Author's Note: It's time for Jim, Sulu, and Uhura. The beginning of this scene takes us back just a little before the end of Chapter 3 but soon catches up. We're headed towards some craziness (but nothing totally ridiculous, mind you)! Hope you enjoy what's next!

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"You have returned to us, Man of the Sky."

"Greetings, King Gri'eone." As Uhura translated, Sulu warily eyed the two dozen guards surrounding the king, noting the odds tipped largely in the sea creatures' favor. They were a peaceful race but the nine inch nails and eight foot long tails were a bit intimidating.

"As unexpected is your visit, we are pleased to welcome you back. I can see something weighs on your mind. Please, tell me what is your concern?"

"We appeal to your mercy." Kirk bowed in respect. "One of our own requires your help. The one who helped your daughter."

"Ah, the healer." The creature's eyes glowed with happiness as if he remembered McCoy's administrations to those ill within his kingdom. "He made my daughter well. Rise, Man of the Sky."

"Yes, the healer." Kirk obeyed, straightening to his full height. He waved his hand towards the great expanse water before them all. "He mistakenly drank of your magnificent sea and has reaped the unfortunate consequences."

"Ah. He has become the transformation and you wish to return him to his previous state." The creature's eyes peered curiously at Kirk. "To what depths would you search, Man of the Sky?"

"He is my friend. I will do what I must to return his health to him. I understand that which you are asking me to do."

King Gri'eone smiled at Kirk's confidence. Sulu braced himself for the king's reply and prayed that the captain would not drag him into "the depths." Uhura gave him a sideways glance, her expression telling Sulu all that he needed to know..

Sulu suppressed a groan. He should've known. Once again, their captain was about to do something dangerous and most likely detrimental to his own health.

Spock had asked Sulu to stay with the captain if at all possible.

Some days, he really wished he'd chosen a desk job.

"Follow me, Man of the Sky. Leave your friends behind," the creature commanded. "Where you must go, they must not follow."

That was even worse. He had to follow the captain.

Kirk turned around. "Sulu. Uhura. You're to remain on the beach. I'll go alone."

With that command, Kirk slipped on the diving gear. Uhura spoke more with the king while Sulu assisted the captain and heard only snippets of the conversation. A few of those bits and pieces alarmed Sulu but one sharp glance from Kirk shut down any questions he wanted to raise.

"Trust me, Sulu," Kirk's eyes flashed that he meant business. Sulu swallowed back any protest fueled by Spock's request. "I'll be fine. And keep Uhura on the beach, no matter how much she complains."

"Aye, sir."

"One more thing," Kirk frowned. "Give Chekov a break, will you? He looks up to you."

"Sir, I-"

"Do you really think Sarah is going to go through with this date?" Kirk raised an eyebrow and pulled his mask over his head, now fully equipped. He followed the king and his guards to the water's edge. Both feet now dashed by crystal waves, Kirk looked back, waved a hand, and called out. "She's doing this just to make you jealous. By the way, Sulu, you sent her a single rose and a comm to Chekov to come by and hang out tonight if he has time."

"Wait. Cap-" Before Sulu could say another word, the captain gracefully entered the sea. Sulu had never been one to give flowers and he didn't want to start now, really. But if Kirk was right- and the captain usually was- Chekov would, indeed, have time tonight to stop by.

"He's right you know. She is doing this out of spite." Uhura offered.

"Where does he have to go?" Sulu ignored her comment. The gear functioned only to the depth of the underwater city, where the environment was stable. This could be bad.

Uhura sighed. "Beneath their kingdom."

Sulu was wrong. This wasn't bad. It was disastrous.

Carol was going to kill him.

As soon as he stepped foot on the Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk was going to die by the hand of his own wife- if Spock didn't get to him first.

Jim could see the headlines now. They were frightening things to read. Jim had no idea how the hell he was going to hide this from Carol until Bones found a solution to his predicament, but he would damn sure try.

At any rate, Bones would forever blame himself. Spock and Uhura's relationship would most likely be torn asunder, Spock racked with guilt that he didn't push to accompany Jim as he usually would. Sulu may be the only one who benefitted from Jim's plan.

Jim saw the headline, plain as day- the words "Reckless Captain" showing up somewhere- but he didn't want to.

He shook the image from his head and determinedly swam towards the seaweed covered, hidden entrance of the underwater city. After four hours of searching dangerous, infested waters of the deep, the cure was in his hand- a strange shell with almost one hundred soft, iridescent pearls inside. Jim had been told they only needed one of these unusually soft pearls to concoct the cure for the both of them, but Jim wasn't going to take any chances that Bones was going to remain forever a half-fish or fish man or ...

Like he was one to talk. Jim sighed. There was not a single thing he could do about it now.

Today, he was going to die by the hand of his very own wife, a madwoman already wrought with a thousand emotions and who'd had enough with his recklessness and self-sacrificing. It'd been worth it: he found the cure.

Anyways, Bones would fix this. He always had before. That is, if he got to Jim before Carol did.

Today, Jim triumphed once again over a no-win scenario.

Yes, today was the day...

The day that Jim had gone a bit too far.