Unhindered Imagination.

Chapter 1—Premonitions

---Fic written by Fire (Not Fang!)        

            Fire… Dear Cephied… It's burning… The dark haired woman sprinted through the now scorched and crumbled alleyways of the once brilliant Seryuun, fear and rage marring her once bright features. People scurried about the cobblestone streets, in and out of burning houses in futile attempt to save their belongings, and though she was bound and destined to be their leader, she paid them no mind as she raced past.

            Her father… Her home… It was entirely overtaken in flames now; her life was burning, and turning to ash before her very eyes, eyes that were blinded by tears of confusion. She ran like she had never run before, and still seemed to gain no ground.

             One word seemed to repeat monotonously in her mind, some common word, until the sound, which by frequent repetition, ceased to transmit any meaning to her thoughts.



            Where had she been when this had happened? Why hadn't she been there to help protect her city? Her people? Her father? Her home?



            Who could have done this? Why? Why did they do it? It was so unfair!



            How dare they do it! What right did anyone have to attack a city that majored in white magick?


Rage, fury, ire.

            Whoever did this would not be alive much longer! Of that she was certain. She would see whoever had done this killed painfully and slowly.

            A scream of panic bubbled up in her chest, but she had lost her voice, almost as though it had been tossed carelessly and blown away with the wind. All she could do was cry silently, and run toward her smoldering home, her mind shrieking with her every step.

            There was a figure. She wasn't sure how she saw it for it wasn't before her, but she saw it nevertheless. The man's head was lowered, his lengthy feathered bangs shadowing his eyes and concealing them from view. The rest of him though, could be seen though smudged slightly and hidden partially in shadow. An olive skinned hand clenched tightly around a long sword, this wrist disappearing into a thick black trench coat that covered from ankle to mid neck where his long silver hair was pulled back by a red band. But as soon as her mind started to memorize the form, he was gone. In a flash of amber yellow, the man disappeared.

            She shook her head, clearing her thoughts, and attempted to recall the figure to her mind's eye but no such luck. Almost as though a spell of sorts had been placed upon her, keeping her from remembering the way the colors and shapes of the man had been. However, at that moment, she realized that her voice had mysteriously decided to return to her. So she yelled the first thing that came to mind, as though on instinct.

            "Deim Wing!!" And with that she was soaring through a sky, painted orange by the flames. The night air felt refreshing as she flew, it was a simple relief from the hell down below, with its screaming children, and fire heated atmosphere. And before she knew it, she was before the remnants of the castle. It had been reduced to little more than ash. Tears slid unnoticed down her cinder smudged cheeks from blank eyes. Her face like no more than a porcelain doll's: empty, lifeless. The wind swept by carrying with it, the last bits of her home, the scent of burning flesh, and the childlike sound of her own voice.

            "T-T-Tou-san…?" Her voice quivered softly. The last of the ash was blown away from the site, and with that, Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune of Seryuun let out an earth shattering scream, one that would make a grown man cry from the shear anger and sorrow of it.


            And with that, the princess gave a scream, sitting strait up in bed, cold sweat pouring from her face.

            "A… Dream…?

A/N: Yeah yeah…. That's right. A dream… OoooOOoo! Premonitions!! Scary!  I know it was pretty lame.. Can you say corniness to the max? In either case, tell me what you think. I need to know if I should continue this hopeless fic or drop it dead where it is. I dunno. YOU tell ME.. ^__^;; R&R please?

~Fire (The great!)