I have been browsing through the Hobbit fan fiction for a while now and finally decided to post one of the many ideas that I have been working on. What was originally going to be a one shot story has been broken up into short chapters. I felt that it was best suited that way.

These are short chapters, though they very in length.

Not sure how well this is written but I did my best. I hope it's not too confusing and that the characters are not too OOC.

It focuses on the Brothers Ri and their relationship. I have not read the book, I've only seen the movie. I do plan on reading it in the future. I adore the movies and the characters of the dwarves.

I don't own the Hobbit or any of the characters.

The iron taste of blood was growing more evident in his mouth as he slouched against the wall. Nori wanted nothing more than to allow his legs to collapse under him and fall to the ground. However, the group of three dwarves that surrounded him wasn't going to allow that. He had lost track of how long this beating had lasted, but it was longer than any other one and seemed particularly brutal.

This was one way to be welcomed home; not exactly the pint of ale he was hoping for.

Another punch to the face and he groaned at the pain, his head swimming from the torture it already endured. There was a pause in the flurry of pain when one of the dwarves spoke.

"You going to talk?" he questioned. This was a stocky dwarf with a pointed black beard that hung down to the mid chest. His hair was pulled back in a thick braid that ended just past his shoulders. On either side of Nori were two other dwarf men. The one on the left had a ginger beard that framed his face as thick muttonchops and sported a long bushy mustache that fell off his face with the two ends braided together. The one on the right also had a thick ginger colored beard but his was full and rounded out, ending at the bottom of his neck. They had the same cut hair that fell just past their shoulders with a braid running down the middle. Looking at them, one could deduce that they were twins.

Nori barely knew these three. He'd seen them in a glance most times he went to the inn for a drink and some fun. There might have been some words exchanged between them off and on. He was often away from the village and his trips to the inn upon returning were usually a rush of old faces and new stories. He didn't even remember their names.

In the present, Nori remained silent as he kept from eye contacted with the black haired dwarf. "Hey! I know you're not deaf. Tell me where your stash is!" he commanded.

Narrowing his eyes as best he could, Nori's only response was spitting the blood in his mouth at the boss assailant. The dwarf jumped back just a bit too late to avoid the blood splatter but then responded with a punch to Nori's gut.

The injured dwarf coughed as the air was knocked out of him for a minute. His head hung low as he coaxed air back into his lungs. "I am going to get that information, Nori," the black haired dwarf spoke in harsh tones. "You are going to tell me where all your stolen loot is hidden even if I have to beat you to death,"

In the state that he was in, the thief had no way to defend himself and he had no voice to lie his way out of this. It was dawning on Nori that he might actually be beaten to death by these three. Why had he been so smug to lead them on? This was really not what he was expecting when he actually decided to return home.

A voice suddenly called from down the ally way. This alerted the group of three dwarfs but the voice took its time registering with the half conscious Nori. "What is going on here?" the words were fuzzy in the dwarf's ears. He managed to hear not only an authoritative tone but what seemed to be a hint of familiarity to it.

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