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This is graphic shit. The most I've ever written.

This is M. As in MXM, As in two males going at it. I don't know how to make this any clearer. I only pray my parents never find out what I write on my thumbdrive.

This contains: Graphic sex, language, other Smexy stuff.

I am not joking. You have been warned!

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White as the driven snow ch.7

His mouth formed an O shape as the boys hands curled into black hair. The head between his thighs shrouded not only by the shadows from the dim room but the black, silk like hair framed by two strong thighs toned by hours on a broom and kissed by the long hours in the sun.

His tongue rubbed along the bottom of the shaft in his mouth as he slowly forced his partners penis deeper into his throat then slowly pulling out, lightly grazing the head of the shaft and making his partner grown in both pain and pleasure. This was the first sound he had made since being accosted in the third corridor and pushed against the wall.

The boy had resisted at first, green eyes filled with fear and indignation, however before he could do more then protest the mans hands had already unzipped the baggy jeans and pulled the cock out of his pants. It was no more then two seconds later then knees clacked against the stone floor and he took the partially hard cock into his mouth.

The hands that had tightened in his hair in an attempt to push him away tightened even further, now pushing him even harder into his crotch. God how he loved the feel of dick in his mouth. Often it was easier to take care of his own problems then with his co-corkers in the order or the death eaters. The man pulled away slightly to look at his partners face.

The emerald eyes were his undoing. Once always looking at him with hatred or indignation now darkened with lust. The boy was close. Small sounds had now started to emerge from the boy as he cried out for Severus to take him in his mouth again.


He smiled. He was going to enjoy this. The boy, a Potter begging for his touch, a Snape!

Reaching out with one hand he pulled the chosen one's leg toward himself, straddling it with ease and rhythmically rubbing his crotch against the tanned thigh. The sound of a moan reminded him of the task at hand. Swallowing the throbbing dick in his mouth was no great feat, the boy was average; no more no less.

His hands travelled from their places at Harry's calves to his thighs, lightly pinching at places as his hands travelled upwards, cupping he firm ass, creeping over to the shadowed crevice between his cheeks, fingers tickling the hole with his left hand while the right slipped underneath and began toying with his balls, rolling them back and forth.

The hand in what light the tower still held looked pale compared to the tanned ass it was currently worming a finger into. Not too much, they had next to no lubrication aside from the precome from their erections or his saliva. He took it slowly, working his tongue even faster against the shaft in his mouth to compensate for the burning pain he must be feeling in his ass.

If anything the boy drove even harder into him, inadvertently moving his thigh to which his cock was currently rubbing against. Harry potter's groans filled the air around the astronomy tower. The fucking became more frenzied as the two men raced towards their mark, eventually it became too much for Harry, who climaxed with a shout, his seed pulsing out into the mans shadowy cavern of a mouth. It was not a second more then the man stiffened in front of him, Seed splattering on the inside of his robes. If he wasn't already on his knees he would have been.

Their breaths were rough and harried, the blankness created by the climax to be replaced by the buzz of regret. 'What have I done?'

Horror flooded through his being. 'No.'

Severus stood to his feet and walked away in a surge of black drama, leaving a confused Harry leaning against the wall of the astronomy tower with his pants down around his ankles.


He didn't see the longing look Harry shot in his direction.


Harry PoV

Harry was bent over his tablet reading the latest chapter of 'As white as the driven snow' by TheRealSeverusSnape. His breath was slightly ragged and he prayed that none of the others in the dormitory were nearby. He didn't want to explain the cause of the bulge in his pants. 'Damn.'

He had been on fanfiction ever since he had discovered it in the muggle world. How in hell they knew all of this he didn't want to know. During his first forays into Potterverse he had seen some… interesting things. It seemed that these muggles liked to pair him with some of the most fucked up people ever. He scoffed. 'Like I would ever bottom for Malfoy.' He had almost screamed when he saw some of the more… dark pairings.

A shudder ran through him as he remembered the pairings between him and old Voldyshorts. After running into some of those he scanned down the screen looking for any link to leave the page when he saw it.

A filter.

It took some time but soon harry was able to navigate like a pro. He soon found out which pairings to avoid and his favorite pairing of all time. 'Snarry'

Truth be told he had a crush on the greasy git of the dungeons, for a while now. He was now hooked on this new writer on Fanfiction titled as TheRealSeverusSnape. He'd been hooked on it for a while now, and constantly waited for the newest upload for his stories.

The way Snape was portrayed was so much like the Snape he knew, with a dark voice sexy as sin, greasy hair and from what he had seen from his robes a tall lean physique. Eventually harry started a Fanfiction account and using hermionie's help modified his tablet to resist the magic at Hogwarts so he could continue to keep up with the author's works.

Tapping the review button on the bottom of the page brought him to a text box. "Harry! C'mon mate, We're gonna be late for supper!"

Ron's voice carried up to the dormitories with ease. "Just a second Ron! I'll be down in a moment!"

Tapping the keyboard he purchased with the windows 8 tablet he bought he quickly typed in his review.

Reviews for White as the driven snow

LightningRod chapter.7 1 min ago

Just WOW. That was incredible. What an amazing chapter! Please write more soon! I cant wait to see what happens next!


Hermionie now sounded curious, her voice raised slightly higher then usual. Harry quickly turned off his tablet and ran down the dormitory stairs almost falling down the stairs and into Hermionie Granger. "Sorry Hermionie."

"What were you doing up there Harry?"

'Crap.' Ron snickered. "He was probably up polishing his broomstick."

Hermionie smacked Ron upside the head. "Hey!"

"Well you deserved it Ronald. You really shouldn't say things like that."

"So what were you doing Harry?"

Ron's voice held a conspiratorial tone. 'Crap. Think…'

"I was finishing up my potions assignment and review."

'Like two hours ago.'

Hermionie's voice was proud. "Good for you Harry! If you like I can review it for you later."

Harry was relieved that he had indeed completed his potions assignment earlier. 'She doesn't believe me. Thank Merlin I finished it in History of magic.'

Hermionie's way of ensuring that both boys did their homework was offering to review it for them. If they declined she knew they were bluffing. He saw Ron make that very mistake in their 3rd year, needless to say both of them always got their homework done on time now.

"Mate, You were not seriously doing homework up there were you? "

Ron looked almost appalled. Harry signaled to Ron to wait until Hermionie was a few steps ahead of them then leaned in and whispered in Rons ear. "I was polishing my broomstick."

Ron paused a moment then laughed hysterically, causing Hermionie to look at them strangely. He didn't stop snickering until Hermionie asked him what was so funny, causing him to slip on a contrite face usually reserved for a close friends deathbed.

Snapes PoV

Severus Snape had foregone meals in the great hall so that he could enjoy one of his newer favorite pastimes, Fanfiction. Looking at his profile he noticed that He had gotten yet another review on one of his stories. 'hmm… it seems that lightning has struck again.' Severus smiled at his own wit. Few if any knew that he enjoyed a good pun once in a while. 'This user, LightningRod reviews the moment it comes out, and always enjoys the chapter. He is by far my most loyal reviewer. I think perhaps a thank you is in order.'

Not a few moments later and a PM was being sent to one LightningRod.

Harry's PoV

Late in the night, Harry climbed into the red covers of the four poster bed. Astronomy wasn't as bad as divination, which Harry had quit in fifth year; however, the late hours made difficult for Harry to get a good nights rest.'Better set my alarm.'

Harry quickly turned on his tablet and was pleasantly surprised to find that TheRealSeverusSnape had sent him a PM. Quickly logging into his fanfiction account with a few deft swipes of his fingers he easily located the PM under Private Messaging in his inbox.

Curiosity and anticipation made his hands shake. 'Why would he want to talk to me?'

Tapping the screen he opened the letter in his inbox.

LightningRod, 2h ago

I must thank you for all your attention to my recent works of late.

So I offer you this. What would you like see to happen in the next chapter of White as the driven snow?

I look forward to your favorable reply,


'Wait! He wants me to decide the next chapter in his new story?'

Harry was almost shaking. The very same author who made his dreams a tangible thing, whose stories fills his nights with caresses or fills his very heart with adrenaline. This man, who leaves him squirming with lust and itching for something more, wants him to decide where the story will go from here!

TheRealSeverusSnape, 5 min ago

I have to say, this is quite an honor, I never thought I would be given this chance out of the thousand followers you have. I am a huge fan of your work. You portray Severus and Harry so well it's almost as if you are there personally.

As to your story, I would like to leave that to you. I love reading your works and I love the anticipation of wondering what will happen next. It just won't have the same touch if I meddle around with the storyline.

Thank you for the consideration and I hope I hear from you again.


No more then two minutes later a reply was sitting in his inbox. Deftly tapping the screen Harry opened the PM.

LightningRod, 2 min ago

You intrigue me. Few people do that of late.

The reason of your choosing is that among all of my followers your reviews are by far the most enthusiastic. I can hardly post a chapter without finding a review from you within the time space of 15 minutes.

In regards to the story I will honor your wishes and create it as I see fit. However I believe that, if it is your desire I will have the pleasure of your company again.


Harry blinked. 'Holy shit.'

'Well that was surprising.'

It was nice to talk to the author. Strangely enough he even spoke a lot like Snape! Harry snickered. If he was at Hogwarts he would definitely be a Slytherin.

He was drawn away from his thoughts when the grandfather clock downstairs in the common room struck two.

'damn it.'

It was late, if he didn't go to bet soon he would sleep through potions, and god knows what hell Snape will bless him with.

Logging out and turning off the tablet, Harry crept under the covers and dreamt about the man that made his nights heaven, and his days hell.

Down in the dungeons a man was lost in sleep, dreaming about black locks and emerald eyes, silky skin all of which belonged to whom he wanted more than anything, but could not have.

So, this is FARRRRR out of my comfort zone. I can honestly say I have NEVER done anything like this before so people, please!

I need to know what to work on! Even if its just a 3 word review:

Even stuff like, I like it, or this part needs work. Little things like that make a massive difference in a writers story. Otherwise we just keep on making the same F***ing mistakes.

I look forward to seeing you all at somepoint in the near future.

My guess is this will be a threeshot, maybe a fourshot at most.

(Sorry, this is a repost to correct storyline inconsistencies and fill in parts and errors.)