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A/N: I couldn't help but do this challenge, but let's hope I can do it for 28 days straight! Most of the chapters are going to take place in the game-verse (and further on that, the majority will have emphasis on Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion shipping since I love them), but there will be a few anime/manga-verse ones as well. :)

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Day 1: Write about your first ever (Pokémon) OTP.
Pairing: Volkner/Jasmine
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1,302 words

.: Rainy Lady :.
~ She wears white, but she's smiling ~

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

It rains and rains and rains…

He's getting tired of watching the gloomy skies and Volkner wants nothing more than to see sunshine again. The Gym Leader from Sinnoh tucks his hands in his pockets, waiting under a small, wooden shelter for the rain to stop. He doubts it, however, since it's been raining all afternoon—Olivine City is completely different when it comes to the weather. Soon, he hears a faint sneeze to his right and Volkner looks over at his companion sitting on the bench. Jasmine rubs her nose quietly before letting out a sigh, catching Volkner's stare and momentarily blushes. He knows she tries to wave it off with a smile, so he can't help but return it for her sake.

"I guess…today was a bad day to wear white," she says; an attempt to initiate conversation. Jasmine bunches the skirt of her white sundress in her palms; both to make her point and hide her awkwardness. "If I had known—"

"It looks nice on you," Volkner compliments, standing in front of her.

Keeping her brown eyes on her lap (probably to hide her reddening face), Jasmine nods in thanks. She wraps her arms around herself and Volkner has a feeling she's getting cold. "It still looks out of place though. Normally, I'm very good at perceiving the weather in Olivine…"

"It's just a little rain."

"But—" Jasmine lets out a surprised yelp when Volkner's jacket drops on her head. Sliding it down to her shoulders, the Olivine Gym Leader looks up in shock. "Wait, Volkner—"

"You'll need that if we're going to be running there." He points to the Glitter Lighthouse a distance away. A light is shining from the top floor and both Trainers know Amphy is doing her job; guiding wayward ships that are out to sea. They were on their way to visit Jasmine's oldest friend, but neither person thought the clouds would take on a grey hue. Pulling his eyes away from the city's landmark, Volkner helps Jasmine to her feet and properly fits his jacket on her. Jasmine's fingers barely show through the sleeves and the hem rests just above her hips, but for weather like this, the jacket's a perfect fit. Smirking, he takes her cold hand in his, feeling the excitement run through his veins. "Ready?"

Her eyes widen and she automatically shakes her head, pulling against him. "N-No! What if you get sick running in the rain?"

"I think you have more to lose than I do." Volkner chuckles. "I'm not the one wearing a white dress, remember?"

It's obvious what he's implying and that causes Jasmine to flush darker than she already is. Jasmine mumbles under her breath while zipping the jacket up to the collar, but by then, Volkner pulls her out into the rain. He hears her calling out his name in a panic as they run, but the rain whips against his face and he focuses on getting them to their destination. People on the streets, even the occasional Pokémon, think they're crazy running through the rain without an umbrella, but somehow, Volkner finds it exhilarating.

Once they reach Glitter Lighthouse, they slip through the sliding doors and begin catching their breaths. Volkner feels as if he's never breathed so hard in his life! He lets out a curt laugh while he takes deep breaths, slicking back his wet hair. Something presses against his arm seconds later and Volkner remembers about Jasmine. She's panting heavily with her face against his arm; shoulders heaving and her grip loosens. Jasmine's hair is completely soaked and sticks to his jacket and her face; even those twin pigtails are a mess on top of her head! Volkner suddenly feels guilty; maybe dragging the Olivine native though the rain wasn't the smartest thing to do.

"Jasmine, I—" Volkner apologizes when she starts to shake, but he cuts off with a blink. Jasmine was…laughing?

Soon, his suspicions are confirmed when Jasmine begins laughing louder and she raises her head, giving Volkner a good look of her face. She all smiles, bright, and the beating in his chest is too loud to ignore. Water droplets slide down her face, but it makes her glisten under the light… Volkner thinks he's treated to something exceptional.

Jasmine catches her breath, wiping her face with the sleeve of Volkner's jacket before glimpsing at him. She giggles some more, covering her smile. It causes the blond's lips to twitch. "What?"

"You're so wet…" she replies through her mirth. The spot where she squeezes his arm feels warm. "Completely drenched like I thought you'd be!"

"Thanks for stating the obvious." Volkner tugs one of his bangs with a small scoff. It's an ineffective feint against her since he lets out a laugh.

Jasmine plays along with an airy apology before taking his hand and leads them towards the elevator. Volkner quickly looks around, realizing that no one else was at the lighthouse today. It must be due to the weather; it was keeping everyone at home. They step inside when Jasmine presses the button to the sixth floor and stand quietly together. The water from their hair and clothes drip to the floor in tiny, scattered puddles around them, but the silence isn't uncomfortable.

Volkner takes this opportunity to glance at the girl. Her pigtails are undone and she runs her fingers through her long, naturally straight hair as she smiles. Jasmine looks different when all of her hair is down, and yet, Volkner still finds her lovely.

"I left spare towels in Amphy's room for days like this. We can use those to dry up and… W-What?" Jasmine's cheeks fill with color again and she holds her hands together over her chest.

He remains mute; casually reaching for her—smirking when she closes her eyes in anxiety—and cups her cheek, using his thumb to wipe away a water droplet remaining on her face. Jasmine hesitantly peeps before screwing her eyes shut again when Volkner places a chaste kiss on her forehead; soon dragging his lips to her right ear and whispers. "You look good in that jacket…"

Jasmine keeps her eyes averted when he pulls away; hand now resting on the side of her neck. He stays close, patient even, as he waits for her to look at him. Maybe he's being a bully, but Volkner likes teasing her; it's become a habit. Once she draws up the courage to glance up from beneath her eyelashes, he smiles affectionately. Jasmine expresses a small pout on her blushing face, but before Volkner can do anything else, a sensation press on his lips. It's only after the feeling is gone that he realizes Jasmine kissed him of her own volition. Volkner stares blankly and Jasmine hides behind her hands once impulsiveness leaves her.

…He sometimes forgets that Jasmine teases him too; though she isn't aware of it…

"S-Sorry…" she whispers between the cracks of her fingers.

Frowning, Volkner takes her hands in his; gaining a bit of resistance on Jasmine's part, but once her eyes are in view—embarrassment the prime expression on her face—Volkner plants his own lips over hers. It causes Jasmine to flinch, but soon enough, she reciprocates the kiss and relaxes. It lasts for a moment longer before the blond pulls away, keeping the distance between them minimal. Blue eyes lock with sandy brown as Volkner speaks in a chastising yet playful tone. "I'm not."

Jasmine bites her bottom lip cutely with a sigh of defeat and it's enough to make Volkner grin. Maybe rain isn't so bad. It still doesn't beat sunshine and warm weather, but at least it gives him an opportunity to be with Jasmine and a side of herself she shares with no one else.