Chapter One:

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Remus took a seat next to Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall. These two along with Mad-Eye Moody, were the only ones who had believed in Harry's innocence and campaigned to get him released the entire time. The werewolf growled low in his throat as Dumbledore swept into the room with Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger by his side. By Remus' side, Severus sneered as Minerva hissed in a cheap imitation of her animagus form.

The old man stood at the head of the table in Harry's house. Dumbledore raised his arms and adopted a mournful expression, though his blue eyes still twinkled merrily. His long white hair was braided down his spine and his beard had tiny braids woven through it. His robes whirled around him as he sat, the material a sedate blue with snowflakes falling in motion on the material.

Ronald Weasley sat on his right, red hair curling outwards where it touched his broad shoulders. His brown eyes gleamed as he gazed at Dumbledore with an enraptured expression. He wore an acid green dragon hide jacket over top of a deep red silk shirt that clashed with his hair. His pants were black dragon hide, the same as his acid green boots.

Hermione Weasley sat in the chair across from the youngest Weasley child with perfect posture, her brown hair now sleek and smooth and caught in an elaborate twist. She adjusted her gold-wire framed glasses that outlined her large brown eyes perfectly. She wore a pale lilac dress that dipped below her collar bone and showed off her tanned shoulders. It was caught at her waist with a white dragon hide belt that was clasped with a wide gold buckle. She also wore ankle-length, high-heeled, white dragon hide boots.

Remus' eyes narrowed at the couple, knowing they had been paid to participate in Harry's life. The entire Weasley clan besides Bill, Charlie, Fred, and George had accepted money for that same purpose.

"My dear friends," Dumbledore began, and Severus' sneer grew, "I have terrible news to share with all of you." His pair of sycophants adopted sad looks as he continued, "Harry Potter… is innocent."


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