"Lily." The Potions Master breathed, his voice adopting a tone Fred had never heard before, it was soft and gentle instead of cold and sneering.

Fred glanced at Lily and was startled to see a look of cold fury in her eyes; her wand was gripped tightly in her hand the other balled into a fist. She leapt to her feet suddenly tossing back her mane of red hair.

"Um – Lily?" Fred asked as he slowly stood up.

Lily brandished her wand and pointed it at Snape, "You bastard! You absolute bastard!"

Fred stared at the red haired woman in complete and utter surprise.

"Lily," Dumbledore said calmly, "Perhaps it would be best if we discussed this matter without wands-"

"Will I hell?" Lily growled, her eyes fixed on Snape, "You sold me and James to Voldemort! You told him about that bloody Prophecy! Because of you me and my husband died, our son was left behind parentless! Sirius went to Azkaban!"


"Don't you dare," Lily snapped, several sparks firing off the tip of her wand in her anger, "Don't you dare even try to apologise, to justify what you did to me and my family!"

"I didn't mean to!" Snape suddenly cut in, "I didn't know it was about you-"

"So that makes it better then?" Lily yelled, "Telling Voldemort about the Prophecy because you didn't know it was about me and my family?"

"Lily." Dumbledore said, suddenly adopting a stern voice Fred had heard several times during his time at Hogwarts.

"Don't even get me started on you Albus!" Lily snapped, her emerald eyes flashing in Dumbledore's direction, "Putting Harry with the Dursley's when there were countless other capable people who could have looked after him, who could have protected him just as well with spells and enchantments!"

James and Sirius appeared in the doorway then most likely alerted by Lily's yelling. The pair did not seem the slightest bit surprised by how Lily was stood, with her wand drawn and fixed on Snape.

Snape's black eyes darkened, "Potter." he sneered.

"Don't you dare talk to my husband like that." Lily said in a dangerous voice.

Snape's expression flickered; he looked torn almost slightly pained.

"Lily… I – I-"

"I'll never forgive you for what you did to my family Snape," Lily spat, "Because of what you did my son is a marked man, he has faced dead more times than he should, he may die tonight and you better hope to Merlin he doesn't because if he does then I'll be sure to send you to the after Afterlife."

"Okay," James said loudly through the tense silence that followed Lily's words, "Time to intervene."

"Good idea." Sirius agreed with a nod.

James walked over to his wife; he put a hand on his arm lowering her wand before he took it out of her grip. His hazel eyes met her emerald eyes.

"I'm supposed to be the one who hates him remember? You're ruining my reputation." He told her softly, quiet enough that only his wife and Fred, who was still stood beside her, heard.

Lily's lips twitched slightly, the anger in her eyes fading slightly.

"Please let me curse him."

He smirked, "Perhaps later."

"Just once, I need to get it out of my system before we continue watching!" Lily said.

Fred smirked, "Please do, someone really needs to curse him he cut off George's ear."

Lily's eyes flashed, "He – he cut off your twins ear?"

James shot James a dark look, "Thanks Fred," he said dryly.

Lily suddenly pushed past James and lunged at Snape. Before anyone could react she had punched Snape in the nose, she pulled her fist back to hit the man again when Sirius quickly grabbed her arm pulling it back and restraining her as James quickly moved forward to step in between the pair.

"Lily! Calm down!"

The others had exited the room to see what was going. Gideon and Fabian joined their nephew, standing either side of him.

"How long do you think she's going to hate him for?" Fabian asked in a mild voice.

"An eternity most likely." Gideon replied.

"I'll second that." Fred added.

"Care to bet on it?" Fabian proposed.

Fred smirked, "Gladly, ten Galleons?"

Fabian extended a hand and Fred shook it, "Ten Galleons it is."

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