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You'll Be The Poison, I'll Be The Cure: Chapter One

Elsa hadn't realized what a bad idea sneaking out of the castle was, until she was lying on the ground and dangling off a wooden dock, her fingers barely touching the warm water of the ocean.

Eighteen years spent locked away in a castle can make any Princess, especially a soon-to-be-Queen, a little restless. It was only a few nights ago that Elsa came up with her brilliant plan, after staring at the portrait of her father that hung in her room, wondering how she was supposed to lead without his and her mother's guidance, and without having any sort of relationship with her sixteen year old sister, Anna. She thought of seeing the kingdom she would soon rule. And thus a plan came into existence.

Of course, she wasn't stupid. She had asked one of the castle's attendants to bring her a simple dress with an attached hood. Despite the suspicious request, she was not questioned. Perks of being in charge, Elsa thought, making light of the situation. She fell asleep quickly the night before, ready to sneak out of the castle, even if it was only for a few hours.

That morning, she had woken up right as the sun was rising. She slipped into her new simple dress and pulled her thick long hair into a tight bun before pulling the hood up, hiding her infamous white-blonde hair. If any of the villagers would see it, her cover would be blown immediately. She slipped on her gloves, which concealed her deepest fear, before making sure the coast was clear. When it was, she quickly ran down the back stairs and slipped through the castle's gates.

She had never known such adrenaline, such pure happiness.. not since her parent's had passed. She wandered through the streets, her eyes wide with amazement as she watched the commoners as they went about their morning routine.

But now, here she was, staring up at the man and horse that had knocked her down, while mentally kicking herself for ever thinking up this plan.

"Really?" Elsa had yelped, momentarily angry.

The man slid off his horse effortlessly, before hurrying to Elsa's side. "I'm so sorry. Are-are you hurt?" he spoke, holding out his hand for Elsa to take. She silently glared at him, before taking it. He helped her to her feet, when she quickly checked to make sure her hood was still covering her identity. And indeed it was.

She pulled away from him before finally looked up to meet his eyes. She could feel her face get red as she took in his features, taking note of how warm his entire existence seemed to be; something, Elsa realized, she was not. His eyes were looking at her fondly, as if he knew who she really was.

"Uh.." she managed to choke out, before taking a breath. "no, no, I'm okay."

"Are you sure?" He asked, clearly concerned.

"Yes," she nodded vigorously, "I just wasn't looking where I was going. But I'm okay, honestly."

"Well, thank goodness." He smiled again, causing Elsa's heart to palpitate.

There was an awkward pause before he spoke again. "Oh! Uh, Prince Hans, of the Southern Isles. And you are?" He held out his hand.

Elsa stared at him for a moment before remembering she hadn't answered his question. "Oh, uh. I'm... Anna. Yes! My name is Anna. Hello." she rambled, saying the first name that came to mind, shaking his hand.

"A pleasure." He said kindly, still holding onto her hand.

"Yes," she agreed, before she was distracted by the ringing of the bells. Her stomach sank. Ten thirty already? she silently screamed. She should have been back an hour ago, getting ready for her coronation that was later today!

"Is something wrong?" Hans asked warily.

"No!" She answered quickly, flashing a small smile. "I just have to, uh, I'm late. I'm sorry. I have to go." She was already running towards the gates she once snuck out of.

She could hear Hans calling after her, well technically 'Anna' who he thought she was. She only glanced back from a safe distance away, seeing him straddling his horse. A fleeting moment of sadness passed, as Elsa realized she would probably never see this man again.

When questioned where she was when she was being fitted for her coronation dress, she only sighed. "Oh you know" she said, "just lost in another book."

The seamstress only chuckled as she continued to pin cloth to Elsa's body. Elsa couldn't keep the frown off her face.

Elsa stood at the front of the room, regarding the party with a content smile painted on her face. There had to be hundreds of people filling into the castle's ballroom, all of them dancing or singing, or both.

Anna, her sister, was standing nervously by her side.

"Hi." Elsa said, glancing at her sister. It had been ages since they've talked, let alone seen each other. She had missed her so much.

"Me? Hi.. me?" Anna stuttered. "Hello." She finally said, clearing her throat.

Elsa chuckled. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you," Anna blushed. "You look beautifuler! I mean, more beautiful."

"Thank you." Elsa smiled.

They continued to make small talk before the Duke of Weselton approached them, asking for Elsa's hand in her first dance. Quickly offering him Anna's hand instead, she quickly snuck out to the side balcony when no one was looking. She leaned against the railing, looking up into the clear night sky, filled with millions of twinkling lights. She silently wished she was up there beside them. Anywhere but here.

"Your Majesty," a voice said warmly from behind her, interrupting her thoughts of her upcoming days, weeks, years as Queen.

She turned to see Hans, the Prince of the Souther Isles, smiling from the door. She lost her composure as she let out a small gasp. She knew she recognized that voice!

"Or should I say Anna?" He added, smirking.

"I.. I don't know what you're talking about." Elsa said, her voice nonchalant.

"Oh, okay." Hans responded, smiling at her as he walked towards her. "Your secret is safe with me, I assure you, my Queen."

"I.." she sighed. "How long have you known?"

"The moment I saw you during your coronation." He laughed as he replayed the memory of himself sitting next to the Duke of Ocead, before noticing the similarities of the girl being crowned in front of him and the girl he had met barely two hours ago. He placed his elbows on the railing. "I couldn't forget those piercing blue eyes if I tried." He smiled at her.

She could feel herself blushing.

"So tell me, why are you out here, all by yourself? You should be inside, having fun and celebrating!" Hans continued, nudging Elsa.

She let out a small laugh. "The Queen doesn't really get to have fun."

"That's no way to look at it." Hans argued. "Everyone, even us royals, should be allowed to just let go and have fun. Maybe even dance! At least for one night." He concluded enthusiastically.

"Oh no," Elsa shook her head. "I don't dance."

"That definitely needs to change, then." Hans said, taking her hand and leading her towards the door, towards the party inside. She looked up at him, questionably.

"Trust me?" He asked.

And in that moment, she decided that she would. A moment she, later, would question.