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"England!" called the young nation to his guardian. "Come quickly! I found this prairie while you were gone!" the dirty blonde boy jumped up and down; his excitement getting the best of him.

"I'm coming, I'm coming; hold your horses, America!" said England, who is holding a thick book.

"I don't wanna! I'm sooo happy you're back! Please hurry!"

Chuckling with joy, England walked quite faster, to catch up to the energy filled child. 'I'm so glad I'm back... The other European counties were giving me hell when I was at home...' England thought and sighed sadly. He was glad to be back with his little colony; but he was jealous how the little nation didn't have to deal with the struggles of war, and other problems that he was facing right now...

America rushed up the hill and waited for England to climb up the hill. England huffed quietly when he reached up the hill...

"W-wow..." England gasped out as he looked across the beautiful scenery; golden fields of wheat shining and waving, wild flowers or red, blue, and many other magnificent colors gave the brothers warm welcomes.

"See? What did I tell you! It's awesome isn't it?" cried out the little nation.

"Of course it is! It's amazing!" said England, patting the head of his little colony. "Good job finding this place!"

America giggled with happiness as he rushed down the hill, followed by England.

"England! Can I go play in the fields?" asked America, with a pleading tone.

"Yes you may, but don't get lost!" said England; sitting down at a base of a tree, relaxing with a relived sigh.

As America rushed off and hid in the tall grains of wheat, a tall red headed figure walked over to England, who was relaxing and reading the thick book he brought along.

"Well, well, well... Look w'at we hav' 'ere~" cooed the tall figure; sneering at the blonde man in front of him.

With a terrified gasp, England stood up, dropping the book. "Wh-What are you doing here?!"

The figure snickered. "Well~ I've missed ya~ I was wonder w'ere ya always r'nning off!"

England shuddered and gulped. He had to get America and himself away from the man in front of him.


England spun around to see the little colony, holding colorful wild flowers his two little hands.

"England! Look! I got you flowers!" said America, smiling happily as he ran over to the older nation.

"That's good..." said England, petting America's head as the boy put down the flowers, before continuing to stare at the man

America frowned. He noticed that England wasn't paying attention to him. His little sky blue eyes drifted to where England was staring at. The man snickered.

"S'op yer starin' boy!" The man sneered.

As soon as the man said this, England averted his eyes to the ground, he began to shake. He didn't know why he was shaking, he just was... nervous...

"Hey England?" asked America, hiding behind England. America studied the man in front of them. He wore a dark green suit like England. America gasped when he saw the man's hair color. Red. Blood red. He hated the color red. When England came to his place, we would be covered in bandages soaked in that color and be in tons of pain...

"Yes America..." squeaked out England.

"Who's that?"

"No one of your concern yet, little brat~" said the man.

"Brother, please... don't call him that..." muttered England quietly.

"Now~ Come o'er 'ere and hug me~ It's been quite a w'ile since I saw ye, England~ And I missed ye~" smiled the man.

"Y-Yes sir"

America had never seen England scared. Usually when the other European counties try to come over, England would kick them out... Now, England hesitantly walked over to the man to hug him.

"England!" America cried and tugged on England's shirt, making the Englishman stop in his tracks. "I DON'T LIKE HIM! MAKE HIM GO AWAY!"

"I have no power to do that..." murmured England, who looked so hypnotized by the man's gaze.

"But England..."

England pulled his shirt out of America's small hands and continued to walk towards the man. As the Englishman stopped in front of the figure he whimpered slightly as he wrapped his arms around the man's torso.

The man chuckled loudly and hugged England with gentle means and smiled. England's eyes widen. He expected pain... So much pain that he would pass out from it then the next day find bruising, and cuts all over his body. He didn't expect this... Maybe his older brother actually wanted him for once in his entire life. He wanted this moment to last. He need to make sure it staid like this forever.


"Shhhh~ Be quiet... Let's enjoy t'is moment~" muttered Scotland against England's head.

"ENGLAND! WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?! THIS ISN'T FAIR!" cried America, as he saw the tense from England's body fade away, as the hug tightens between the two men. He began to have a tantrum. England was his! And he wasn't going to share with this man, he just met.

"SHUDDAP BRAT!" yelled England at his little colony, as he released Scotland and glared at the child.

America whimpered. England never yelled at him...

Scotland chuckled. "Now England~ don't be like that! Ya hear?" He said, draping an arm around England's shoulders.


"Now~ with your permission~ Mind if I stay with ya t'o for a month or so?" asked Scotland

"Of course~ you're family!" England said; his face brightens.

America groaned. He didn't want the man to stay. But England looked so happy. He didn't want to take away his happiness, because his greedy needs. America saw the glimmer in England's eyes as Scotland smiled and hugged him again.

'I won't lose to the likes of you!' thought America, glaring at the red haired man. 'England's mine! And I'm gonna win, watch me!'