A delicacy, decadent, rich with decay,
A game all of mankind must taste.
Yet never fear, there are far worse to play.

Oh Catherine, so vain, the sweet treats' delay,
One side pearl, one side swine, bonded with paste,
A delicacy, decadent, rich with decay.

Dear Heathcliff, so vengeful and cruel, one who saves
Helpless little Haretons to use later with haste.
Yet never fear, there are far worse to play.

Edgar, tender, takes Love away,
Leads her astray, breaks a heart, aim misplaced;
A delicacy, decadent, rich with decay.

And Catherine, a puppeteer, pulls strings to sway,
Tugs heartstrings, sheds tears, manipulates.
Yet never fear, there are far worse to play.

Heathcliff hates, swears revenge 'til all give way.
He shall have vengeance, their lives to lay waste.
A delicacy, decadent, rich with decay.
Yet never fear, there are far worse to play.

It's terrible that my third (and second) submissions here have to be poems poorly written about a book that I didn't really like (or really read, if I'm to be truly honest, haha). I write gobs and gobs of fanfiction for so many fandoms, but they're all incomplete little snippets that I have no idea how to take on and continue, let alone finish :/

Anyway, this is the second out of two villanelles I wrote for an assignment my AP English class was given last weekend. I'm a butt-kisser and I always want to impress my English teacher because it's my favorite subject, so after I wasn't pleased with the first one that I wrote in ten minutes, I spent two hours conjuring this one up about the theme of revenge in the book we're currently studying, Wuthering Heights, staying up until late just to work on this baby.

Ironically, my teacher ended up liking my first poem the best out of the two that I submitted. Oh well. I had the most fun I've ever had in a poetry and Wuthering Heights assignment, and I got an A+ for both poems, so I'm pleased. :)

The other one is a villanelle for the character Joseph. You can go check out what I completed in ten sorta half-hearted minutes and still managed to impress my teacher with. Hehe.

I posted this just for fun and to let people on here know I'm still alive. Also, I'm curious as to how many others had to write poems for a book they're studying in English class (maybe even Wuthering Heights, perhaps!), and how many others are supposed to be reading a book and completing study guides for homework but just skip over the reading and copy off their classmates? XD

Thanks for reading!