Months of casting only concealment and protection charms had served to damage Remus Lupin's duelling capabilities. At one time in his life, an earlier and happier time, Remus had been a skilled dueller, one of the best even. Not that he would say it though. But he realised in that single moment where time seemed to inexplicably slow as he ran across the courtyard of Hogwarts that his skills were considerably less that what they had once been.

He saw Antonin Dolohov turn towards him, as if the Death Eater had always known Remus was running in his direction. He saw him mouth, for the sound of hundreds people duelling fiercely around them masked his voice, those two dreaded words Remus had hoped, more than ever in the passing months, that he would never hear.

There was a rushing noise, as if a vast nothing was swooping towards Remus. He was strongly reminded of Dementors and felt a wave of dread suddenly wash over him followed swiftly by relief. Relief. As that flash of green light shot towards him relief was all Remus had.

For sixteen years his life had been agony. He'd lost his closest friends countless times since that Halloween night in Godric's Hollow. He'd lost James, Lily, Sirius and Peter… He'd sunk into a miserable poor life, an outcast and unaccepted by all because of his furry little problem.

But that had all changed four years ago, when the truth that Sirius was innocent had been told and Remus had gained back one of his closest friends and he was no longer the last Marauder…

Remus then, barely a second from death, realised that it had not changed for the better with Sirius's freedom. Yes, he'd loved having his old friend back despite the man being so preoccupied with his Godson's wellbeing for the duo to do very little to make up for the lost years but it was someone else, someone Remus would have never thought to have changed his life so much.


Tonks. Tonks. Tonks. Her name made his soon to be un-beating heart beat wildly. His love for her was all he had. She had changed his life, brought him happiness, she loved him despite him being a werewolf, had wanted a life with him, to marry him, to grow old with him, or as Tonks would say grow old as he grew older…

And Teddy.

His sweet wonderful son. The child he had never thought he'd had, the son he'd feared would be like him but had found himself loving him so utterly and completely the second he'd held the little turquoise haired wonder in his arms. He'd been so surprised by happiness, elated by the arrival of his perfect son that he'd forgotten every bad moment in his existence.

His Mother's death may have never happened, his Father's rejection, Lily and James's death, Sirius's death, Peter's betrayal, Dumbledore's death – it all seemed to belong to someone else as Remus had held his son. His son. As he celebrated with Harry and asked him to be Godfather he felt no pang of sadness at seeing James's face and Lily's eyes, but only pure unbroken happiness. It had only been later that night he'd remembered James doing a similar thing seventeen years earlier with Sirius…

Remus had always been sceptical when people said that before you died, your whole life flashed before your eyes. Remus was right, for it was only the important parts, the memories you wanted to die thinking. And Remus saw them all clearly, he and the Marauders at Hogwarts, happy without the pressure of war affecting them so, James and Lily married, confusedly happy at Harry's birth, and Tonks and Teddy. Tonks and Teddy.

His imperfect yet perfect family who he'd loved with every fibre of his being. He found solace in that final moment, of which time had stretched to allow him brief relief and happiness, that they'd live, that they'd be happy together and imperfectly perfect.

With the dark twinkling sky above him and the hoards upon hoards of fighters surrounding him the rushing sound finally overcame Remus and everything turned black, and everything suddenly became nothing.

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