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Clary placed her paint brush down and looked up at her now finished masterpiece. She had spent all day painting the walls of her new room. Clary's mother had agreed to letting Clary do this since Clary was so reluctant to move. Although painting was never Clary's strong point it did make her room feel more like home.

The 16 year old girl opened up her windows letting cool night air into her stuffy room. New York was definitely a lot colder than Los Angeles, but Jocelyn, Clary's mother, couldn't pass up the opportunity of getting the promotion. Jocelyn works as a director and getting asked to film a big shot movie in Hollywood seemed like a dream come true after years of filming only advertisements.

Clary jumped onto her new bed and sighed. Tomorrow was her first day at her new school and she was not looking forward to it. Everyone was going to judge her and let's face it. Clary was not your average super model.

Clary was short for her age only reaching the height 5'3ft. She was also very skinny and petite, lacking a lot of cleavage. Clary had untameable curly hair that was red. Not orangey red but red. Clary had never ever had a tan which explained her pale skin, add her freckles and clumsy behaviour she could be raggedy ann.

"Clary?" Joeclyn called, entering her room while carrying a tray of food in her hands.

"Over here Mum." Clary replied sitting up. Jocelyn came over and set the tray of food on Clary's lap. It contained a bowl of homemade mac and cheese and a class of peach ice tea.

"I made you some dinner. And I know you are nervous for your first day of school so I thought dinner in bed might help those nerves." Jocelyn explained.

"Thank you mum."

"Don't worry the drink has no alcohol. But if you are still nervous all you have to do is tell those butterflies to leave." Jocelyn carried on.

"Mum..." Clary groaned.

"Oh yes I'll leave now. But seriously you'll be fine at school because you are a smart girl and anyone would be silly not to be your friend." With that Jocelyn left the room.

After dinner Clary snuggled into bed and pulled the covers right up to her chin, taking one last look at the paintings on her wall before falling into a dreamless sleep.

Clary woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. 6:30am. She rolled out of bed and trudged into the shower. After, she got changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a loose grey tank top with a pair of black combat boots.

Once Clary had brushed her curly mop into a low pony tail and applied the little make up she did wear, Clary jumped down the stairs two at a time and entered the kitchen.

On the breakfast table was a note from her mother. Clary read it then tossed it aside while rolling her eyes. Of course her mother had already gone to work and wouldn't be back until 11pm. 'Thankyou new job' Clary thought sarcastically.

"Shit!" Clary exclaimed when she saw the time. 8am. How long did she take getting ready? Clary grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl as she ran to the bus stop at the end of her street.

On the bus she checked if she had any messages from her old friends while she ate her apple. 3 new messages. Clary smiled as she read them, not noticing the tears coming out of her green eyes until there was a tap on her shoulder.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Are you alright? You're crying. Do you need anything." The boy asked. Clary briskly brushed her tears away.

"No I'm fine, I promise." The boy looked at her doubtfully.

"Well I'm Simon Lewis." He stuck his hand out in between the seats. Clary shook his hands.

"Clary Fray," She replied. Simon smiled a dorky smile.

"That's a pretty name." He said as the bus stopped.

"This is my stop," Clary said as her and Simon stood up at the same time. He was quite tall and skinny. Simon snorted.

"I guess we are both getting off together. Where are you going?"

"Idris academy." Clary replied feeling slightly more comfortable. Simon beamed at her.

"That's my school. Are you new? I bet you're new." Clary nodded her head. "Aha! See I knew it! Simon Lewis the Physic!"

Clary laughed. "What about Simon Lewis the wizard?" She suggested as they walked to the gate. Simon scoffed.

"No way! Wizards are so lame. Lame. Maybe a warlock would be cool though." Simon replied. They were nearly at the office.

"A warlock is a wizard." Clary explained.

"Oh." They stopped outside the office. "We're here."

"Yeah." Clary confirmed.

They stood there awkwardly for a while.

"I'll be a vampire!" Simon exclaimed pretending to have fangs. Clary laughed.

"Well have fun sparkling." Clary said in between laughing thinking of Twilight. Simon rolled his eyes.

"Us vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight, we burn!" Simon said before jumping backwards into the shade. Clary laughed again.

They continued like this until the bell rang.

"I need to get to the office since I am new." Clary explained.

"Yup, I'll see you at lunch then. Unless we're in the same class."

"Bye sparkles." Clary waved.

"Bye Fray." Simon said walking away. Clary turned around and smacked into a wall. A breathing wall. With embarrassment Clary peeled herself off the persons chest.

"Sorry." She mumbled too embarrassed to look up.

"It's okay." The person replied. Out of curiosity Clary looked up and found herself face to face with what had to be the sexiest man alive. Okay not face to face since he was at least 6ft. The guy she bumped into could only be described as a golden god. He had golden eyes, golden hair and a golden tan. He was golden.

"Hey, I'm Jace." Clary was about to reply when there was a high squeal. That made the two of them visibly wince.

"Jacey! There you are!" A girl squealed and ran up to him.

"Kaelie! Hey baby." Jace replied. Kaelie who was nearly the same height as him in her stilettos, then crashed her lips onto Jace's. Clary felt her heart burst. Like someone was repeatedly punching her in the stomach. Jace had a girlfriend.

Kaelie had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a spray tan and was wearing a short skirt and too small crop top. Her face was caked in make up. She definitely looked like she was popular. Admittedly Clary felt ugly next to her.

"I'll just go now." Clary said, although neither of them heard her as they were too busy sucking each others faces off.

Clary sighed and walked into the office. Today was going to be a long day. Atleast she had made friends with Simon. He was cute in a dorky way.

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