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Naruto: The Gamer

Chapter 1

Naruto Uzumaki breathed heavily as he stared at the Scroll of Seals. He had done it! He had actually learned a forbidden technique! This meant he could finally graduate and become a world class ninja and then someday he would be Hokage. He was quivering with excitement. He couldn't wait to show Mizuki and Iruka Sensei they would be so proud and Iruka would buy him all the Ramen he could eat. He paused for a moment. If he could learn more than one Jutsu maybe he could jump straight to a jōnin...or at least get more Ramen out of the deal.

He scanned through the scroll. In a few minutes he was frustrated, most of the Jutsu in this thing didn't make any sense to him. That was why he had gone for the Multi-Shadow Clone, at least he could understand what it meant. That was when his eyes saw a part of the scroll that seemed out of place. First, it was not a Jutsu, but a seal with the Leaf symbol at it's center. He could read the kanji beneath.

Uzumaki Seal of Containment: This storage steal contains a unknown power from another world and should only released in extreme situations. Powers and abilities are unknown and should be thoroughly researched before being activated.

Naruto was not sure if he should touch the seal but it did have his name on it and him becoming a ninja was a extreme situation right? Not really listening to the voice in his head that told him to quit while he was ahead, he placed his hand on the seal and channeled some chakra. There was a small puff of smoke and a small crystal appeared on the scroll. He picked it up and scrutinized it. It was a small blue crystal with a strange symbol carved into it that looked kind of like a coin.

"I don't get it what kind of power are you?" he asked aloud. Getting frustrated he pressed his finger into the carving and the sharp edges cut him and a small bit of blood filled the carving. The crystal glowed blue and then shattered into dust.

"Well that was disappointing." he said. He paused when...something appeared in front of his face a few feet away. It looked kind of like a glowing blue sign and on it was written:

Start Game?

Yes or No

The sign just sort of hung there. Game? What kind of game Naruto thought to himself. He thought for just a moment of selecting the no option but he knew he had to find out what this did.

He pressed Yes.

A bright light filled his eyes but he could still read new words appearing.

Ready Player One


There was a surge of power flowing through him and Naruto passed out.


He started to come around when he felt someone shaking him. It took a few moments but he began to open his eyes. He saw Iruka Sensei staring at him with a concerned look on his face. Looking up at him Naruto excitedly sat up with a grin wanting to share his news.

"Iruka Sensei! I did it! I learned a Jutsu from the Scroll. I might have learned two but I'm not sure the other was weird! But it doesn't matter because now I can pass and become a genin and you can be proud of me and we can have lots of ramen right?"

"Naruto what are you taking about? You stole the Scroll of Seals!"

"Yeah I know, it was hard too. But if you steal the Scroll and learn a Jutsu you have to be promoted right?" Iruka grabbed him by the shoulders and Naruto realized something was wrong by the serious look on his face.

"Naruto who told you that?"

Naruto started to respond but was struck silent when he saw glowing signs floating above Iruka's head.

Iruka Umino Lv. 15


To the right of the number fifteen was a circle with the symbol of the Hidden Leaf . The circle glowed a faint green. Below the word Chūnin were two bars, the top green with the letters HP at the end and the bottom blue with the letters MP following.

Iruka was worried for Naruto thinking something from the seal had harmed him or someone had threatened him.

"Naruto who told you to get the scroll?"

"Well that would be me Iruka." Iruka turned to see his fellow teacher standing there with a wicked grin on his face. Naruto was distracted by the same kind of sign glowing above Mizuki's head but this was was glowing a angry red and the symbol of the Leaf had a slash through it like a rogue ninja.

Mizuki Lv. 21


"I had no idea that demon brat would actually manage to pull through. I mean it was really a one in a thousand chance, but he actually got the Scroll! With that I will rise high in his service. I will have power no ninja in this pathetic village could ever dream of!"

"How could you betray the Leaf? We're friends Mizuki you know I could never let you get away with this."

"Friends? With a weakling like you? I only pretended to be your friend because you seemed close to the Hokage, but you couldn't even capitalize on that right! Well Iruka you're going to do something for me, you're going to help me get more power than I could ever dream."

Iruka took up a guarded stance in front of Naruto kunai in his hand. "You won't take the scroll Mizuki, and I won't let you near Naruto."

Mizuki laughed at the sentiment. "Convenient to care about the boy now don't you think? I mean you hate him as much as I do."

"Don't listen to him Naruto!" Iruka shouted. He needn't have worried. Naruto was listening but he found his mind was racing. He felt panicked, worried, angry and most of all scared but at the same time part of himself felt detached and was analyzing the situation. His emotions were a distant thing.

Mizuki used me to try and get the secrets of the scroll. Makes sense now that I think about it. He is obviously trying to get me upset so he can get the scroll from me, plus Iruka Sensei is being distracted by worrying about me instead of focusing on his opponent.

Why he was so calm? He never thought things through like this. It was kind of cool.

"Boy, if you give me the Scroll now I will let you live. Hell, I'll even take you with me."

"What about Iruka Sensei?"

"Sorry but he has to go."

"No deal."

Mizuki laughed. "Protecting your dear Sensei? What a laugh. What if I told you he and the whole damn village was keeping a secret from you?"

"Don't Mizuki it's forbidden!" cried Iruka.

"Like I care anymore, well kid do you want to know the reason you're treated like scum?"

Even with his unnaturally calm state Naruto was curious. "Go ahead."

"You know the Demon Fox that attacked the village twelve years ago? It was sealed within you by the Fourth Hokage. Every day every adult who knows the secret looks at you either wondering if this is the day you go psycho and kill them or blaming you for the loved ones they lost. You want to know the most hilarious thing? Iruka's parents were killed by the Fox."

Naruto looked up at Iruka and saw tears in his eyes. He knew Mizuki was telling the truth...at least about the demon. The calm part of his mind noted that Iruka wasn't looking at him with anger or hatred and Naruto remembered when he first meet Iruka he had been one of the ones you gave him that cold empty stare but something had changed. Iruka cared about him. Everything else could wait. Behind Iruka Mizuki grabbed out several kunai and threw them at his former comrade. Naruto pushed Iruka to the ground and raced into the woods with the scroll hoping that Mizuki would follow. After a moment he realized his plan had failed and Mizuki must have stayed behind to finish off his Sensei before following coming after him and the Scroll.

Naruto had been focused on the battle instead of where he was going and was worried he could not circle around in time. That was when noticed there were still more signs in his view. They seemed to be opaque until he focused on them. One was similar to the signs he had seen above the two Chūnin.

Naruto Uzumaki Lv. 1

Academy Student

The same green and blue bars were beneath his name. The sign was in the upper left field of his vision. In the upper right was a small glowing circular map than he was relatively sure followed his movements. To the east were two glowing targets. One red and one green. The same colors that Iruka and Mizuki's signs had been, it would follow if the map was accurate that the green marker was Iruka. He quickly and quietly headed back toward his Sensei.

The fight had not gone well for Iruka who was bleeding from multiple wounds and was pinned to a wall by a giant shuriken. Mizuki was taunting him and he readied a kunai.

"So all that work and I will still kill you and then hunt down the brat. Was the scroll really that important?"

"I...didn't...fight for the Scroll."

"What? You mean you actually care about that demon?"

"He's not a Demon. He's Naruto Uzumaki of the Hidden Leaf. He's my student. And he's more of a ninja than you'll ever be."

"We'll see how much of ninja he is when I gut him. I'll compare him to you."

Naruto's mind raced. His duty was to the Scroll. He should get it back to the village. That's what Iruka would tell him to do after all. But he couldn't leave him here to die. Mizuki was way stronger than he was though. He should try to get help.

Screw it.

He wanted to try this new Jutsu out anyway.

Mizuki closed in on Iruka.

"If you touch my Sensei again, I'll kill you." a voice said from behind him. Mizuki turned to see Naruto standing there defiantly displaying the Scroll of Seals.

"Well kid I guess some people are just born suckers. I'd be more than happy to kill you if you like."

"The only one who is going to die today is you traitor!" Naruto said as he brought his hands together and shouted. "Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto channeled as much chakra as he could into the technique knowing he only had one chance at this. He noticed the blue bar under his name was nearly emptied. The blue bar means chakra? He thought as a massive cloud of smoke surrounded the trio. When it cleared hundreds of Narutos surrounded Mizuki.

"How?" he stammered.

"You told me to learn a Jutsu remember?" Naruto taunted and as one the entire legion attacked the rogue ninja. As his brothers battled Naruto with the scroll secured to his back headed toward his Sensei.


"Just hold on Iruka Sensei."

"I'm sorry Naruto, I should have been there for you more."

"It's cool Sensei you can make it up to me in ramen later."

Iruka started to respond and then grimaced in pain. He looked up at Naruto and then his eyes went wide in horror as he looked over his shoulder. Naruto turned and saw a severely beaten, but still standing, Mizuki heading toward him.

The clones were all gone. Above Mizuki's head his green bar was red and blinking. Health thought Naruto. His own chakra was still nearly depleted and he had no weapons that could take Mizuki down. Mizuki began to charge kunai in hand.

Wait. I do have one weapon. He looked down apologetically at Iruka.

"Sorry Sensei." he apologized. Naruto reached down and grabbed the massive shuriken out of Iruka's shoulder. His Sensei screamed and passed out from the pain. Naruto spun and threw the weapon straight at Mizuki.

He was too close to miss.

The weapon impaled the rogue ninja who fell forward pushing the weapon further into his chest. The red blinking bar completely disappeared and it read KO in it's place. Naruto felt a surge of strength and his green and blue bars were completely full. A sign appeared in front of him. A chime sounded.


You have reached level 2!

HP and MP restored!

The first screen faded only to be replaced with a another.

Return the Sacred Scroll!:You have defeated the traitor Mizuki, take back the Sacred Scroll to the Hokage to make up for your actions.

Nothing seemed to happen. Only a few minutes later ANBU appeared, the Third had already informed them of his innocence and patched Iruka up enough to get him to the hospital. Naruto was told to carry the scroll to the Hokage. Naruto related the events and the Hokage just listened. Finally he was done and he waited but the Hokage just stared at him smoking his pipe.

"Naruto your actions put the entire Leaf at risk. If Mizuki had gotten away with the Scroll our enemies would have gotten it's secrets and the used them against us."

"I'm sorry Jiji I didn't want anything like that to happen."

"I know my boy, but you still leave me no choice as to my actions now."

Naruto hung his head and waited his punishment.

"Congratulations Naruto. You pass." Naruto's head popped up in surprise. Sarutobi just smiled and continued.

"We all were deceived by Mizuki Naruto and you had every reason to believe your teacher. You showed yourself a true Shinobi when you discovered the truth and refused to run away. I'm proud of you Naruto." Naruto was overcome with joy and hugged the Hokage who patted him on the back. They talked for a time and the Hokage told him graduation and team assignments would be held off for two weeks while the Academy was investigated to see if Mizuki had any fellow spies. The Hokage awarded him the pay for an A rank mission and Naruto headed home the scroll returned; tomorrow he would visit his Sensei and decide how he would spend his money. As he entered his apartment another chime sounded and another sign appeared in front of him.

Return the Sacred Scroll! (Completed): You have returned the Sacred Scroll to the Hokage who has now acknowledged you as worthy of being a ninja! Reward: Genin rank and pay for A-Rank mission.

New Quest: Graduation Day!: Now that you will graduate with your class take this time to learn about your new abilities and maximize your skills!

Naruto realized he had a lot more to do than he thought.

Author Note: One of the big questions about this chapter was why Naruto only went up one level. The reason is the game mechanics of his power. Naruto was entering a battle between two other combatants, Iruka would have gotten the majority of exp for that fight (if he had the power) while Naruto got a small exp for jumping in. That was enough to get him a level. As for how he could defeat Mizuki in the first place? Mizuki underestimated the amount of Naruto clones and basically was taken down by a gray level one mob. Mizuki is in no way a competent ninja and paid the price.