Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A long, long time ago, the world was once ruled by different gods. Each god has their own individual tasks and role in creating balance and harmony in the world. Under their rule, the world prospered. Life was bountiful. However, as the time passed, they started to stray and neglect their duties. Worse, they had started to fight and turn against each other as to who is the most powerful. Their folly brought the world almost to the brink of destruction. As the gods continued their petty fights, the life of the mortals had been turned into utter chaos. The lands had been arid; drought and famine ravaged the land sparking wars as each kingdoms fight for resources. All these tribulations continued and the gods turned a blind eye. In an attempt to save humanity, five individuals stood up and rebelled against the heavens. These five individuals were said to be so powerful they rivaled the gods with their power. They set off in a journey towards the mountain of gods to face them in battle. But no matter how powerful they are, the truth remained that mortals cannot win against such powerful beings. But not everything is lost. Their cause brought the gods to their senses and as a reward for their valor, their life was spared. The task of ruling the earth was given to them in the condition that they would be just rulers. The gods left the mortal world and the people had prospered under the rule of the five heroes.

The spectators broke into a round of applause signaling the end of the show. As the story was concluded, the audience started throwing their coins as the actors gathered to take their bow in the center of the makeshift stage. The crowd started to disperse and people returned to their tasks while a new batch of crowd started to gather to watch the next show. It is a warm, sunny day and the marketplace is filled with both merchants and buyers milling around to take a look at the newly arrived goods. Some were spending their money while some were just plain onlookers. Unbeknown to them, a hooded figure had been watching the show, a ghost of a smile shadowing his lips.

Throughout his existence, different versions of the story had been retold by the public. Each new era has its own new version. But the content had always been the same. It always retells the story of the legend about the five great warriors that rose against the heavens to save humanity. These five warriors are said to be the ones from whom the great five houses of Kaijou, Shuutoku, Touo, Yosen and Rakuzan had descended. Revered as gods, hailed as heroes and feared as enemies. He smirked at the thought. If people only knew how far off they are from the truth. But then, who is he to disillusion them? After all, it is one of the only few things that brings him amusement.


What a boring existence he has. Living for a long time sure brings ennui. He had been so far in his thought that he almost jumped in surprised when he bumped into something. He blinked twice in confusion before he looked left and right. His brows knitted when he didn't found anyone or anything in front of him. No one had ever managed to get near his being without him noticing, no matter the state of his concentration. Except for one. But then…An imagination? I must be more bored than I thought if I'm starting to – he thought but was cut off when a quiet voice suddenly spoke up,

"I'm sorry, but I'm here."

When he looked down, indeed there is something sprawled on the ground. The something is rubbing its behind and is already trying to get up. Said something – or someone – is draped in a commoner's cloak, face hidden by the shadow of the hood. From what he could gather of its height and stature, he could say that it – or rather she – is a female. His thoughts were confirmed when she finally faced him, at the same time pulling down her hood. His eyes widened and he was frozen in the spot as he took in the sight of the girl in front of him. He can only watch in utter silence as the girl bowed ever slightly and utter an apology. "My apologies, I wasn't paying attention while walking." Before he could react, the girl was already gone from his sight and he was left alone standing in the busy marketplace.

"What the …?"


"My apologies, I wasn't paying attention while walking," she said in apology to the person she had bumped into.

The man was only looking at her with his golden eyes and is currently not moving from his position. Did I shock him too much that he is unable to react? She asked herself. Hmmm, I guess I better leave now before I do more damage. I hope he didn't get a heart attack though, she thought as she moved past the man.

Not long after, she almost stumbled – again – when she was hit by something in her head. She didn't have to wonder that long to know what it was because it was soon followed by the loud voice of a certain red head.

"Kuroko, you idiot! Don't disappear when we are in a busy place like this! And wear your hood!" the redhead fumed, his anger and annoyance exaggerated by his drawn eyebrows.

"Kagami-kun is so loud. People are already starting to stare," the blue head only deadpanned in her monotonous voice, making her redhead companion twitch even more in annoyance. "Also, I didn't wander away. It was Kagami-kun who was distracted by the food stands and left me alone watching the play," she said as she tucked wisps of blue locks inside her hood.

"I was only gone for a second and suddenly you were no longer there!" he huffed a sigh, knowing it is futile to argue. "Anyways, we should get back," he said while scratching his head. "The mistress is going to kill us if we don't get back on time. Come on," the red head urged as he tugged at her sleeve. "And don't you dare disappear again! If you do, I'm going to tie a rope around you next time we go out!" the redhead threatened. The blue head, on the other hand, just ignored his rumblings and set her eyes forward.


Meanwhile, in the house of Rakuzan, five individuals representing the five great houses in Teikou are gathered. One of them we already met earlier in the marketplace but now we can see his features with his cloak and hood gone. He is sitting by the window, staring in nothing in particular. His golden hair and golden eyes are accentuated by the soft daylight, almost making him look like he's glowing. He looked as if he is deep in thought, and for once a serious expression can be seen on his attractive face. This is so in contrast to his lively and easy going personality. He is from the house of Kaijou, Kise Ryouta.

On his right sits a purpled haired "giant" lazily munching on a bag of chips. Beside him is a pile of snack foods waiting for his attention. He is Murasakibara Atsushi from the house of Yosen.

Across the purpled haired giant is a man with green hair and a pair of glasses. He is reading a book held up in eye level by his left hand, the fingers neatly taped. On his lap is a small statue of a water bearer. To those who knew Midorima Shintarou, one can only deduced that it is the 'lucky item' the oracle of Oha Asa had proclaimed for today. He is from the house of Shuutoku.

Now, there are two more individuals in the room. One is stretched on the lone couch placed in the far wall. His arms are crossed at the back of his head which serves as his pillow and he is idly staring at the ceiling. From the look on his face, it is obvious that he is bored and wants to be anywhere else but in this place. He has dark blue hair and eyes and is from the great house of Touo, the name is Aomine Daiki.

"Is something the matter, Ryouta?" the last of the five asked, effectively breaking the silence that had been reigning in the room. He is seated behind a lone desk at one corner, giving him a perfect view of the room. Akashi Seijuro of the house of Rakuzan possesses a pair of heterochromatic eyes, one blood red and the other a golden yellow, red hair and an intimidating aura. He may be not the most physically impressive among the five of them but his house is the most powerful and he is also regarded as the leader of the group.

At the mention of his name, Kise jerked his head away from the window and regarded the one who addressed him.

"Well?" the redhead asked again.

By now, all the eyes of the occupants of the room are now turned towards him, their eyes curious as to why his attention was called by Akashi. He gave a nervous laugh as he tried to evade the question. "Uhmm, its nothing really important, Akashicchi."

The redhead raised an eyebrow and Kise gulped. Wrong answer. Lying to Akashi is no different than putting your head in the gallows.

I guess it's out with the truth then. It might be of their interest too, after all. He cleared his throat before he launched on the story about his encounter this afternoon.


"What do you think of Kise's story?" the green haired asked Akashi as soon as their other companions left the room. "Not that I'm particularly interested about it, that is," he said as he pushed his glasses up his nose.

"Hm?" the redhead only hummed and smiled mysteriously in response. Midorima then knew that he won't be getting any answer from the redhead unless he gives it himself. He pushed his glasses up his nose again and stared outside the window. From where he is standing, he can see the faint outline of their three other companions in the distance and he can only wonder what they are thinking right now.

Unexpected news will come to you. But don't fret because it is one that you and your peers had been waiting for. The one that's been lost will be returned. Luck is in your side but it will never hurt to take extra precaution. To ward off ill luck, it is advisable to bring with you a statue of the water bearer.

"Hmm. The oracle of Oha Asa is sure weird today," he muttered as he clutched the mini water bearer tightly.