It couldn't have started worse, in his opinion, as he looked back on the choices he had made the past three years. He had only been saying what he had been taught to say, treating people the way he had been raised to treat them. He tried so hard to impress everyone, to make people think that he didn't care. He tried, oh so hard, to make people believe that it didn't matter to him, that it didn't hurt. It did hurt, though. It hurt a lot. He had tried, albeit atrociously, to extend a hand of friendship. Maybe he had gone about it the wrong way. Could it be possible he had said the wrong things? What did it matter now anyway? He didn't have anyone like Harry Potter did. He didn't have true friends or people that truly cared for him for him and not because of who his family was.

He tossed a pebble angrily into the Great Lake, wondering what was hidden in its murky depths. He had heard stories but didn't know which were true. He sat there, contemplating, wondering. He didn't care anymore. There wasn't a single person at Hogwarts that cared for him and what did he have at home? An overbearing mother and an abusive father. Sure he spoke of his father often but only because it seemed to make people like him. If only people knew what he was really like. They thought life at the Malfoy Manor was pleasant when it was the exact opposite. They would never know what it was really like. He wouldn't allow it.

He pulled the knife out from under his robes and sighed. He knew it was what he had to do. After all, who would miss him when he was gone? Who would care if he, Draco Malfoy, ceased to exist. He twirled the knife in his fingers. He knew it would probably hurt but that pain would at least be bearable.

"What's the point, anymore? Nobody really loves me for me. Not like they do Potter," Draco groaned.

He lifted the knife and brought it down. Surprisingly enough his hand stopped but not because of him. Draco opened his eyes and saw Harry Potter standing there, holding his hand, preventing him from escaping the pain.

"What are you doing, Potter?" Draco sneered.

Harry didn't say a word, merely sitting down next to his arch enemy. He picked up a rock and tossed it across the Lake, watching it skip across the water, ripples forming. He was trying to figure out what to say. He had no idea what to say to the young Slytherin.

"Growing up with the Dursley's, " Harry began, "was hell. I was beaten constantly by my uncle and cousin, starved, and made to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs."

Draco looked at him incredulously. Harry Potter had grow up in an abusive household? There was no possible way.

"I felt the same way. Like nobody cared. Until I came here that is. Hogwarts changed my life because I chose to let it. If I had just kept up with my grudges I wouldn't be where I am today. Or have the friends I have. Everything that has happened, Draco, is in the past. I'm willing, with apologies, to give you a second chance. I can't promise you anything. I can promise you though that I will try. Let me talk to Hermione. Ron will take a bit of convincing to forgive you."

Draco frowned. After all he had done, after all he had said, Harry Potter was willing to forgive him. Maybe that alone proved who was the better of the two. Draco looked up at Harry.

"I'm sorry for everything. I'm not going to make up excuses or blame anyone else. What I did and what I said was my own choice. Nobody made me say or do any of those things. They were wrong and for that I apologize."

Harry smiled and took Draco's hand pulling him up. "I forgive you. Now let's go inside."

The two new found friends walked side by side into the castle, ignoring the stunned looks from the other students at Hogwarts.