Chapter21: Twins in the womb

"I like to hang out with babes and-"

"Really? That's your hobby? Don't you have a life? I can't believe I have to waste time with you." Jen scoffed. Adonis raised his eyebrows, feeling threatened.

"Here I am, trying to tell you about my life, and you're sitting here getting all bitchy." Adonis snapped, looking at disgust towards her. Jen rolled her eyes as her lips tightened.

"News flash: This isn't the Breakfast Club, you loser." Jen sneered. Adonis opened his mouth to retort back when we heard clamping along the cold, tile floor. We looked up to see Miss Henson, looking down at us with a frown, as if we were a band of four year olds trying to steal cookies.

"What's the problem guys? I did this so we can make friends!" Miss Henson complained, looking at us with sad eyes.

"The problem is that this stupid bitch over here thinks she's fucking hilarious! I'm just trying to cooperate!"Adonis spat, glaring at Jen who gave him the finger. Miss Henson gasped and scowled at the two teenagers. I just sat behind them, watching the scene like it was BGC All Stars.

"I will not tolerate potty mouths in my class. GARFIELD!" Miss Henson said sharply, glaring at Adonis. Garfield dutifully appeared next to Miss Henson, looking at her with a curious expression. "You and Adonis switch groups." Miss Henson ordered. Garfield shuffled by and sat next to me, raising his eyebrows. Adonis muttered something incoherent as he stomped over to Roy and Jade, leaving Jen to snicker.

"I don't want to have to come over here again," Miss Henson warned before walking back to her desk. Garfield immediately faced me with an expectant look.

"The bastard won't listen." Jen butted in, answering before I could speak. Garfield huffed.

A few minutes of filling out our papers, Miss Henson cleared her throat. She was standing in the center of the small room.

"I've planned a mini field trip. Perhaps, this weekend, we can all sleepover at my house and get to know one another. I have permission slips for parents to sign, you have to bring them back by the end of this week." She distributed the papers to each of us, giving a warm smile.

"Well, you should all pack your bags, the bell's about to ring." She said, nodding towards the digital clock hanging above the door.

I smiled to myself as I slid into the window seat, glad I waited to go last. Jen took the other window, Jade lay in the far back behind us, asleep, and Roy took the shotgun. Adonis was going to follow us in his own car. Speaking of owning your own car...

"Why aren't you riding in your own car?" I nudged Garfield, who was personally posses off at being in the middle.

"So I can waste MY gas? That crap is expensive. No thank you." Garfield scoffed, matter-of-factly. I wonder why Adonis would waste his gas, too."Probably to listen to some of his porn CD'S in piece." He read my mind, and shrugged casually. Jen removed her earphones and pushed Garfield gently, glaring at him.

"You killed it- you killed my song." Jen sneered, narrowing her eyes.

"No, I murdered it." Garfield retorted back.

"I ate my twin in the womb. That is why I have a better immune system- because I have extra back-up guts from eating my twin. " Jade, who struck me as asleep until now, commented. We were quiet enough to whereas we could hear her small, hushed voice. Jen adopted a look like she had just seen a rabid human eat a band of cute tiny puppies.

"Umm, okay? " I said, frowning.

"That's adorable." Garfield said in which sounded sincere, even though it was obviously sarcasm. Jade didn't say anything back. Jen rested her head back onto the window. She plugged in her earphones, listening to her own music silently. We were on our way to Miss Hensons home, where we will be staying for the weekend.

Garfield purposely leaned on me the whole time, pretending to be asleep.

I let him.

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