Untold Harry and Voldemort

what if Voldemort found out Harry was a Horcux while they were fighting in the graveyard

chapter 1

Harry could not believe the mess he was in right now. He never thought after Voldemort's rebirth

he would end up getting kidnapped by the man. But that wasn't what confused him, not really. He had expected the Dark Lord to lock him in a dungeon, but instead he was in a bedroom. Nagini, Voldemort's snake, was keeping an eye on him.

He rolled over on to his side to see the snake curled up on the floor.

"Master is coming this way I think you need to make your self presentable." she said in parsel tongue.

"Leave me alone, stupid snake." Harry said turning over to his other side, just as the door opened. Voldemort approached Harry.

"So how has watching him been, Nagini?" asked Voldemort.

"He's not very nice." she answered.

"I will take are of it, you may go." The snake left the room. Voldemort then turned to Harry.

"You really should try to treat Nagini better. You're going to be here a while." At this Harry sat up

"Why, what do you want other then to kill me, which you have been trying to do since I was one." Voldemort then took hold of the back of Harry's neck.

"That will be quite enough of that now. Yes, I could have killed you, yes, I could have locked you away somewhere you would never know what the sun felt like. But I chose to let you live for a reason."

"What I want to know is why." repeated Harry.

"Sit down and I will tell you," said Voldemort.

"Do you know what horcruxes are?" asked the Dark Lord.

Harry didn't understand what Voldemort was talking about.

"No, I don't know what you mean." said Harry

"Well, then you will want to listen. Horcuxes are a form of dark magic a person can use to divide the soul. You put the parts into in a case to keep them safe, these parts of the soul are called Horcruxes. I meant to make six, but in the night I tried to kill you for the first time, another one was made and now it rests inside you. That's why you have the scar." Harry found himself speechless.

"No, I don't beleave this, you are lying to me." He said. Voldemort had to laugh.

"This time, I'm afraid that I'm not Dumbledore." Harry found his hands turning into fists, he wanted to attack Voldemort, but decided against it.

"I would advise you not to attack me. We will talk more about this later, for now I think its time for dinner."