Chapter Ten—Run, Baby, Run

Bella cursed and laughed, hissing when Edward curled her hair around his wrist. She moaned and arched her back, needing him deeper.

"I want one more from you," he whispered, sucking on her neck. His teeth scraped gently with just enough sting for her to enjoy his soothing tongue that followed. Her hips rolled and earned her a deep grunt.

She did it again.

This time he cursed, his fingers digging into her hip. He was slow to pull back, teasing her. She lamented the loss of fullness, of his hips pressed tighter against her. When only the tip of his cock remained, he slammed inside her quick and hard. Her arms collapsed, unable to take the brunt of his thrust. On her forearms, she pushed back against him.

Edward stilled and ground his hips against hers. His hands roamed over her perfect ass, teasing between her thighs, gently squeezing a breast as his other slid all over her back and shoulders. The way her body rolled and danced around his cock would forever remain in his mind and fantasies.

She had no problem with taking what she wanted, and he had half a mind to let her. Just to watch her move so fluidly and perfectly against him.

He tugged on her hair and pulled out slowly, making her whimper. All of her sounds, he wanted them. All she had to give he'd take and return it tenfold. He set a heart-pounding pace and a sheen of sweat coated their bodies. One they usually didn't achieve until they ran over three miles, at least.

"Yes," she hissed, tossing her head back as his thrusts increased, erratic as fire shot down his spine. Her hand slapped on the wood floor twice and in rhythm with his hips. She rose onto her arms, meeting him harder, faster. Her hair still wrapped around his wrist, she begged him to pull harder.

"Fuck," he hissed, sucking in a breath. He watched as her back arched beautifully. Releasing her hair, he grabbed a hold of her hips with both hands, desperately needing to pound into her. When her arms threatened to fold from under her, he wrapped one of his around her waist. He pulled her to his chest, murmured against her ear, "Almost there, beautiful. I'm in so fucking deep."

"Oh God," she cried, surprised of his move and words. Her body stilled, long enough for the fire in the pit of her stomach to boil over. "Edward!"

Against her neck, his lips on her pulse, he groaned, his eyes falling closed. She clenched around him and he knew right then, he'd chase her around the fucking world to have her like that again. Thrusting a few more times, he let go just as his every nerve ending in his body seemed to explode.

They fell to the floor in a pile of sweaty bodies, panting. Tucked to his side, Bella started to laugh a few minutes later. "Oh my God, I never knew it could be this good."

Edward hummed in agreement, sampling her shoulder with his lips. "Same here," he murmured, wrapping his arm under her shoulders to support her head. The floor wasn't exactly comfortable but his legs still felt like noodles to move yet.

He felt her shift, her arm on his chest as she peppered it with small kisses. "I had bought some Thai, and now, I'm suddenly feeling ravenous." He laughed, patting her ass and squeezing. "I'll go warm some up. You'll need your energy." His eyes widened, making her laugh. "Two years, Edward." She nipped at his jaw. "I want to make love to you for a very long time."

From the softening of her smile and the look in her eyes, he knew she meant more than that night and even the following day.

He gently swept some of her hair behind her ear, loving how she nuzzled his palm. "Then you better feed me and I'm in fucking desperate need of a shower."

She moaned softly, moving enough to lick and nip on his neck. "But I love the scent of sawdust, sweat, and sex on you."

His cock twitched. She laughed and shook her head. "When did you last test?" They hadn't had this talk since she finally decided to give him a chance, and they needed it. She rose to her knees, distracting the hell out of him. She had a gorgeous body, which she covered within seconds with his t-shirt.

"Last week," he said, wincing.

She froze and cocked an eyebrow. "You were really sure of yourself." With a quick kiss, she made her way to the kitchen, calling him to join once he was done. He slipped on his boxers and made a stop in the bathroom to dispose the condom, foregoing the shower.

His arms slipped around her when he reached the kitchen. "You mad?"

"No," she said, shrugging. "Confidence in a man is not a turn off. I thought we'd have to wait for your results, this means we can forgo condoms if you'd like. I'm on the pill and it'll be nice to ride you bareback."

"You got no fucking shame, woman," he hissed and kissed her shoulder, naked because of his oversized shirt. "I'm clean, Beautiful."

"So am I," she said, popping a plate in the microwave. "So are we doing this?"

He turned her around, lifting her onto the counter. "The food is gonna get cold again," he said, kissing her gently. Her lips were soft, redder than usual, swollen. She moaned when he dropped his boxers and thrust inside her.

"On yes," she whispered, her head falling back, "Real cold."

They spent most of that day indoors. That night they fell into bed after and unforgettable shower that he'd have in his spank bank for years. They moved it to the bed where he spent almost an hour making love to her. Bringing them to the edge, but pulling back before completion several times. When they finally let go, it was wave after wave of tremors and emotions.

It was exactly what the end of the night needed, before they kissed each other goodnight with whispered promises of love and of future together.

As Edward slept, he dreamed of Bella in the kitchen of his completed home, only it was their home.

Sometime before dawn, he heard Bella whispering in her sleep. His name was among the soft words, love was another. He had no doubt she loved him, having proved it when she hadn't jumped to conclusions with his ex. It could've so easily gone another way and who knows what would've happened.

As sleep made his eyelids heavy again, he gave into the need to get some rest. He had plenty of time to be with her. That was until she started to moan in her sleep, making his eyes snap open. He rubbed a hand over his face, nearly combusting when her delicious ass started to rub against his groin. "Oh fuck," he hissed.

"Right there, Edward," she whispered, her hand moving from her naked hip to between her thighs. He had to bite his fist to keep from groaning aloud and just fucking taking her. From the door, to the encounter on the counter, they went from hard, to something softer by the time they made love in bed earlier.

If she kept it up, it was going to be hard and fast again. He'd have to wake her up. Would she mind? His thoughts wandered as her whimpers and moans started to drive him crazy. Already hard, he rubbed against her thigh. She moaned louder. He pressed his face into her hair to keep doing the same.

Should I wake her up?

He wasn't sure when his hand decided to make the choice, but it was on her ass. For a moment, he thought he was dreaming when she was suddenly straddling his hips, her hair curtaining around his face. His hand lifted to cradle the back of her neck.

"Took you long enough to act," she said, laughing and rolling her gorgeous hips over his. "You tired?"

"Sleep deprivation never looked so fucking good," he said, his hands running along her sides to cup her breasts. "I'm ready for anything you dish out, Beautiful."

She smiled wickedly at his words, knowing he was challenging her again. He loved the push and pull they had. Loved how competitive she was, never willing to lose. He found out the hard way whenever he started to win at a game of cards or on his gaming system. She gave a hundred and ten percent in everything she did, and it seemed in their new relationship, she'd give even more.

"Did I ever tell you I'm really good at yoga?" she asked as her lips trekked along his jaw, teasing him.

"No," he drew out the word, eyes rolling back at the feel of her teeth on his neck. She shifted enough to take him inside her, one of her knees on the bed, and then the other she draped over his fucking shoulder! He hissed because it felt so damn good. The move seemed to seat him deeper inside her.

She cried out, "Oh my God." Laughing a little after she rolled her hips, adding, "You feel good."

Edward could only moan as she moved above him. He helped her the best he could, but he soon was so lost to the pleasure he let her have her way. Her hands propped up on his thighs, her hips rolling perfectly over his.

"Bella," he moaned, shifting her and pulling up enough to wrap an arm around her waist. She met his lips the moment he was within reach. "You gonna love me tomorrow?"

Her arms draped over his shoulders, her circling hips slowing down. She nodded, her mouth poised over his, whispering, "And all the tomorrows after."

Six months later

The crisp March air had a little bite, but after the long day, it felt good. Running ahead of Edward, was a gorgeous runner. She was dressed in black and purple fitted pants with a matching jacket. Her hair was in a ponytail, the end of it swishing along the middle of her back. He'd never seen a more beautiful sight.

Her head tilted slightly, enough for her to have noticed him. She slowed.

"I run to you," Edward sang playfully, catching up with Bella. "Hi, baby."

Bella slipped her ear bud off, giving him a devastating smile. "Hey." She slowed her steps enough to give a small peck on his lips. "You're late." Tapping on her watch, she cocked an eyebrow wanting an answer.

"It's official. I just got the final on the house. It's ready to move in!" He fist-pumped nearly stumbling in his excitement.

"Congratulations!" She stopped and threw her arms around him. "I'm so excited for you." He kissed her long and thoroughly, murmuring a sweet thank you to her.

"The only reason I was late was because I had to stock the fridge," he said, wiggling his brow. "I thought we could christen the kitchen tonight."

She slapped his arm, laughing. "Thankfully Emmett was over before I left for my run. He had his fill, at least for now."

Edward shook his head, amused. Since Emmett's daughter took a lot of his and Rosalie's time, Bella made it her mission to make sure he stayed well fed. Thankfully, Edward's crazy, often over-the-top, cousin didn't scare her away. She was, in fact, the one that had scared him away when she produced a vegan dinner the first day they met.

It had taken Emmett another three weeks before he was willing to try anything else she made. When she brought out a plate of her award-winning ribs, he was her willing slave.

"Good, though I hope you understand that I also intend to make love in the kitchen." She rolled her eyes and her hips, feeling the effect she had on him against her stomach.

"As if I don't know your reaction to me cooking in the kitchen," she said, nipping on his lip.

He did his best to calm down and led her down another path. "Oh good, we're on the same page."

"So, when will you move?"

Edward never saw a more perfect opening. Behind them, he saw Mrs. Cope, who winked at him, before leaving the bench. The things he asked her to watch over waited for them.

Bella looked questioningly at him, with concern and a little fear. He had hated that it was there in the first place, renewed due to her ex's early release the month before. Thankfully, after a visit from him and Emmett, Michael had not even tried to talk to her.

Not that Bella would ever know that.

He took a hold of her arms, leading her to sit down. His fingers on her mouth stopped her from questioning him, but made her scowl. It was when Edward knelt on one knee before her that she seemed to stop breathing.

Tears already formed in her eyes as he held out the small box, opening it for her to see the ring inside. It was simple, yet all the diamonds around the band made it beautiful.

He cleared his throat, a little overcome himself. "I will run every day beside you if you'd allow me to wake up every morning with you, as my wife. Will you marry me?"

"Yes," she whispered, throwing herself into his arms, knocking him on his ass. He laughed it off, nearly whimpering as she kissed his face repeatedly. "We're going to get married, live in your big new house, and have babies."

"Our house," he said, still laughing and struggling to get the ring on her finger. "Will you meet me at the bench for the next fifty or sixty years?"

"I think that could be arranged."

Four years later

In the backyard, adults mingled with others, as kids ran around. A huge banner hung over the present table with the words, Happy 3rd Birthday. Alice and Jasper, their neighbors from their old apartment building were there, two of their kids played with Emmett and Rosalie's son and daughter. Tanya and Alec, having just arrived, set a gift on the table, their twin girls running toward the bounce house.

Bella was at the grill, as Edward helped bring over ice and drinks from inside their house. He kissed the cook, nuzzling her neck as someone nearly ran into him.

"Whoa there!" he grumbled, giving chase around the yard. People laughed as they watched him run after little Wyatt. At three years old, his son barely reached his knees, cute as could be with dimples, dark curls, and bright green eyes.

"Mommy! He's gonna get me!" Wyatt screeched, giggling like crazy. Bella rolled her eyes, rubbing her tummy. Edward stopped long enough to kiss her again, bending down to kiss her belly. They had already told everyone they're expecting their second child in the fall.

"Our boy can't stay still for one picture," he said, grinning. He brushed his lips over hers one more time before he located his son, hiding behind Emmett. Wyatt squealed the second he caught sight of his father.

"Mommy! Save me!"

Watching them, Bella couldn't be happier and glad that she chose to run to Edward instead of away. She laughed and flipped a few of her stuffed burgers on the grill, calling out to Wyatt, "Run, baby, run!"

She knew her man would catch him.

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