AN: I'm not sure if I really illustrated the prompt very well, but I hope you guys enjoy anyway :)

Prompt 3: Devotion

Abby sat in front of the principal's desk, glaring at the boy with her one good eye; the other was already swelling shut.

The principal sighed, rubbing her forehead tiredly. "So what happened, exactly?"

"He—" she pointed to the sulking boy with the bloody lip. "—kicked his cyndaquil when it lost to Sparkle." The boy snorted, but didn't say anything. "I don't care how bad a battler a Pokémon is, you shouldn't kick it because it lost!" she exclaimed.

The principal turned to Abby's opponent. "Is that true?"

The boy affected a wide-eyed, innocent look. "Of course not! I love Ashes, I would never hurt her!"

The principal looked at Abby. "Why were you battling without a teacher present in the first place?"

Abby reddened. "He said Sparkle's name was stupid, and she was only a pet or I would have named her something different."

"So you thought this would prove him differently?" Abby nodded. "Why didn't you ask a teacher to referee the battle?"

The brunette squirmed. "I did," she admitted, "but Mrs. Flite said it wasn't a good enough reason."

"Then why did you go through with it anyway?"

"I thought it was a good enough reason at the time," Abby mumbled, staring at her hands.

The principal turned to the boy. "Why did you agree to the battle? Did you know there wouldn't be a referee?"

The boy scowled. "Yes," he admitted. "But I wanted to prove I was right."

The principal pursed her lips. "It seems both of you have an issue with pride." She looked at the boy. "According to Nurse Joy, Ashes injuries could have been from a kick—but could also have been from the battle." Abby scowled. "However, we have a serious problem here." She glared at both children. "Battling without a referee or a trainer's license is a punishable crime! Now to mention you two were caught fighting yourselves when the teacher showed up!" Both looked at her, wide-eyed.

"Now, I won't be calling the police," she continued, "but if it happens again, I'll have to. I will, however, be calling both your parents, and you will both be suspended for a week." She glared.

"Yes, ma'am," they mumbled.

"Good. You can wait out in the office for your parents." They stood. "Miss Winston, a word."

Abby sat back down.

The principal sighed. "I was very disappointed in your actions today. However—" Abby closed her mouth. "—I understand why. I don't think Sparkle's strong enough to cause the kind of damage we saw in Ashes."

"Then why didn't you do anything?" Abby exclaimed, stomping one foot.

"I can't, when the injury has another explanation," the principal explained gently. "Abby, I admire your enthusiasm for protecting Pokémon, but you aren't an officer. Next time, call someone instead of punching him in the nose; it might feel less satisfying in the moment, but you won't get in so much trouble. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good. Go wait outside."

Abby nodded and walked out, sitting as far away from her opponent as she could. Three chairs wasn't nearly enough, but she would take what she could get.