AN: This is just to get me in the mood to write, as I've seem to have lost my muse somewhere between moving, school, and work Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I'll work on that in the next little bit, as this go-around with classes I only have Monday and Wednesday to worry about.

So, about this fic. I'm not a part of Livejournal (yet), but I was looking for prompts to get back into writing. Even though they haven't posted anything since 2010, Poke100 is still up, and I'm using that list to work from. They will likely be short, and I'll try to do them in order. Enjoy!


Prompt 1: Gift

Red, blue, and yellow streamers swooped across the ceiling, radiating from a still ceiling fan. Helium-filled aluminum Drifloon rocked and wiggled across the ceiling or danced from their positions tied to chairs.

Sunlight streamed through the west window, illuminating a table with the remains of a round chocolate cake decorated in fudge frosting with red and yellow lettering and blue trim. Two white and blue candles, shaped like a one and a zero, lay on a forgotten bit of silver and white wrapping paper.

Amelia Winston sighed and smiled, opening a black plastic trash bag as quietly as she could and beginning to pick up wrapping paper, torn streamers, and popped balloons. She worked her way through the kitchen and dining room, following the trail until she stood in the doorway to the living room. There, she paused and leaned against the wall.

There on the couch, fast asleep, was a brown-haired little girl. Her daughter, Abigail. Snuggled against her in a tight embrace was little Abby's brand new Vulpix pup, snoring softly with her single white tail curled against her side.