For Joseph


A man of religion who knew just one thing
Odd, and strict, and much like a stick
Stuck in mud, in a familiar string.

If he were a bell, he'd have a dull ring,
Though Scottish he is, accent quite thick,
A man of religion who knew just one thing.

His voice must have never been meant to sing;
Used up for scriptures, waxy like a wick
Stuck in mud, in a familiar string.

Perhaps he felt fit to be named after a king,
King James, that is, his tome heavy and thick;
A man of religion who knew just one thing.

He must be wise, a knowledgeable sling.
Dedicated and old, though he'd never admit,
Stuck in mud, in a familiar string.

I'm quite sure it had to sting,
When Joseph slid and fell on ice slick.
A man of religion who knew just one thing,
Stuck in mud, in a familiar string.

I feel dreadful! I write so much fanfiction for so many fandoms, and the only things I've managed to paste up are two poems about a book I didn't really like (or really read, for that matter), and a marching band ficlet in the span of a year and a half. For having wanted a fanfiction account so badly before, I'm horrible at managing one! Dx

Anyway, this second upload to this site that I've made is a poetry assignment my AP English class was given to last week. We had to use our "imaginations" and write a poem for her about the book we're currently studying (Wuthering Heights, and if you'd like to be perfectly honest, I and about half of my class are still in the first chapter that we read together as opposed to the sixteenth chapter she expects us to be on, haha). We had to choose between a sonnet, a villanelle, and some other one we didn't even study but she suggested anyway. I hate studying poetry... but I dislike villanelles the least, so I wrote two in that style. This is the first one that I did in just ten minutes. After reading over it, though, I didn't like it at all, so being the butt-kisser that I am, I wrote another one which took two hours and is titled "Revenge" (it's on here too, somewhere).

Ironically, my teacher loved this first one the most out of the two I submitted. Oh well. It was the most fun I ever had during a poetry or Wuthering Heights assignment, so it was worth it. And why not post it here just to let people know I'm still alive?

Also, I'm rather curious as to how many others had to write poems over books they have in English class (or Wuthering Heights, as well!), and how many others are supposed to be reading a book and completing study guides over it for homework, but just skip the book altogether and copy answers from other classmates? XD

Thanks for reading!