Chapter 22

It had been almost a month since the gang had found out about the engagement and things had been remarkable well. Xander and Spike were actually getting along after Xanders drowning incident. Xander was actually asking Spike to go to the bronze for a game of pool before asking Buffy if she wanted to go. Being stuck in a group full of girls isn't always a good thing. Spike was tolerating Xander mainly because he would win money off him when they played pool. The two pretended that there weren't friends but everyone knew that they now were.

Spike and Buffy moved into Joyces room and Dawn gladly took Buffys bigger room over hers. Dawn had already began planning the wedding even though Buffy and Spike had told her they weren't sure on when it was going to be and they weren't in any rush. Dawn had other ideas though. Right now she was running home to tell them about this great place Janice and her found. It would be a great place for an outdoor wedding and Dawn had already stated planning on where the dance area would be and where the guests were going to sit. Now all she had to do was convince Buffy and Spike of this. Dawn ran up the stairs to her house and quietly opened the door. Buffy had been feeling sick lately and been staying in bed a lot sleeping. This meant that Spike was stuck to her like glue. It was really a funny site to watch Spike cater to Buffys every need. Ok he did that before they got together but it was still funny.

Dawn crept up the stairs and opened the door to Buffys new room. Buffy was laying in bed holding her stomach and looking pale.

"Were you up vomiting again" Dawn asked sliding into the bedroom.

"Yes she was Bit" Spike said walking in carrying a wash cloth.

Spike walked over to Buffy and placed it on her head. Buffy quickly took it off.

"Spike I was vomiting I don't have scarlet fever its not like you need to cool me down, I only need that when I am actually being sick not after"

"I was only trying to help and how do we know you don't have scarlet fever you wont go to the doctor to find out what's wrong"

Buffy beckoned Spike to come sit by her.

"I know your trying to help but really I am fine"

"Buffy" Dawn said walking over and sitting on the bed. "Maybe Spikes right, maybe you should see a doctor. Mum didn't think her headaches were anything either, I don't want to lose you either"

Buffy grabbed Dawns hand. "Dawn I am not going anywhere I promise, I am not going to die"

Dawn smiled at her and squeezed her hand.

"Total opposite actually" Buffy mumbled

"What?" Spike asked.

"I didn't say anything," Buffy said realizing her mistake.

"Slayer I may not be a vampire anymore but I can't still hear you and you said something"

Buffy took a deep breath.

"Ok the reason that I am not going to the doctor is that I am not sick"

"Did you just eat something bad then" Dawn asked. Usually food poisoning only lasted a day, didn't it.

Buffy sat up in bed and looked at them.

"Things are going to change dramatically over the next year but I want you to know that I love you both no matter what I do or say. I really need your support with this and I am hoping I get it from you and the rest of the gang"

Spike and Dawn looked at Buffy confused.

"Dawn I don't want you to feel left out with all that's going to happen because you are an important part in my life and I really need you"

"Buffy if you talking about the wedding, then I have it all under control Janice and I found this perfect place you have to come see when you are better"

"No Dawns its not about the wedding, but thank you I really appreciate what you are doing and I would love to see the place. But that's not what I am talking about"

"Would you mind telling us luv, because I don't know about the bit but I am confused"

Buffy pulled both Dawn and Spike into a hug.

"Spike your going to be a real daddy"

Dawn pulled back in shock covering her hand with her mouth. Tears forming in her eyes.

"Really" Dawn asked pulling Buffy into another hug.

Buffy nodded she then looked at Spike who had pulled out of her hug and was looking at her strangely.

"Aren't you happy" Buffy asked Spike a little scared that he wasn't.

"I don't understand," he said. "Am I adopting Dawn or something because I haven't got all my identification yet, angels still working out my history so it seems real"

"That's not it Spike"

Dawn pulled away from Buffy and looked at Spike. "Don't you get it your going to be a father and not mine"

"What?" he asked confused.

"Spike" Buffy said smiling. "I am pregnant"


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