Hi, I'm Bella. I'm your typical girl. My parents are still together. I grew up in a small town, called Forks, Washington. I dated one guy through high school and lost my virginity to him. We broke up right before College.

Now college wasn't a typical thing. I kind of went crazy in sleeping around. I became sort of, I guess the technical term was, is, a nymphomaniac.

Don't you dare judge me. Have you ever just had a good hard fuck that made you unable to walk in the morning? Yeah, me neither. And I've been searching for it, for what feels like my whole life.

Anyway, I'm in school for childhood development (I know ironic, right?). I'm about to graduate from school, and I need to find a job.

Now this leads me to my current dilemma. To find a job, people usually want references. Problem, I have a little disease called a sex addiction. Not getting it? Okay, let me paint you a little picture. Imagine, if you will, me, going into a school as a classroom aid, and finding the teachers ridiculously hot. Now imagine us being alone together, let's say on a lunch break. What do you think would happen, if you couldn't help yourself, one things leads to another, and next thing you know your boss walks in on you riding the teacher on his desk.

So, do you see how this little disease of mine could be a problem. And now you ask, why don't you go therapy for it? Well I've tried it all. Therapy, drugs, hypnosis. Apparently it doesn't work for me.

So, since I can't work in a school, I'm gonna try my hand at being a nanny. And now you ask, If you can't keep your pants on in a school, what makes you think you can in someones house? Well, when you're a nanny for a family, it's usually to rich people. And normally they aren't around so much. So it's just me and the children. Does it make sense now? Okay good.

So that's where we land now in our little story. Me, Bella Marie Swan, interviewing for a nanny position.