Chapter 27: The Second Date

Kori couldn't stop smiling at me. She wouldn't stop. I had told her about the date Garfield and I had yesterday, and now she won't stop smiling. The only time she stopped smiling is when we were talking about the play. She said while it was pretty funny, she wanted to die. Agnus, who apparently was the good witch, is not coming back to school for a week because she is so embarrassed. But when I told her Garfield ad asked me out for a second date, it seemed she forgot about the play. "Have you kissed yet? Do you want to kiss him? Does he want to kiss you? What are you doing on the second date? Is he your boyfriend now?" And many other questions that explode from Kori's mouth. It's so awkward now. I probably shouldn't have told her the date was tomorrow, because now she wants to style me up as if I were her favorite barbie doll.

School ran at it's normal pace that day, and eventually me and Garfield's date rolled around. It wasn't formal again(Thank god),and Garfield actually told me he had plans for the date when I hopped into his car. I glanced at my house. Melvin was in her room, looking throughout her window, grinning down at me. Garfield must've seen this, he opened his door an stood outside.

"Hey Melvin," He greeted, waving to her.

"Hey, Garfield," she replied, doing the same thing. "When will you be back?" She asked.

"I don't know. Maybe around... early in the morning. That's for sure." Melvin didn't reply back, but instead eyed Garfield and looked back at me questioningly. I shrugged my shoulders. After a moment of gazing at Garfield suspiciously she nodded, as if giving Garfield permission to take me out.

"Just protect yourselves, we wouldn't want any surprising news." Melvin said, closing her window and shutting her curtains. I'm not going to think about what I just heard. Garfield slid back into the car, grinning.

"Your sister is fun to mess with, though we will be back in the early morning." He admitted.

"Doing what?"

"I'm pretty sure we'll be doing something you like." What's that supposed to mean? As he started his car, he faced me with a grin on his face.

"Let's goooooo to San Franciscooooo." He rhymed. San Francisco wasn't far from Jump City- about thirty minutes away. I was mostly like a little kid during the whole ride. I found myself looking out the window a lot, fascinated with the scenes, even if most of it was just a couple of green islands surrounded by the pacific ocean. Garfield and I made small talk along the way, listening to his car radio. Once we arrived, we had a small debate about where to park, since it was so crowded. We ended parking over the sewer, which smelled like shit, if you asked me. Garfield kept snapping pictures of everything.

"Why is it that every time I come to San Francisco, it's always so cold? "

"Do you want my jacket, Rae-Rae?"

"No, because then you'll be cold."

"I'll be fine, I insist. What kind of man let's their girl be cold while they are all snuggled up and warm?" Before I could argue, he wrapped his jacket around my shoulders, then zipped it up. It was up to my nose.

"Like it? It's fur. Fake fur, but fur. It's fur on the inside and leather on the outside. Comfy?"

I nodded and gave him a small smile. "Thanks, Garfield."

"No problem. It's better than listening to you complain about being cold." He muttered that last part. I smacked him in the arm. He chuckled and lightly pushed me back. San Francisco was nice to look at, Garfield couldn't stop taking pictures. He took pictures of the metal man that was doing robot dances for money after giving him twenty dollars. He took a picture of our meals when we stopped at this chinese restaurant for dinner. He stopped and took a picture of that Ripley's guy 'Believe it or not' show. He bought me all kinds of chocolates af the chocolate factory. He bought both of us a couple souvenirs, though we've been here plenty of times in our life, considering the fact we're next door to San Francisco. He was like a little kid who had one million dollars.

He took a couple of pictures of me while we were walking along the street. "Why are you taking pictures of me? I'm just walking. " I asked. He smiled over the camera.

"You have beautiful eyes." He said bluntly, then went back to taking pictures. I tried to hide my blush, but let's be real. Who wouldn't be slightly flattered? I stopped in my tracks and looked at him. He looked over his camera again at me.

"Don't tell me no one's ever told you that you have beautiful eyes. That's bullshit. Your eyes are like violet. Who has violet eyes?"

"My eyes, aren't violet. They are deep blue."

"They look violet, so it should be violet. Either way, I'm slightly jealous."

"Jealous of what ? My eyes?"

"Yes. They are pretty. You have pretty eyes." I couldn't help but to smile at him. He led me to Fisherman's wharf.

"How would you like it if I were to take you to Alcatraz?" He asked. I said it would be cool to go, considering all the mysteries inside of it

"What if I told you I got tickets to the night tour?"

"Did you?"


"Then let's go." I smirked at him, and pulled him towards the upcoming ferry. The ride on the ferry was weird. I've never been on a boat like this. I peered over to look at the water. It doesn't look like the blue water I thought it would be. Garfield snaps some pictures as we near Alcatraz. My questions about this prison rises. People around us got excited, and eventually their voices are louder than the intercom, so our guide has to speak louder so we can hear, and hopefully catch the drift to shut up and let her do her job. Alcatraz has a pretty garden. Did they make the prisoners take care of their garden, or did they add it in to make it look a little more welcoming when they shut the prison down. I wonder why the prison was shut down. I understand that our tour guide has the answer to all these questions, but I am caught up in the scenery to pay attention to her.

She tells us about the history. How it started, how it became famous, and supposedly haunted. It's dark outside. Maybe about nine thirty. We walk into the prison. I'm looking around, me and Garfield trade knowing smiles, as if we know what we're in for. After looking around and following Pixie(Our touring guide's name) we finally got to the cell part of the night tour. We all slipped into a cell while Pixie spoke. She even locked the doors. I tried to see if I could slip through the bars. I couldn't. Garfield was in the cell with me, taking pictures. I examined the toilet. I wish I hadn't.

Two cells down one of the children on the night tour is shaking the barred door of their cell and growling and screaming like a mad woman, I guess those children are just trying to become their inner criminal. Garfield laid down on the cell bed and looked at me.

"This is good to straighten your back. " I gave a light chuckle. "Come over here Raven." He motioned. I came over and sat down next to him. He pulled out his phone and hugged me, smiled into the camera, and took a picture. I rolled my eyes.

"I want one with you smiling." He said. He raised the camera. It focused on us. "Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese." I smiled, Garfield grinned into the camera and snapped a picture. After the picture he was still looking into the camera. He wanted another one. He was smiling. I kissed his cheek. He snapped the picture, then proceeded to grin like an idiot.

I looked around.

The screaming children weren't heard, because they weren't there anymore. We got left behind in a locked cell. Just great.

"Garfield, get up." I shook him. He was laying on the bed again with his eyes closed.

"Hmm?" He mumbled as he dragged himself over to the cell door. He tried to open it. It didn't open. He was shaking it. It still didn't open. He turned to me with a shy smile on his face.

"I'm pretty sure they'll come back. " He reassured me, though I had a hard time believing it. We waited and waited, till I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the door and screamed for help. I kept screaming, but all I heard was Garfield mumbling something, and my echoes.

"What time is it?"

"It's..." His eyes seemed like they were going to bulge out of his skull. "It's eleven forty-two...Oh crap." He mutters. He visibly paled. I dared to ask, though I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer. I raised an eyebrow and sat next to him on the so called bed, trying to peer at what was he looking at over his phone. But he was pressing buttons quite fast.

"Umm, the tour may or may not be over by now, so.." Speak of the devil. Right after he said that, all the lights in the prison shut off, and now it was completely dark. The only lights we could see was on Garfield's phone. It seemed to get colder. I scooted further into Garfield.

"Shit." Yes, Shit seemed like an appropriate word for the situation we have found ourselves in. I pulled out my phone. I couldn't call my parents, for obvious reasons. Melvin might be up, considering it was Friday, and she usually, during school nights, I know she falls asleep at around eleven thirty, her 'cut off time.' I clicked on Melvin's caller ID. Garfield was looking at me. Figures. His friend's must be sleeping. Victor is an athlete, so he might have a game tomorrow. Richard, well, everyone knows no matter how "Bad-boy" he looks, that he is still a major nerd on the inside, and tends to take his school work and career seriously.

Melvin doesn't answer the phone. I should have known anyways. Melvin is not on her phone a lot like other girls. If anything, she's always on her tablet. If her tablet was unavailable for whatever reason, then she would use her phone, other-wise, she calls playing on the phone is boring, and she doesn't see how girls her age can play on it for five hours straight. I try Kori. Though she is not a late sleeper, the phone might wake her up. She is a light sleeper. I call her.

"Hello?" She drawls out, she sounds tired. I woke her up.

"Hey Kori." I say.

"Whaat are you doing?" She emphasizes the 'a' in 'What'. I look over to Garfield. He looks disappointed, kind of ashamed.

"Nothing." I say, and hang up. He raises his head to me. I give him a small smile. "It's okay. I'm sure there is a way out." I guess he doesn't know what to say. Thank you or No, it is all my fault? I would feel the same way if I were him.

"Maybe we can get out of here." He stood up and walked towards the door, and slipped out through the bars with ease. Now he was standing outside the cell. I sure wish I had known earlier. I was just gawking at him now. "Be right back." He said, then ran down the hall. I was now sitting next to the cell door on my knees, trying to see him, hearing him run down the hall. Then it was quiet.

After a few minutes of waiting, he finally came back. With keys.

"I rummaged through some offices and found these. Hold on." He said. I waited as he tried one key at a time. The second to last key worked, and the door open with a creaky moan. He locked the cell door, and smiled at me.

"And hopefully, there is still enough time for the second half of the date." I smiled. Where was he planning to take me next? I hope we don't get trapped somehow this time. I followed him out of the prison. Until we realized we reached another problem.

We are on an island.

We stood there, dumb-founded, and released a huge sigh of frustration. "There has to be a ferry somewhere," Garfield muttered. I hope. I really hope. I looked over to the docks, across from us. San Francisco was lit, but there wasn't a lot of people as before. You could still see groups of people, and a reasonable amount of people still walking along the streets, giggling and laughing. It must've been cold, I could see their breath. This was a huge prison, it would take a while to circle the island alone. So either way, we're fucked. I was frustrated, but I wasn't mad at Garfield. It wasn't his fault. I should have been paying attention to.

But luck was on our side, thank god. There was one ferry that was hooked to the side of the island, luckily we didn't have to walk that far. We got inside the ferry and started it up. Garfield insisted that he drive, so I just sat back as he drove the ferry full speed towards the docks. When we came near the dock, he slowed down, but that didn't stop the ferry from crashing into it. We ran as fast as we could out of there, giggling to ourselves. Now we were back on the streets. As I told you before, there wasn't a lot of people.

We pulled up to what I'm guessing was the second part of our date. A roller-skating place. It was a nice change considering to what we've just been through. Garfield rented roller blades for the both of us, and after we paid our admission fee, we finally entered the rolling rink. It was filled with teens. Garfield brought me over at the Cosmic night special. So guess what? The roller rink floor was fogged with a fog machine, there were lights, it was dark, a disco ball, and the latest music blaring out of the speakers. It was kind of cool. Garfield stepped onto the rink and held out his hand. I grabbed it and stepped onto the rink also.

Garfield skates rough. I swear to god, I was practically flying around the rink. Does he think we're playing derby? I tried to keep up as he jetted off, skating past teens, making some trip up and almost fall. I almost fell a couple of times, especially when we rounded the corners. While it was kind of fun, it was kind of scary.

I forced my legs to move quicker to catch up with Garfield, even using his arm to get closer by pulling him towards me. He just kept skating with ease. I eventually wrapped my arms around his neck, and now I was close enough to tell him to slow down. "Garfield, slow down, You're going to fast." I hissed into his ear. I heard a chuckle, despite the music. He stopped. I continued to hang onto him.

"Do you want to continue now?"


He started skating really slow. I got off of him and just followed by taking hold of his hand. I fell. I fell on my side. I must have slipped on somethng. I was buried beneath the fog, thanks to the fog machine, so I couldn't see clearly. Through the fog, I see a pair rollerblades roll right up to my nose, and hand dips into the fog, outstretched, inviting me. I grab it, the hand hoists ne back up to the surface.

"You're a bad skater, Raven."

"What gave me away?" I snap back. I thank Garfield for saving me from being rolled over by a group of teenagers.

Our date was fun.

We now pull up to my house. While at the skating ring, Garfield had taught me a few tricks, bought me pizza so I don't go home hungry, and told me to keep his jacket. (Which honestly, I don't mind doing.) He drops me off the same way as last time. Walks me to my doorstep, I thank him, he's blushing for whatever reason, he asks me out again, I say yes, we stand there smiling at each other.


"Goodnight, Garfield." Yet neither of us move. I lean in slowly. He leans in slowly. My stomach turns into Svetlana. And Butterflies, I think. Before I know it, our lips press against each other. A shudder makes it's way up my spine. He's kissing me as if his life depends on it. I don't mind, because I am kissing back. It feels good. Garfield is a great kisser! Eventually we pull back because we need to catch our breath. We are both grinning like idiots, and blushing like one too.

"Goodnight, Raven." He says again.

"Goodnight, Garfield." I say. He grins back at me before sliding into his car. I watch him leave and disappear around the street. I open my door and enter my house. I set down my stuff. I check the time on my phone. One thirty A.M.

"Right on time I guess,"

"And you still look suspicious," Another voice joins my one sided conversation a lamp clicks on, and once again it was Melvin, sitting on the recliner.

"You are sweaty, your hair is slightly ruffled, your lips are redder than normal, and you're breathing heavily. Just what exactly did you do with Garfield? You protected yourselves like I told you, I assume," Melvin observed. I rolled my eyes, but my smirk can not peel off of my face.

"We didn't do what you think we did, that's for sure." Melvin chuckled and took a big bite out of her sandwhich.

"Move your butt with grace, Angel. And go to bed." She says, then clicks off the lamp and continues to eat and sip her soda in total darkness and silence. Sometimes Melvin scares me.

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