then landing in front of a small cupboard. "Wassit?"

"No idea," Lucius said and stepped forwards. The owl stretched her wings and gave a squawk, hopping rather frantically in place until the two adults reached the cupboard and opened it.

"Oh!" Bellatrix exclaimed as they looked upon a very beaten and blood Harry Potter. "Sweet Merlin, his relatives were doing our job for us."

Lucius looked at the boy as his snowy owl walked forwards and pulled at his torn shirt. His face was a mess, burned by something and his hands were no better. His nose was broken and it looked as if his right hand had suffered a crushing fate. He body was whipped to shreds and one of his legs looked like it had been twisted rather nastily. Lucius ran his hand down the owl's back before he reached out and touched the boy's face. Deep green eyes fluttered open for a moment before they closed again.

"He's alive," Lucius breathed in shock and horror, "We have to get him back, we have to risk apparating," Lucius reached in and carefully grabbed Potter, dragging him out of the small space and holding him, the boy breathed raggedly and protected with tiny whimpers but made no noise otherwise.

"I'll get the Dark Lord," Bellatrix said and vanished with a pop, Lucius looked at the boy and thought of his own son, so young and fragile, this was that thought he vanished, leaving behind broken glasses as a white owl took flight out of the house and towards where her Master's fate now lay.


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