The battle went on.

Sirius fell through the veil
Rose was on the other side of the wall.

Silence, but they were there just a second go, a smile on their lips, it couldn't be-
They were

just beyond the veil
on the other side of the wall

they were alive and they would re-emerge laughing and shaking their hair

stepping out from under the arch
pressing a yellow button on a necklace

and they would laugh and they'd apologise for scaring him and they'd say


that they weren't gone, they didn't leave
because he needed to say goodbye, he hadn't said it, he hadn't said

Sirius, you were there, you were more than a godfather you were the only family I had Sirius-
Rose Tyler, I-

But he had turned time before, he was

a wizard
a time lord

and so he did what he could do.
He took the


And he fell back into the past, just observing, over and over, just to see their face again.
He could never interact, but he would stand a little distance away, and watch them laugh in the past.