Chapter 10: A Good Day, a Steamy Morning.

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Blake had been psyching herself up to enter the shower for a fair bit of time now. She had to summon all of her self-control to ensure she wouldn't have a retake of what happened earlier. Whatever she felt had to stay in the shower this time.

She undressed with a ginger deftness built through a life-time of practice and proficiency. She was careful not to apply any unnecessary pressure or touching before she reached the confines of the hot box of glass, tiles, metal and water. Each piece of clothing could prove both fatal and fantastic to remove, so she was especially careful, for her – and Jaune's – sake.

It was with these thoughts that she removed her yukata – her dark sash, her mid-thigh-length gown and then her underwear (which she removed with extreme, discriminate delicateness) – and stood naked before the threshold of steam and controlled rain, preparing for the onslaught she was sure to undertake.

'Now or never, Blake. And never is not possible.'

She slid open the door and steeped one toe in the water before she pulled back, 'Oh wait.' She remembered.

That one dip sent a ripple through her so strong it almost took away her control, along with her breath, and she spluttered to regain some composure for the small gesture she had forgotten to do.

She reached one hand up and undid her bow, placing the ribbon on the bathroom counter and waggling her feline ears freely in her reflection. Her eyes descended and she briskly covered herself up for no other reason than to not give herself ideas. To 'shield' herself from any greatly perversive acts her newly contracted mindset might throw at her. She took one final look at herself before she would be consumed by sensation and cleanliness. 'Good luck Blake.' She advised herself. 'THANK YOU' her face mouthed.

She stared frightened at her own reflection momentarily before shaking her head and taking a deep breath. With her decision resolute, she plunged forth into the prolonged torrent.

Pyrrha had entered the shower with the resolution of being clean. At no point did she believe that her hygiene would become a recreation.

'Hmm… but how… do I…? Hmph…'

This was a brand new experience for her. And as such, she had no right idea about what to do. She had heard an adequate amount of hearsay over the years, but hadn't really taken the time to research what a person – mainly females – do when they attempt to… masturbate. The very thought of it made her tingle with excitement. And so she pushed herself forward into action. Into… masturbating…

After a quick scrub with her 'Sunset Elixir Body Wash by Wairfreign', she went about… testing her body. It was all she could think of doing. It was a tentative act, for sure.

She spent a good moment just staring down at her naked body – her plump warm-white-toned skin; her ample breasts and soft nipples, her flat, toned stomach, her hourglass curves, her strong, lean arms and thick, powerful thighs, her empty, unassuming hands and down to the light crop of bright red pubic hairs she had on her mound and even right down to her long feet and flexible toes, all glistening under the spray of the shower – wondering what on Remnant she was supposed to do, waiting for something to happen.

She knew the basics of sex – lord knows it is almost impossible in this day and age to not know how it worked – but she knew that if she were to just insert a finger directly into her vagina she would not have any pleasing results. Or would she? She didn't know. She quickly found her inexperience becoming a very clear problem. But who would've guessed she would find herself in need of such knowledge? She didn't, her perpetual excitement and waning arousal was evidence enough.

With a hardened resolve she began to think on what she did know, if she truly wanted to follow-through with this idea.

She knew that stimulating the clitoris will cause enormous sexual arousal and pleasure for a woman, but is also very sensitive and can cause pain if handled improperly. She also knew that penetrating the vagina with a finger could be highly stimulating as well, but rubbing the outside provided sexual pleasure also. (Thank goodness for those anatomy textbooks she was given when she was going through combat school. She'd be completely lost otherwise. And that compulsory safe-sex course at the beginning of the year helped too – she had forgotten most of these details over time [for reasons she found would impede her training] but was given a quick rehash along with all the other first-year females.)

With the basics covered, and the how settled, Pyrrha thought back for a moment. Back to what it was she felt right before she hopped in the shower; what led her to want to this astounding act at all.

She felt… comfort… peace… love… kisses… hugs… touchingJaune… This thought had a particularly visceral effect; her breath began to shake, her mouth became dry and her hands began to tremble, but in a positive, excitedly anxious, way.

So, there was one objective complete, for now. She looked down at her glistening body slicked with the shower's spray, stating like one would a revelation, 'Think of Jaune'.

She had to still herself before she could proceed, and understand these thoughts that began to enter her mind. Her desire for another person, direct contact with them… him… feeling his skin pressed against her own, the sound of his breath as he whispered gently to her what he felt, the sudden urgency to have Jaune shower her with his loving adoration while his hands caress her and his body cradle her in their embrace and his lips kiss her as their eyes lock and his eyes absorb her soul while she willingly allows him to and his tongue…

'Oh my…' Pyrrha proclaimed as her breathing hitched and she dissected what her thoughts had quickly turned to.

Once Pyrrha figured out what she wanted from these new thoughts, she instinctively started running her hands along her body. The very sensation surprised her greatly, but she soon settled with the feeling as she let her hands glide up and down her sides, soothing her as well as making her shudder with titillation.

She was careful not to push too far on her first attempt, in case of something happening she wasn't sure would happen. While the concept was completely foreign, the practice, she found, was fairly simple. It was just like checking herself for wounds or doing routine self-battle-checks, only now it had a new purpose. It was to find an understanding for her body which had carried her through countless fights and exams and battlefields reliably; but on a much more intimate level.

This new agenda Pyrrha had forged was something she found abundantly exciting, although she was unsure of the result to it. 'I can't believe I'm doing this. This is so… unexpected. So naughty.'

With these thoughts she moved her hands along her body with a curious tenderness. She was going slowly, unsure but unstopping in her search.

First she rubbed the muscles in her arms; this always managed to calm her down, and it worked wonders for her yet again. In this calmness a pleasant feeling started to build – at a snail pace, but surely – and she began to move her hands further. She let one hand follow the firm contour of her round shoulder and go down along her back, then glided her fingers back up experimentally. The positive shiver it gave her was enjoyable, but she didn't want to repeat it too soon. There is such a thing as too much of something good.

From there she then let her other hand slide up and caress her neck and right collar, where she found herself enjoying this treatment more and more.

While she did find it nice – truly – she knew that she was just delaying the inevitable. She was eager, the constant need to swallow away the dryness of her mouth was evident of this, but she wasn't ready to go straight for it. No matter how enticing Jaune could make it seem. Just then she imagined Jaune in place of her hands, caressing, loving, rubbing, trailing his hands down and down all the way to her… more private areas… Pyrrha stopped.

She was a brave person – everybody knew that – but she was not brave enough to go straight to that. Any of that. She needed to establish a foundation first. Rhythm. Pace. Mood. Understanding. She figured out that much alone already.

She had her crossed arms in mirror to one another and led her hands from the rear side of her hips upwards, like she was taking off a shirt, and then cross over her collarbone and then lead up her neck as she tilted her head back, taking the time to feel the pelting of the shower's spray and gain some creative inspiration.

It was then she heard a muffled knock at the door to the dorm, then Nora's distinctly vocal greeting to whoever was at the door, followed by a brief discussion and then Nora calling out to Jaune. While this was happening she had slowed her touching to a near halt. Usually Pyrrha would not be concerned with Nora's… eccentric personality – often times sympathising and forgiving Nora for her peculiarities – but she was, for once, disturbed by her loudness. It broke the gentle, tentative atmosphere and what little progress Pyrrha had made. So much so she found herself wanting to quit. This was ridiculous, and embarrassing, and unbelievable when you consider what you're doing is effectively having one-person sex where everybody close to you bathes. If she wanted, she could experiment another time, she thought, but she really should finish up her shower and let somebody else have theirs'.

With a sigh, she was about to turn off the taps, until she heard him speak,


She snap-turned her head to the door, her damp red hair whipped the shower wall and wrapped around her body limply. She saw only a damp towel hanging over the door. But her mind was alight with imagination. She could see Jaune standing just beyond it – tall, scraggly, angelic – looking to the door in confusion, and opening the door to see what he was called for. Just as she imagined, the door opened a crack – enough for his head to fit through – and he made a small sound of affirmation. While he stood there, both in reality and in her imagination, she could feel his Aura like a softly brewing furnace, whose warmth superseded that of the shower's spray and the warmth that rose in her face. Pyrrha's mind filled with the bright shoals of her dreamscape as she became engrossed in her dreams again. The steam of arousal grew within her only from imagining Jaune being before her, close to her, as her body became intoxicated by the steam waves of the shower.

Suddenly she wasn't stunted anymore. For she had found herself a greatly reinvigorating subject of stimuli.

Her voice trickled out with lustful desire as he took her breath away with him,


Blake's first reaction to stepping in the shower was to scream. Which she did. It was a scream of multiple keys, as she adjusted the spray of the shower continuously and reacted hyperbolised every time, until it was an obtuse, off-lukewarm, torrent of water.

She paid no mind to how much water she might be using, or how people later that day would be confused and upset over the distinct lack of heated water centred in the Dormitory Block Team RWBY lived in. She just wanted to be clean and be out without another incident.

She snatched for her loofah and splashed some of her 'Serene Evanescence' body wash onto it and harshly scrubbed herself, hoping to erase the filth of her ill-timed Heat with the stench of her sleep. Her lithe, pale body had never received such ill-treatment since before she was a skilled trainee of the White Fang. She was not a stranger to periods of poor hygiene and rough conditions, but even in her younger rebellion days, she tried to maintain her cleanliness as much as she could. Her mother would often catch her lying on her back, just rubbing her palms over her skin whenever she wasn't preoccupied by the movements of the old White Fang.

Even one time, uncomfortably, when she was in her early teens, late at night, but that was an incident they didn't like to discuss.

However, if her mother saw her now, she'd be appalled at her actions. And she wasn't the only one; for every stroke of the spongy material against her skin, her Heat Voice, while for once muted, cried out a continuous 'Ow' in rhythm with her ministrations. She was just scrubbing along her leg, 'Ow. Ow. Ow. Ooooooooow. OoW. Ow. Ow. OoooooOOoooow.' Which Blake tried her best to ignore, just like she did for the build-up of multi-coloured hairs around the drain of the shower.

Blake legitimately felt dirty. Like she'd traversed through the Meridian Swamp in nothing but her sleeping robe and had caught a blood-sucking parasite which refused to placate her of it's symptoms before it could die: Paranoia, anxiety, feverishly high temperatures, logical reasoning attenuation, sensitivity spikes, delusions and overwhelming compulsions. This particular parasite had infected her deeply, and she is finding herself succumbing to its life-draining paralysis, and she will slowly, but surely, perish before too long.

Characterising herself in a location from a book was not helping her deal with the situation whatsoever. Joaquin the Line was a fantastic novel, but it was grotesque for a reason. Returning to her previous thoughts she attempted to shy away from any stimuli that her Heat may be able to grab onto.

Now that she thought about it, one of the colours of hair in the drain was not blonde, or reddy-black, or white or ebony. It was orange. It was while she was pondering the weird idea of an auburn-haired stranger using their facilities without permission, her thoroughly ignored Heat seized the chance to take some initiative.

While Blake was bent over, staring right into the drain, her hand free of a lathered loofah began to twitch. At first it was subtle, nothing more than a slight tremble, but Blake took notice with the twofold keen eye of a ninja and a Faunus. She managed to stare it into submission – mostly out of confusion (a dangerous mistake to make, she will soon find out) – and then continued her rumination of the drain with a vested interest – which she would state she did not have, if asked.

'What you lookin' at? Somethin' interestin'?' her Heat Voice piqued.

'Nothing, shut up!' Blake reprimanded internally, her left hand sliding across to the inner side of her leg. To emphasise her absolute lack of interest in the hairs and their connotations, she concluded her lower scrubbing and stood back up, little did she know of the reaction her action would have.

With her hand still placed on the inner side of her leg, the act of standing pulled her upper body up as well, sliding her hand up along the contours of her thigh before moving freely to rub up along her genitals. The sudden feel of an alien hand on her most private area catapulted Blake off the tiled floor and into the air, where she attempted to grip onto the smooth shower walls in a frightened, feline crouch; with no success.

She fell back to the ground, panting with fright. 'What the hell was that?' she thought in a sudden, on-set, sexually-charged panic.

'That would be me~' her Heat responded. Blake groaned as she lifted herself from her crouch and scowled at herself. She could practically hear the twisted smile of her Heated mind, like it were slapped against the shower pane beside her. The errant giggling of the Voice did not lessen the situation, either.

If Blake was upset before, she was practically livid at this point. If she could, she would strangle the life out of her blasted Heat, along with all it's freakishly evocative thoughts and overwhelming compulsions it could force unto her body. And any brain babies it spawned with it could be purged from her body like the rest of the gunk that arrives once a month. But that was just wishful thinking on Blake's part. And slightly erotic on the Heat's. Blake rid her mind of those pesky thoughts and thought of how best to deal with this ghastly antagonist she had become host to.

Like any persistent bully, there was a trick to not letting them get the better of you; a trick that ensured they would never dominant you, and you could walk away with your head held high and give you the peace of mind of never being bothered by those bullies ever again. And the trick was, to ignore them. Ignore every snide comment and crude gesture and rough action they plague you with, for however long they persist. Ignore them and then beat them at their own game; beat them until they cry for mercy and they never attempt to strike back again; but do so righteously and virtuously, with no ill-intentions or actions at all. The idea is not to get them to leave you alone – it is to ensure they never attempt to antagonise you ever again, and that they know their place after dealing with you. And as a Faunus, she knew all about how to deal with bullies. Past and present.

However, while this this proved to be valuable information in the past, it was pretty useless information in the present, as she did not want to play the particular game her Heat had in mind any more than she already had to; especially since it was nothing but ill-intending actions. But she'd find a way to skirt around that AND play it's own game of trickery AND win! But for now she'd settle for ignoring it.

Moving on from the fragile livid-ness she had placed over herself, Blake grabbed her shampoo and conditioner mix and lathered her scalp liberally with the fine, oozing, magenta, black and white product. Meanwhile she tried her hardest to ignore her dastardly – albeit cunning – Heat.

She tried to block it out using her heightened sense of hearing, but it only made the Voice louder in her own head. She tried biting her tongue, in the hopes that the pain would supersede the arousal of her Heat; but this was ineffective as it reversed and managed to stimulate her when she did so, however unbelievable that was to receive. She even contemplated gouging her eyes with her shampoo, but psyched herself out of it, out of better judgement. She did whatever she could to take her mind away from her Heat and what it could make her do if she wasn't careful; she actually tried to stroke her brain for results while she massaged the foamy product along the ribbons of her ebony hair.

With her vision blurring with her increasing, inner concentration, her hands followed the waves of her long, black hair down, pressing the shampoo into every strand her hands passed. She reached the end of one side, and began work on the other, moving with senseless purpose. While she shut out the outside world of stimulus she found a sensual comfort in simply running her hands through her dark hair.

In an effort to escape any kind of verbal assault, she honed her exquisite feline eyes onto something, anything that might hold her interest long enough to circumvent any further intrusions from the 'Other' of her mind. She refused to acknowledge that demon for what it has done to her. It was not a person, let alone a part of her subconscious. It was a beast. A beast in need of a leash. But not like the leash used in Chapter 37 of 'Ninjas of Temptation: Forbidden Edition', in a bout of a power-play dynamic between two quarrelling lovers. Not one used in an inappropriate manner, not at all.

Whilst searching for some form of leash – or any speck of detail to occupy her super-heightened senses – she absentmindedly glanced over the bottle she just replaced on the shower rack. Along her glance she stopped and did a double-take on the bottle.

It was a fresh bottle of shampoo. Nothing awfully amazing about it, aside from how well it bolded and lifted her hair after she used it. It was a tall black bottle, which became slightly thinner up the length of it and was shaped into this odd, modern contour that was divided half-way around from rounded at the front and angular at the back. The text on it was a sleek silver, and the wavy detailing was coloured with ethereal swirls of purple, green and orange; each wisp more prevalent than the last.

Blake thought nothing much of it in her current mindset, but when she first spotted it, it immediately grabbed her attention. The colours, fragrance and brand excited her to buy it. And it didn't hurt that the hair silhouette they designed for the bottle looked an awful lot like her own. It was the initial eye-catching quality that held her once more, her memory serving as a decent stimulant for refreshing her perspective, however minutely it would last.

Her eyes followed the loose 'Z' shape of image pattern and narrowed on the bolded, silver text.

Blackcurrant Beauty: Ziansu.

Blake thought for a second on this incongruous bottle, thinking whether or not she would actually do what she was considering. With a sideways glance of affirmation, she took some advice she'd received from her partner a little while ago, and tried to think – not scrutinise, just think – about the shampoo. Nothing but the shampoo...

After coming up blank momentarily Blake began to wonder why she actually bought that particular bottle in the first place. Hoping to see where that thought might take her. With nothing left to lose – especially not her dignity – she allowed her brain to wander.

Blake particularly enjoyed this brand of mix because of the soothing aroma and hair enrichment that it gave her every morning, which was promised from the bottle. She could actually feel the amazing effect the product had to her long, precious hair; each strand feeling tighter and fuller after every use, which lasted long into the day too. She'd often catch herself just running her hands through her hair, wafting out little vestiges of it's fantastic exotic, dark and fruity fragrance as well as feeling like long threads of obsidian silk, and was unbashful when she continued to do so well after realising it. Plus, it didn't irritate her other, more sensitive ears when she used it. And she took very particular care with her ears, maintaining a softness to her fur to compliment the smooth ribbons of the rest of her hair.

Plus the ethical manufacturing methods taken to make this masterpiece of hair product put it a notch above the rest – they didn't test it on wild animals, but instead ensured it was Faunus-friendly, allowing for 'better care of fur and feather', whilst 'maintaining a coat of richness and a pallor of perfection – for mammal & vertebrate-Faunus use, only'. That's what she liked about it – this new 'Ziansu' was the first of a new line of Faunus-friendly products that were being released alongside current, 'average human' products. To Blake it showed that people – not just an individual, or a fundamentalist group or a colony, an actual corporation – was striving for equal-ground. Even in their own small way, such as this. And that was a product she was happy to partake in.

'If only they could have a 'one for all' commercial line, everything would be fine.' She commented.

Funnily enough, Blake found this brand completely by accident. Originally a friend brought it to her attention by launching it at her in a shopping centre not far from where Blake was living at the time. This was back when it was first introduced; Bittersweet Beauty by Couleur/Chevelure. It was an Umbra-Currant infusion aimed at 'the feisty gal and the cool chick – for the total girl of mystery.' Her friend thought it was befitting of the young, feline Faunus as her character could often be summarised with the entire subtitle of that 'Hair-Colour' product. 'The sweetness lies beneath the darkness, all within the beauty of the beast.' Her friend had quoted from the bottle's caption, adding the latter half herself, to spite Blake. This remark had always made Blake frown; she didn't appreciate the notion that she was 'bittersweet'. She could be distant, and negative, but mostly she was just mellow. Fiercely loyal to the cause of the earlier White Fang, but reserved and calm. This, however, did little to stop Blake from purchasing the bottle immediately, to which she became hooked and has used ever since.

Speaking of which, she should really get in touch with her friend again. They hadn't spoken since before Exams began, and undoubtedly she'd be anxious to know about how she felt she went. She's just that kind of person. But, anyhow, Blake had more important things to attend to. Like the fact she had just finished her shower.

Blake almost couldn't believe it, but surprisingly, just thinking about her shampoo helped her a lot. Somehow, Blake had done what she thought impossible. She had bored her Heat. And now Blake was good to go.

Yang was right, hair-care was a good way of clearing the mind. And here she thought her partner was just absent-mindedly wasting water whilst playing with her own, illustrious hair. She actually found reading the blurb of her shampoo/conditioner and just thinking about the stuff was an excellent way of drowning out her Heat with pure boredom, however momentarily. This reprieve did allow her to lather, rinse and complete her shower without another episode of feline rejection of the shower's spray and before another interruption by the imposing 'Other' that existed in her head.

She imagined her Heat-self in a corner of her mind, withering like the bubbles in her hair getting lashed with water and draining away. And now she was finished, finally. 'I can get on with my day now.' She smiled with self-satisfaction, looking wistfully at the bottle on the rack before her, 'And I have you to thank for that.' She thought, before tapping the lid like she would to a pet's nose. Just then the lid closed and the bottle fell to the floor, splashing Blake's legs.

"Whoops!" Blake uncharacteristically exclaimed, remarking with a curt laugh on her clumsiness and bent down to retrieve the bottle before it's precious innards all leaked down the drain.

Just as she wrapped her fingers around it, she felt two unfamiliar hands grasp the sides of her hips. She gasped and froze momentarily in place, unable to react in time to the intruding grabber. Just as she was about to whip around and assault whoever it was that was daring to touch an unsuspecting woman while she was bathing and exposed, she heard the person bend over her and breathe,

"Hello, Blake." His voiced snaked through the air into her ears and reaching the pleasure centre locked within. Blake cried out in shock; whipping her head around to face him, just as she felt a long digit press against her untouched flower,


From a single moan, Pyrrha's labour of her dreaming began anew. Pyrrha never thought herself capable of such a sound – like the single strum of a guitar caught in the windpipe of a feline, voicing it's lonely dirge to the pearly, omnipotent moon – but soon found herself capable of many more things than just voicing her great satisfaction.

Just then the warm spray of the shower and the gentle trickle of water cascading down her body gave her a long moment's bliss; the invigorating scent of her body-wash – uplifting ozone and twisting citrus – filled her head with a deep orange haze, and the soft corporeal form of her new-love before her, elevated Pyrrha to a new level of pleasure. In this new place, with this wonderful warrior, she felt comfort and bliss like none other. And a ravenous desire to give him a front-row seat of just what he was making her feel.

With a reloaded mental magazine of Jaune, Pyrrha began seeing how she could 'unload' in her reinvigoration as she closed her eyes in lustful bliss.

She saw Jaune, and only Jaune, appear in a wave of steam carried on a rushing breeze. The air was hot, and moist, much like both of their bodies were now – steam rolling off of Jaune's tall, toned frame from wherever he'd appeared from. He wore a smile as light and easy as he'd always given her, the smile that brought a sigh from her lips and made her legs tremble and made the sensitive spot between her legs tingle and moisten ever so slightly. His eyes were bright and cool like the midday sky of spring, and he peered at her with a look she has never seen, but had always wished he'd given her; a look of intense desire and giving. For and to her.

Pyrrha began to feel the heat and humidity more so now and just then Pyrrha realised that it was due to both of them standing under the spray of the shower. Pyrrha's vision expanded. They were in the shower. Together… Naked. Pyrrha looked down. Her face slackened in awe and joy as it turned a bright red at the sight of her desire's long-waiting desire. Her breath hitched in her throat. She backed into the wall in excited surprise, the sharp jab of the cold moisture rebounding in effect and exciting her even more. From this spot, pressed against the wall, she observed the angel before her in all his glory, feeling a hotness unlike any she's ever felt pool in her stomach and move lower and outwards the longer she observed.

He stood before her, letting her devour his body with her eyes alone, standing with pride and self-assurance that Pyrrha had dreamt of seeing many times; the spray of the shower only striking one half of his solid, lightly toned body. The lower half… Jaune seemed to enjoy the feel of the water, softly cupping some in his hand and letting it spill over his long neck and beautiful face and broadened chest, rubbing his hands and the water along his body where the shower hadn't reached. Although Pyrrha was not directly under the shower's head, she felt a wetness of her own. And not a splashback from the floor or from Jaune's solid body, but between her legs, where the hotness was coming from inside her.

While she had no idea what was happening to her, she never once took her eyes from Jaune. A naked angel stood before her; the very Broadsword of Homm-Helios – white and pure – and he was letting her drink in her fill of his… beauty. Ever refined bump of muscle she'd worked into him over the past few months; all the wonderful lengths and widths of his limbs and his appendage…the soft swirls of sun-golden hair pressing down along his head and loins… She saw the softness of the hard of who Jaune was and what he has become, and she felt like she'd fallen for him all over again. She drank in every single inch of his dripping, wet body for however long she could.

As she gazed upon the first erect penis she'd ever seen, she was immediately engrossed with how odd it looked. Beautiful, definitely, as it was Jaune's, but odd, nonetheless. In reality it was indistinct – and non-existent – but it still amazed and captivated her that he would show her with such boldness it made her… wet. In fact, in the depths of Pyrrha's thoughts, she actually found it to look quite… delectable… she deliberated after a moment's thought, as she begun to lightly salivate at the sight. She thought she would just lick all around it and suck it-

Just then her vision flashed to see herself, from where she currently stood, on her knees before Jaune, her hand grasped on his erect penis, eyes closed in bliss and her lips suckling at the shaft, tongue flicking back and forth, hungrily, imprecisely. Her vision flashed again to her own perspective between Jaune's legs, adoring his manhood with her own tongue lashings as his head threw backwards as he moaned. Another flash and she and Jaune stood apart, once more. Although now the air between them was tighter, due to them both having seen and felt what had happened in that one flash.

They both wanted that. They both wanted more. But neither one moved. Not out of fear, or nervousness, but sanctity. The moment was too sacred for either one to want to interrupt. Just then a flash of her earlier dream – a deep orange and vermillion sky, the solid bronzewood tree erect beside them, it's branches of a million autumn leaves swaying in the soft breeze and Jaune's body pressed into hers while they kissed passionately back and forth, hot heavy breaths passing into moans and groans with each cusp of a hand or a movement of the chest or the shoulders or the hips. Just then the flash ended and the two had both seen and felt the moment again, both now unable to contain themselves. Jaune took the first mighty leap – stepping forward. Pyrrha watched him, mesmerised and wanting as he stopped just one step away. Pyrrha looked down. His penis was fully erect, pointing at her as if magnetised to her, and Pyrrha's breath hitched in her throat again. Her hair clung to her forehead, neck, shoulders and back in the sweltering heat, and her wetness only grew as the heat within blew out across her entire body like a wildfire and the wetness became like that of a jungle – just from Jaune being this close and seeing his reciprocal desire. As clear as sunshine.

Without another moment's hesitation, Jaune leaned his head down, and softly, ever-so softly, pressed his lips against hers.

It felt… faint… hollow… virtually non-existent against her lips… But, at the same time, wonderful and bright and fulfilling and all the things she'd imagine a kiss from her angel would be. Or will be. Pyrrha ignored the fact that Jaune was not actually there, instead favouring to continue and complete this interaction of her dreamscape.

The kissing grew deeper with each passing second, their bodies inching closer to fulfilment. Before Pyrrha knew it Jaune had deepened the kiss fully, pressing his toned body to hers, her nerves dancing with delight at the feel of him against her. Pyrrha moved to reciprocate and deepen the kiss as well and excitedly inserted her tongue, longing for more of his loving undulations upon her lips and body. Just then she realised the immense erection and testicles Jaune had now pressed against her midsection, as if only now remembering it existed, and she moaned deeply into Jaune's hot mouth. It kind of tickled her as it moved side to side with Jaune's lavishing kisses and caresses. It wasn't just his erection, though. She felt all of him against her, his long arms around her waist, his long legs against her own, his chest and stomach against her breasts and body; everything. It was at that moment that Pyrrha knew that this was it. It was time. It was going to happen, and Pyrrha fully submitted herself to what she and Jaune were about to commit to. Their own act of love.

As Jaune pressed his lips along her neck and collar bone, Pyrrha arched her back into him, tilted her head back and breathed out,


All the world was lost to Pyrrha in the blossoming of the steam, and her moaning, and the wonderful sensation of her hands sliding up and down her dripping, lean, curvaceous body. This time, without relent or permission her fingers rubbed and stroked her wet flesh wherever Pyrrha demanded attention. Anywhere her hands hadn't been or had just recently left, received a warm welcome from the powerful palms that craved the plump skin's attention. A wide, ecstatic smile never left her face, though it quavered with giggling and sighs.

Pyrrha continued her caresses with unbeknownst fervour. Thoughts of herself and Jaune encapsulated in steamy love swirled around her like the faint mist of the shower. Mismatched flashes of Jaune's body shot through her mind; his breath and eyes trailing her body, devouring her beauty with a greedy pace, his hands and mouth roaming her curves and perfected body with a lustful hunger, his whole naked body pressed against her own in a frenzied slap of skin that made her blood boil with delight, and every little thing in-between.

Pyrrha's head was spinning. She's never had this torrential flood of hot desire flow through her so wholly, before. Never in battle, and certainly not in public, had she ever felt such titillation. 'So this… is what it feels like…' she thought with a moan. This heat. This exhilaration. This desire to… touch and… squirm and… do some many things she just couldn't contain herself. She wanted more. She wanted it. And she knew it was time. She would be ready. She drank in the elixir of her thoughts once more before submerging back into her fantasy. 'I… love this…'

Pyrrha was doing so many things she never thought herself capable of. Five minutes ago or even five minutes before that, she never would have imagined jostling Jaune's member like she were practising with Miló like she was now – stroking the shaft and acutely rubbing with all of her fingers, and bringing in her palm every now and then, caressing it, enjoying the feel of his stiffness reacting to her actions. If she could see what she was doing at that moment – masturbating a non-existent erection against her stomach, moaning like a cat in heat – she would just die. But only a little death. While she was far from hoping to stop, she knew she'd walk away from this scene enlightened. Pleasurably so. For now she was content in exacting her latent fantasies of her partner.

Diving back into her dreams she found Jaune becoming much, much more passionate. He spoke words to her she didn't understand – they were more like pleasing sounds that certainly would have sounded romantic if she knew what Jaune would say in that situation, other than giggle with nerves. His hands were empty, but always touching her, wherever she wished touching. His eyes were like vapour, slithering away in ether, but stood where she saw them and where they showed his love to her, unending. It was so strange but so wonderful at the same time, Jaune was everything and nothing all at the same time. Much like he had been in her thoughts, day and night, waking and asleep. The only difference being, that she wasn't going to let this daydream stop without her completing it. The way she wants it to end. She was going to follow it through, on her own terms.

Whilst kissing the lips she so desperately wanted to be there, but weren't, she rubbed one hand down the front of her body, bringing it to pause below her belly button. 'I'm lov- ready… love-ready for you Jaune… I'm ready… I love you!…' With a slight pause in her internal affairs, and a deep breath, she moved her hand down the penultimate few inches, and began.

A soft mound with a small brush of hairs. A single rub along the soft, warm skin. A bump inwards along the stroke. The first sensation – a bolt of pleasure that shot through her, which left a tingling aftershock. A full system shiver. Powerful and awe-some. Her head threw backwards, her breath hitched with her gasp, all her muscles tensed. A single moan of deep, reverberating pleasure. One finger followed the inner contours gently, the rest stroke the soft outer skin, relaxing and rejuvenating for the next shiver and bolt.

That first stroke against her slick wetness made her legs quake. It made her blood rush. It made her brain blank. It made her very Aura yearn for more of this wondrous, powerful, complete feeling Jaune was bringing her. The first sensation – it is always special. Most people don't experience it this late in life. But for Pyrrha, she had been saving it for when she knew she was ready to experience it, withholding all or any opportunity for it to occur. The time had to be right. And for her, in this moment, she had gotten something completely right. She had gotten Jaune. And Jaune definitely felt right.

She started slow, as slow as she could when she was feeling this heat within her building up and getting ready to burst. The images in her head flashed sporadically to place Jaune's own hand between her legs, pleasuring her beyond compare. She rubbed her fingers up and down in a slow motion, only rubbing the front of her genitals; she was satisfied enough with that alone, and increased fractionally in pace with each growing sensation of ecstasy.

She kept her fingers stiff and her hand planted on herself, moving up and down, up and down, building a steady rhythm to match her hastened breathing; the muscles in her arm tensed and bolded as she worked. That seemed to be the only thing she could do, she was so engrossed in her fantasy. Every move was like the first sensation reborn and refreshed; spine-tingling and shiver-inducing and amazing. With her other hand she traced her side back up to her left breast, her eyes shut in her wet, dreaming bliss. Jaune's fingers grasped her breast and softly rolled her nipple, the sensitive skin pulsating another wave of tingles through her, making her toned body ripple as she gasped into the air,

"Oh Jaune~"

Even under the spray of the shower, Pyrrha could feel herself building up a sweat – the excitement of the moment and the immense arousal it caused building up to an inevitable eruption, and the beads of perspiration were only the predecessor to the full blown event. She could feel it all building to something, a non-existent peak, at the pit of her belly, rising like a fire and preparing to burst. It rumbled in her chest and quaked through her legs and shuttered in her neck and flowed around her genitals. She had felt this many times before, but only at the base of this erogenous peak that she felt within; but now it was in full-swing to the top and beyond. And each stroke brought the flow higher and higher to Heaven, and Pyrrha's personal bliss.

The event was so visceral, unworldly… she couldn't believe it. There could be no wrong doing in this moment, everything was bliss. Jaune worked his imaginary ministrations to perfection, pleasing Pyrrha like never before. She had never felt so loved, so excited, so naughty. All her senses numbing and exploding and recollecting and imploding over and over again, rumbling through her entire soul. All the world was a white haze. Her life was incredible, and she felt blessed to be with the young man she loved at that moment.

She imagined how the real Jaune would react to her right then, seeing what she was doing; gasping his name whilst she pleasured her sacred flower – the slick secretions of her love running across her palm and down her legs. The scent of her vaginal musk acted like a single-target pheromone wafting through the air, which only made her quicken in her self-love.

It surely must have been a sight to behold – four time Mistral Region Tournament Champion and the 'Invincible Girl' herself, jerkily rubbing her hand against her privates whilst she moaned out for her partner, glistening wet, in more ways than one, and building herself to her first ever climax – that would be a real shock to see. And perhaps participate in?... With this new titillating thought fresh in her mind, Pyrrha greatly desired seeing how it is this experience ends. An interesting thought for any person, surely.

Now in a frantic desire to 'complete' the experience, Pyrrha hastily masturbated, hoping to bring herself to her release. She wanted to see to the wondrous end of this fantasy and let her love burst from her body, showering Jaune as the water was doing to her now with her pleasure juices as she would cry his name to the heavens. Pyrrha paused mentally for a second, 'Oh my!... How unexpected!… Why I never would've thought myself capable of… oh my…' she thought, heaving in her breaths and gasping at her own thoughts.

Just then she paused, stilling her breath, and listening for any words… she had to remain discrete, after all. She couldn't have her team, let alone her neighbours, hear her crying out for Jaune whilst she pleasured herself in the shower. That would be very embarrassing and uncomfortable, for everyone. So she slowed her act, and paused to listen, her body tense with sexually-potent energy.

She listened for Jaune or Nora or Ren out in the room; instead she heard a far sea in her ear – her heart beat like a full-body palpitate, blocking what little she could hear. She caught snippets of Nora talking teasingly to Jaune, about what she wasn't sure, but it seemed they were preoccupied with something, whatever it was. She thought she heard the word 'hoodie' and 'Blake' in there somewhere, but couldn't be sure. A distant knock, a muffled voice, the door swinging open and a couple of stomps resounded through the door. That must mean that Nora has leapt onto Ren once he had returned with the food for everyone. With that in mind, Pyrrha knew she had a decent few minutes before somebody would enter the bathroom and she would have to finish up. Or at least stay dead quiet.

Which was a terrible thought – who in their right mind would silently masturbate whilst one of their friends – and possibly the person they're thinking of whilst doing so – was in the room unaware to what they were doing? 'Well that… could very well be… the plan… if I don't reach the… end soon…' Pyrrha thought, wondering if she was willing to risk getting caught by more open ears.

'Hm… maybe just try to stay quiet… That might be best…' she thought, continuing with her former rubbing of her sensitive spot. She picked up pretty much where she left off but managed to compartmentalise listening and breath-holding with self-pleasure. An immensely difficult, but not impossible, feat, Pyrrha found out.

As the pleasure began to build once again, and Jaune fulfilling her dreams once more, Pyrrha began to lean against the shower wall more and more, jutting out her pelvis under the shower's spray. And what an effect it had! The warmth and the wetness and her arousal all boosted past it's former glory, and Pyrrha found herself moaning even harder and rubbing even faster. With this revelation, Pyrrha discovered that she desired more. More of Jaune, more of this pleasure, more! Knowing this, Jaune pressed his lips against her own, standing up to meet her in this union, exchanging his hand for his lonesome, erect member. This was it, Pyrrha realised. This was the moment she's been waiting for. After all these minutes of ministrations, finally, it is going to happen. Pyrrha caved under her own pleasure. She couldn't hold it back any longer. She wanted to feel him inside. She wanted to feel all of him. She wanted to make love with Jaune…

With a tentative press of a single finger, and a chaste, breathy confession; Pyrrha plunged forth into her pleasurable abyss,

"I love you, Jaune~"

Blake was losing her mind.

She was serious, she was… losing it.

Not a moment ago was she scot-free from any more intrusions from her blasted, salacious, licentious, atrocious Heat, and what does it do, just to spite her? Assault her when she's least expecting it!

She should have been ready. She should have expected more from it by now. She should have guessed that her Heat might take possession of her body parts and make her do things to herself subconsciously! But to be fair, she's only had her Heat for a night, but it feels like it's trapped her for weeks. Months even. Its influence over her was so potent she could not believe what it was capable of making her do.

And the worst part was at how easily it did so! Like it wasn't even a challenge. Which made Blake feel like a sleaze, and she hadn't actually done anything yet. She'd just tried to get herself clean, was that too much to ask?!

She was there. She was right there! Home free! But then she was caught by the poisonous grip of her terrible ancestral mating habits. Like a person trying to ignore their amorous date; no matter what you do, they're going to find a way to have their way. Sometimes, horrifically, whether you agree to it or not…

Blake could see the light at the end of the tunnel, feel the freedom from her mental oppressors, taste it within her reach, but now Blake was stuck in her team's shower; bent over, naked, the shower pelting her back from high above, her precious, aromatic shampoo leaking away through her fingertips, swirling with the running water down the drain, and Jaune Arc was pressed directly against her bottom. Or, at least, who Blake thought was Jaune Arc.

In truth, it was her Heat's treachery at work once again.

The ghost hand that had betrayed her earlier was now a Blake-certified traitor to the state of Blake Belladonna. It had been possessed by her Heat once more and acted as the delegate for her latent – although only from the subject – fantasies; beginning at one hip – the sensation doubling to make-believe one on either side – and then indiscriminately trailing her contours to the spot between her legs. She had only one moment to curse her predicament before she was swept under in the tidal wave of sensation.

'Curse you and your power!' Blake ferociously roared to herself before the cataclysm occurred.

Her body locked, unable to move once her finger found it's way to her pleasure nub, and shot a bolt of ecstasy through her like no other wonder drug in invention. Like a wildfire it erupted within her, causing her skin to feel aflame; her blood to boil and her brain to melt. Her muscles tensed and her bones erected themselves still, gaining control from her primordial bloodline, momentarily. And like a beast reborn, Blake began to act on her deepest instincts.

When her finger pressed on her clitoris, it was like a key opening a lock; some deep, dark vault within the labyrinth of her consciousness released a mighty latch and allowed the door to creak open, and allowed a wisp of fire to slip through and escape. Like a flintlock her Heat was alight and set free to play as it wished. However minutely, it was indeed mighty, as Blake soon found out, if this was just a wisp.

It froze and burned and electrified and earth-quaked. It took her breath away and filled her with delight and excitement. It shook her and rambled her and soothed her and eased her. There was so much input and output that Blake completely lost her grip on her consciousness for a single second. And that second was all her Heat needed, a dark tendril reaching forth.

Suddenly Blake no longer cared about the indecency of her Heat; or her compromising position, or the savage love she was giving herself, only that she continued and did not stop no matter what. She wanted fulfilment, she wanted completion, she wanted to arrive at the finish and reap the wondrous splendour of this moment for all that it was worth. With Jaune. She didn't care what was happening now. Completing her experience right here and now was her only goal.

Everything felt more amazing and better in this moment. The floor and walls were ice cool, the water was fiery hot, her soft, smooth hand and powerful fingers – 'Jaune' – was excellent at stimulating her genitals, and, best of all… nobody would know! It wouldn't hurt anybody if she snuck a little self-quicky in before heading out. So why not? Besides, she needed this. She deserved this.

'A little 'Completion' present…' she thought as she arched her back into a more pleasing position; legs spread, her face inches from the tiled wall, her hot breath fogging up wet walls before her. 'Besides… it might stifle this blasted Heat for once…'

She needed a release, the last few gruelling months had stressed everybody immensely, and Blake was not exempt to this. She wanted to celebrate the completion of her Exams with a 'bang' – and this Heat was seriously stressing her out, what with the frenzied emotions; the heightened senses, the dulled self-control, the raging impulses, all of it. So what better way to relieve her stress than with a wet, glorious orgasm? Blake couldn't think of anything. And so, shrugging, she gyrated against her hand, not even attempting to stifle her moan.

"Mmmmm, Jaaaaaaauuunne~…"

Now this was not the first time Blake had given herself pleasure – her first time, rather awkwardly, she had been caught by her mother when she was younger, as she had been mewling like a kitten the entire time and brought attention to herself. Shortly thereafter Blake began her silencing training, and her mother and she never brought that moment up again. But still, she knew what she was doing.

She didn't do it often, neither did she aspire to stop doing it anytime soon, but she had restraint – anybody who knew her knew that – and so this was a seldom-seen event for Blake. It was a self-indulgence she would engage in sporadically, whenever she was compelled by great lust after reading one of her deliciously descriptive novels, or, sometimes, when some other form of material was presented to her that made her particularly amorous. Which wasn't a whole lot, frankly. At least not until last night, of course.

Now with her latent bombardment of hormonal upheaval, Blake supposed some kind of parlay was needed between her and her Heat. That seemed like the best she could do. So, she thought, the best way she could resist her urges and prolong her Heat until she was better equipped, was by, at least, teasing it for now. Giving in, only a little –on her terms, mind you – was for the best.

'A "One for One", shall we say?..' Blake offered, heaving passionately as she did so.

Surreptitiously, she heard a blow of wind, like a movement of in the shadows, a familiar sound to her, but no voice. The silence was broken as a deep purr within Blake's ribs erupted as 'Jaune' shifted his hands up Blake's tense back and started tracing circles with his firm hands of soft flesh.

Blake thought the internal silence to mean 'yes', and rubbed along her clitoris and vagina vigorously. 'Alright, then… I'll just let Jaune do the talking for you…'

Just as Blake returned from this inner monologue, 'Jaune' grasped both sides of her hips with fingers like fish hooks and slid his erection against her genitals briskly; slowly grinding backward all the way along his length, letting his penis 'pop' off the end of her rosy flesh and bounce back before he repeated the process. Blake could only moan as the long lashings of the lustful length Jaune gave her fulfilled her new-found dreams and satisfied a fresh – but at the same time ancient – desire for pleasure from his magnificent member.

Blake found his sudden roughness and amorous action with her very exciting; pushing back against his erection as he groaned and deepened the dip of each mighty thrust, the whole time she could not believe how lucky she was that 'Jaune' decided to appear when he did.

He was there, alright. His warm, slightly clean-musk scent; his soft skin and firm musculature, his wonderful, effervescent voice and attitude, his lean, scraggly, naked body and – Blake limberly bent backwards, licking from the hairs above his loin up to his chin – yes, his unique, light flavour. All of him was there. 'Just for me.' Blake gleefully added, as she continued with the dry-humping.

Finding herself improperly balanced in their position, Blake snaked her hand up the wall, leaving a blood trail of magenta, black and white up the tiled wall – the bittersweet scent wafting into her brain and filling her mind's eye with a swirling, shadow-y purple haze – pressing her fingertips against the cold tiles like a clawed animal, grazing the wall with her nails, her hand rising fractionally with each huff of Blake's, before sliding her palm up flat and then pushing back with her arm to keep her from teetering.

Blake was loving this. It was hard, but it was teasing. Chaste, even. She wouldn't let her man get too excited – though, if he were to, she wouldn't mind at all – she had to make this last. 'He's' consumed her mind and attention for the past evening and she demanded 'he' pay for that! But, then again… she needed this fuckin' just as bad as he did. So she was going to give him a romp unlike any other, and they were both going to have to hold on as best they can and enjoy the ride.

Soon Blake just found herself forcefully rebounding against 'Jaune's' hips as 'Jaune' pulled and thrust in time with her, 'Jaune' standing tall and solid whilst Blake had to stabilise herself against the wall with her hands.

Blake began huffing as she slid her rigid fingers quickly along the front of her genitals, breathing Jaune's name with each moan, arching her back more and more to fully enjoy the inner and outer pleasure she was having. All around she was in ecstasy. The swirling world of shadow-y tones of Couleur, the vibrant dark sweetness of her hair product, the heat, the cold, Jaune – all of Jaune!

Blake was aroused like never before. Everything was brilliant and… stimulating. And all because of that magnificent man-boy pressed up against her backside. Jaune cooled in her a brazier of dark flames she had no hope of quelling without him, which would only elate her and bring her to want to please him for soothing her of such deeply rooted pain.

She wanted to continue this brilliance. She wanted to see it all the way through, for both him and herself. She wanted to please him. She craved his touch. The feel of his skin, the sound of his voice, the brunt of his breath, the throbbing of his love. She desired him. To serve his lust and desires, so she may claim his love. She wanted to give herself to him completely, and service him like no other person could. She wanted to complete the illustrious dance of eternal sanctity with him. She wanted to consummate one another, binding them forever more. In fact, at that moment, Blake was very, very sure, she wanted to bear his ch-

"Dear Gods, Blake! I love you…"

Blake stopped completely and rotated her head slowly round to gaze at him. And for that moment she truly saw him. Looking almost… angelic. As solid as stone but as immaterial as rain, cast in light from above them both, and looking absolutely stunning. He was her angel of desire. He was slick with sweat and was huffing just as heavily as she. His hair hung from his head as he craned over her, resting his forehead against his arm which he used to lean against the wall while he recuperated. He looked irresistible in this moment. She felt like she could just pounce on top of him and wrap herself around him and never let him go. He was her Chosen One. For better – Blake gazed upon his face, seeing his soul shine through his eyes… – and for worse – she looked down, in between her firm, hanging breasts and to his member... The end thick, pinkish-red and throbbing, and slick with her juices.

'Oh yes…' Blake's thinking separated by heavy breaths, 'definitely for the Better…' she amended, turning her head back to face forward, to the wall.

Seeming to have caught his breath back, Jaune pulled away from Blake and huskily said,

"Make yourself comfortable, Blake… I want you to enjoy this as much as I do…" Jaune breathed to her. Amazing, how considerate Jaune was, even in imaginative form. Complying, Blake bent down and sat on her knees, smiling, flustered but content as she turned to say,

"Heh, I am enjoying this, Jaune… but I would enjoy it better like this…" she replied in kind, trailing her hand back down the wall to leverage herself against the shower floor. But on the way down, her hand slid up against the forgotten bottle of hair product and slid it to the door, where Blake promptly, and unexpectedly, sat down right on top of it. The long, unusual shape substituted as a very convincing, phallic object.

Suddenly Jaune no longer hovered over her ready to be where she wanted him to be. He was just there. Behind her. His length pressed between her lower lips and the floor, which caused him to groan and pulsate.

Now Blake had no need to use her hand, and no need to dialogue with her envisioned lover. All was ready to proceed. Her eyes brightened and then narrowed as she groaned and shivered against her substitute.

Like an animal she sat naked on her hands and knees, pumping quickly back and forth, making love to a bottle of hair product whilst she dreamt of an invisible young man; a man who lived across the hall. So enamoured with her own imagination, she did not hesitate as she greedily gasped his name as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through her,

"Oh Jaune! Mmph!..." she continued to pound away, obliviously and without a care n all the world.

"Oh, yes, baby, yes! Ah!" faster and faster she went, feeling a slow build up in her lower regions, the heat within rising and dissipating with Jaune's touch and kisses.

"AaaaAaaaAAAAAh! AH! YeeeeeeeesssSSssssSSSssssSSSsss, OoooOooooOooOoooooOooo…"

Blake was aroused additionally by the sound of herself, and began sucking on her own fingers to increase the effect. In a minor moment of clarity, as she felt her glorious orgasm nearing completion, Blake thought, in passing, 'This would be so much easier with Jaune actually here.' She ruminated, almost bitterly while she gyrated against the length pressed against her loin. Just as she applied her saliva-slicked fingers to her throbbing nub, she thought again,

'Jaune should really be here… I really wish he was here right now to feel this…' she commented, dispassionately and… dare she say?.. despondent. Then, as if struck by lightning, Blake jolted back from this intimacy she'd slipped into and saw just what it was she was doing.

'What on?!... but how?!... I don't…'

Unable to comprehend how it is she came to this predicament, Blake sat as if in a post-coital craze, coming down from the high she had been giving herself moments ago. Seeing her surroundings she figured she mustn't have been masturbating long. Seeing as how it didn't take much to bring her to orgasm. Confusedly, Blake rose from her crouch on the floor, feeling a painful tenseness in her legs from the savage pounding they'd been subject to all that time. Blake hissed as she sat up from her crouch to her knees.

'How on Remnant did I get to-' But Blake cut herself short, knowing full well the answer. She squinted her eyes as her prior arousal faded completely as a new feeling consumed her: rage. Her Heat had tricked her! AGAIN! That loathsome, licentious beast inside her head had duped her once more, and actually convinced her that masturbating would be beneficial for her at that time. She sighed through grit teeth, seething and indignant.

Angrily, she grabbed and replaced the bottle of precious product back on the rack, and stretched her tensed rear muscles before she would grab a towel and head back out, before any more tricks could be played on her.

Just as she reached for the shower taps, the same alien hand as before grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm back behind her, and another took her other and held it above her, pressed against the cold shower wall,

"What the hell!-"

"You didn't forget about me did you, Blake?!" Blake froze.

That voice. That once warm, husky voice was now shrill and sharp. The hands that once caressed and soothed her now hurt her. The lustful length she once admired now pressed against her unwanted, throbbing with malicious, dark intent.

Shakily, Blake turned her head around, frightful of what she dread to see,


This figure was no longer Jaune. It was some bottom-feeder of the shadow-y depths of society that had stolen his body and used it to get to Blake. It had beady, crimson eyes, and sharp, jagged teeth, and thick, brown hair and filthy, soaking flesh. This was no lover of her's. This horrifying thing! This was a beast! A beast that repulsed Blake to her very core.

Without hesitation or reply, Blake attempted to resist and attack the invader, but found herself not responding. Instead she turned back around, moaned as she had before and rocked against his alien erection. Blake could not believe what she was doing, she didn't want this! She wanted to strike him down and gauge out those despicable eyes of his before she'd mutilate and lacerate those vile limbs of his. Why wasn't she responding?

It was then she remembered… her Heat had controlled her before, why couldn't it do so again? That is what must be happening now, but instead of convincing her to reciprocate and enjoy the experience, it was just doing what it pleased for itself, rather than playing to her imagination.

"I wasn't done yet, Blakey!" he shrieked, grasping her harshly, and preparing her for entry.

Blake was indignant! She wanted to thrash and kick and scream but to no avail. Her Heat was in charge, and it willingly pressed her chest against the wall and arched her back so her rear was more open for him.

This was horrible. What could she do?! Jaune was her Chosen One. Her mate-to-be! Not this loathsome creature! But this was the idea of Jaune, so it would be enough to suggest her body into compliance! She could not resist!

His breath shook in her ear as she gazed upon him, horror-struck. He was her Chosen One. For better – Blake gazed upon his face, seeing right into his soul of vile, tainted evil – and for worse – she looked down, in between her firm breasts and to his gaudy member.

"I want what I want!"

"Jaune, NO!"

Blake tried to scream, call for help. But again, nothing. Only he could hear her, but silenced her by punching his chin hard into her cheek, forcing her head against the wall.

This seemed to knock Blake back momentarily into her Heat point of view, and he became luscious and beautiful again. But here, Blake was in Two minds, as this 'Jaune', too, wasn't actually Jaune either. It was like an oil-painting of Jaune… he was… ideal and… perfectly arranged. Not too far from the real Jaune, actually, but still. Too far for Blake's conscious mind to accept. She was then returned to the semi-real world, where the ugly figure who posed as Jaune leered at her genitals, salivating like an animal, indulging himself before indulging himself.

As Blake rejected this, too, the Heat bumped her back to the other view, where the handsome 'Jaune' prepared for intercourse, just like the other did; observing her flower with love and desire in his eyes.

In Two minds again, she could only watch through Heat-tinted glasses as 'Jaune' prodded her with his majestic, widened member once again, preparing herself for the worst.

She needed to end this, immediately. But how?..

She looked around anxiously, spotting something that just might do the trick…

Pyrrha's mindscape became a red mist of static-y muddled images as pain shot through her, from in between her legs all the way up to her hair follicles in a rough shiver, and made her entire body tense in shock.

'OW!... What have I done wrong?'

Pyrrha had only just inserted her middle finger into her vagina, and already it was starting to hurt. What she had done was a twofold reaction for herself.

First in her most tender area – the virgin flesh that was once welcoming of this foreign visitor now rebutted entrance within her folds – and second in her head – Pyrrha trying to unravel this puzzle that landed upon her like an anvil.

What was it? What went wrong? Pyrrha frantically tried to deduce what it was she had done to bring her arousal to a dead halt in one second. She peered down.

It looked as if her finger had been sucked off from the knuckle. It certainly felt that way.

'Wait… is that it?.. Could it be, I-… Oh dear Gods!' she thought, as she gently, very gently, pulled her finger back out. Another twofold feeling rang through her; one of her finger exiting from the tight, wet suction of her vagina, and another of her inner walls tightening back up at the exit of her digit. Then as her finger emerged with a slicky click she realised what was wrong – she had gnarled her finger upon entry and jammed it in, by accident. This obviously was a first-time mistake, but Pyrrha would make sure NEVER to let it happen again. Or anytime soon, for that matter!

It was one thing to gently rub the outer area of your most sensitive, private and personal place on your body, but it was an entirely different thing to go ahead and insert a finger to stimulate yourself! This was serious; the weight of Pyrrha's action lifting the steamy veil that was once over her and suddenly hitting her like gravity.

She leant away from the wall and caught her breath. 'This is ridiculous, I'm masturbating in my team's shower! How could I possibly think this was a good idea? Ugh, I feel awful, I have to end this, now…'

Just as Pyrrha was going to turn off the taps and step out, his voice rose again,

"So do you not want to finish?.." he asked, innocently.

A single syllable in and she was mesmerised and held by his words. He instantly grabbed her attention back, her head snapping to her left, towards the shower door. Like a godly mosaic he appeared, again; from his waist down was shrouded in stormy clouds, his toned abdomen and arms still visible like ivory towers in the mist, his eyes shimmering and hair dulled from the overcast of his visage, a bright white light shining behind him. Oh such power he held with her heart! She immediately wanted to leap to him and hold him and stroke him and reassure him of how deeply she loved him, and how greatly she valued him, and how much she desperately wanted to continue! Oh and how badly she wanted to continue! But this was madness, she had to stop.

"I'm sorry, my sweet, but I cannot," Pyrrha said resolutely, surprising herself with her own polished vernacular at this moment, saying with assurance – and without any preparation – a pet name for him, "this is ridiculous, and I should never have done this at all, and-"

"So you didn't actually mean any of what you said or did?" he wondered, appearing vulnerable as if divulging a deep secret, and hurt by what she'd said. And immediately, Pyrrha felt the need to hold him and console him, to tell him he was wrong and show him she did love him. But she halted just before she began. With a narrowing gaze she grinned and chided,

"Oh, you clever shrew!" she said affectionately, "My imagination is more accurate than I thought… Only the real Jaune could make me feel this way, and you do an excellent job of trying to be him… but it's no good. I can see through that."

This 'Jaune' nodded dismally – as Jaune was oft to do – understanding the reason, but disliking the action. And as if disempowered by that very statement, Jaune fell from his clouded throne to the wet floor and onto his knees before her like a beggar. Instantly her heart yearned for her to leap to him to give aid, but she had to resist. Instead, she crouched and offered to help him up, but he was the one to resist, this time,

"No, I understand. It isn't meant to be… yet…"

This single sentence nearly broke her heart. Oh how deeply she loved this man before her. She cupped his face – actually cupping his face, although there was nothing there. And it was with tumultuous control that she had to confirm what he had said,

"Yes, it is true, my sweet… It… cannot be… for now… I'm sorry…"

She stood back up, leaving him where he lay huddled on the floor, his erection waning now. It saddened her to see him go, but it had to be. She absolutely could not do what it was she was doing. But still, she hated having to let him go.

Just as Pyrrha made to shut off the shower, she was conflicted. He looked so lost… so vulnerable… so desiring of her… but at the same time so alluring – seated on his knees, eyes peering up at her asking her of her love, body sheen with sweat and shower spray, mouth softly agape with want – not unlike Pyrrha had been in her fellatio flash earlier.

Suddenly a new flash appeared – that of a scene where Jaune on his knees suckling on Pyrrha's loins; Pyrrha leaned back against the tiled wall, her hair splayed out behind her like a limp fire painting, crying Jaune's name out to the heavens, one powerful leg slung over his shoulder, both hands clinging to Jaune's head, pulling him in deeply to lavish her folds with his tongue, while Jaune's back, thigh and buttock's tensed with his rising and descending as he applied more pressure for her pleasure, one arm reaching up to hold and caress one of Pyrrha's breasts, while the other wrapped around Pyrrha's leg to support her as she moved her hips backwards and forwards to make-love with Jaune's mouth. Another flash came and Pyrrha was herself in this scene and looked down with amazement at the sight of Jaune giving her oral sex and she arched her back and began to rock as his tongue explored her virgin flesh.

The flash ended and Jaune appeared before her again. But this time, much more appealingly then before. He seemed unaware of the momentary stimulus Pyrrha had just undergone, but Pyrrha now had to face this reborn arousal and her imminent pouncing onto Jaune to enact this fantasy.

With a shaky breath, Pyrrha uttered,

"Jaune?.." he immediately gazed at her with fresh eyes, wondering what it was she could want of him. With another shaky breath as she had to resist her urges for him, and obstruct the wetness gathering between her legs, she said,

"I… am… tempted…" Pyrrha swallowed a lump that had formed in her throat. This reminded her of the older flash of Pyrrha's fellatio upon Jaune which then reappeared for them both to enjoy and aroused them both once again. Jaune's eyes shimmered with hope, hope that Pyrrha might reconsider, if only for a second.

"Yes?.. And?.." he encouraged, sliding fractionally closer to her.

It was then she could not contain herself, his hope was enough. She grasped him by his shoulders, dragged him back to the other wall of the shower, released him and spread her legs as she leaned back again; revealing the slick wetness he had caused, practically oozing from her beautiful rosy folds of her eager young flower.

Heaving, her breasts rising and falling with each deep inhale, she said,

"Jaune, I want you! NOW!"

And so the masturbation began again.

Pyrrha reasoned that she would be fast to finish, she would not dawdle on her desires and bring herself to orgasm under the wonderful, loving ministrations of Jaune's tongue and mouth upon her genitals. And, she would not, at all, consider inserting her finger this time. No way in hell. Over the top would do. Pyrrha was indulging herself for the final time, and then she'd be off to continue her day, unimpeded. Or so she hoped.

Understandably, her rise was swift as if akin to post-coital continuation between two lovers, as it hadn't actually disappeared yet, and her orgasm was imminent.

'Something's… happening! It's… happening!.. Jaune!'

Pyrrha peered down at the love of her life, suckling and lavishing her in all the right ways as she felt her first ever orgasm approaching quickly. Like a volcano about to erupt, or a pot of water boiling over, she was ready to burst!

Then, a knock came to the door,

"Pyrrha, how long are you gonna be?" Jaune – the real Jaune's – muffled voice came through the bathroom door. Pyrrha ejected from the wall, barrelling her imaginary Jaune out of the way, before tidying herself up – as if he was actually coming in to talk to her – and responded,

"Oh, not long, Jaune!"

Pyrrha breathed heavily as she waited for a response to come… but none did. A deathly silence was her answer, instead. Sighing with relief, Pyrrha briefly considered returning to finish just as a voice broke through the silence,

"Hey Pyrrha!? You done in there? Ren brought back breakfast!~ We wanna go have it in the garden! You cool with that?" Nora announced, shrilly from the other room. That killed the entire mood and atmosphere once again, all her build up practically draining away with her next exhale.

'Curses.' Pyrrha thought. Moment officially ruined.

"No, it's… it's, it's, it's cool! Just, uh… let me finish in here and uh… we can head down…" she offered meekly. Pyrrha turned back to give a final goodbye to her dream-lover, but he had already vanished. With a sigh of resignation, Pyrrha switched off the shower taps, and pulled the towel down from over the door.

To see Nora's blurred face peering back at her.

Pyrrha shrieked, covered herself with the freezing cold, soaking towel and backed away from the door, surprised, panicked and horrified right down to the core of her being; feeling a tightening all the way through her body, most directly in her privates and her heart.

'How long has she been standing there?' she thought, panicking as to the nature of her recent showering-turned-self-exploration. Nora only tilted her head, and placed her hands on her hips,

"Pyrrh-aaaah! We're both girls! It's fi-ne! You don't have to cover up for me. Besides, it's my turn next, so out!" Nora demanded, turning to her faux serious that she'd employ when threatening people with leg-breakings before returning to her typical aloof-whimsy, as she motioned for Pyrrha to get out as she then meandered back out to talk to Ren.

Pyrrha was left panting as she stood in her freezing, damp towel, the sharp jab of cold all across her front re-eliciting a small arousal into her, and the shear panic she'd just experienced left her unusually excited. Just like the adrenalin rush she felt after a close call in battle, she felt a shaky arousal beginning to overcome her. Images of her daydreams began popping back into her head as she was tempted for the second time to try again.

Just then Jaune re-entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him and covering his eyes and repeating 'I'll be out soon!' as he spat out the leftover toothpaste in his mouth, before replacing his toothbrush in its jar, wiping his mouth clean and exiting the room.

'Damn.' A deeply-obscured voice in Pyrrha's subconscious said as any and all hopes of finishing were dashed to oblivion and Pyrrha immediately replied, though without actually hearing it 'Nope. I'm good to stop.' She then went about drying herself off, getting dressed and escaping that tumultuous tube of hygiene until another day passed and it was needed once more.

While Pyrrha vowed never to return to the shower to promote her virgin fantasies and desires for her new-found love ever, she did assure herself of one other surety. This may have been her first instance of self-pleasure, but it would hardly be her last.

Pyrrha would finish… Just as soon as she could… but there would be time enough for that… later…

That day

But for now, she'd be content in getting some food in her system, she was famished-

"No, Jaune, you can't have it back!"

Oh, Nora seems to be wrestling with Jaune, once again, although what for was beyond- Was Nora wearing Jaune's hoodie? Why was she wearing?-

"Oh, good, Pyrrha's here." Ren announced to the wrestling comrades. Pyrrha was initially confused by this-

Why did Nora suddenly start looking at Pyrrha so intent-Ok, so she leapt away from Jaune to return his hood, that's fine- Was she wearing Pyrrha's boots? Why was she wearing Pyrrha's boots? And why was she unzipping the hood so- WAS SHE WEARING PYRRHA'S BODY ARMOUR?!

"BOOO-BIIIIIIIIE! TRAAAAAAAP!" Nora cackled as Jaune did a double-take, completely bewildered by the mixed sight of Nora flashing him in Pyrrha's armour; blood rushing to his face as he was unable to pull his eyes away, which only made Nora laugh more, at the reaction of both Jaune and Pyrrha. Her reasonably ample bosoms were shown unrestrained in the metal-braced leather, which unexpectedly complimented Nora's natural features and her free-spirited personality. That didn't mean it was any less embarrassing to see, though!

Jaune's gaze only relented from Nora when he heard a soft noise of choking from to his side, where his gaze was magnetised to Pyrrha. From there he came to his senses a little more and guiltily tried to obscure the cleavage-rich sight before him, and asked her to remove the hood, and return the chest plate, to which Pyrrha also agreed and asked, shaken.

Neither one of them were expecting the next spectacle she performed.

"No, Nora, I didn't mean- AH!" Jaune shrieked as his eyes followed Nora's hands as she unclasped and then tossed the abdomen piece at him with unparalleled speed which left her bare-chested, and then kicked the boots at Pyrrha who caught each and then used them to block her own eyes at the sight of Nora bouncing around the room topless. She then decided to cover her chest before slamming herself into Ren, who'd been covering his eyes the whole time and holding a fresh set of clothes for her in the other hand, which Nora then took and whisked herself away to the shower, cackling like a maniac all the while.

The slam of the bathroom door left the whole room in silence. Jaune, holding onto the body armour which had just encased Nora's soft, ample body – and Pyrrha's, now that Jaune thought about it – dropped it as soon as possible, looking across the room and scratching his head, trying to appear nonchalant and unfazed. Pyrrha was just gobsmacked that Nora would so such a thing as that. That was Pyrrha's armour! Why did she do that? Just to make Jaune and her blush like crazy and then to flash everyone in the room?! It was so bizarre. She was certainly an oddity. Ren, in typical Ren fashion, strolled across the room, opened the closet, took out some clean towels and brought them to the bathroom door, where he held them out and where swiftly taken two seconds later by a wet, pale arm.

As the trio settled down from that… interesting moment from Nora, they all found themselves at an understandable loss for words.

Hoping to break this illustrious silence, and awkwardness, Jaune offered meekly to the air,

"Gee… this has been a funny morning, hasn't it?"

Both Ren and Pyrrha replied at the same time; the former saying so loudly, and the latter saying so to herself,

"Oh, you have no idea."

With her head stuck where it was by the head of her love and her scourge, Blake could just see the shower taps.

'That's it!'

Now she needed to escape his grasp, only momentarily, and then she'd be scot-free. But how? How does she stop both herself and her imagination from stopping her? How could she regain control What could- She got the answer immediately.

While trying to pose as non-threatening as possible, she loudly suggested to her Heat-self that Jaune should just dive right in. 'Give us what we want!' and plunge straight in and bring her to the release she rightfully deserves. The Heat followed this suggestion, but approached the matter slowly, not wanting to condemn this wonderful moment, snaking her hands down her front and positioning ready before her entrance. Blake, however, wanted to forsake them both for all of eternity.

Summoning all of her will, Blake shoved her finger straight inside her vagina.

'Oh no, something is definitely wrong here!' her Heat Voice declared, pulling her hand away and holding it out to her side. This was Blake's time to strike!

In this momentary reprieve from immediate intimacy, Blake took hold of and repossessed this hand and lead it the few centimetres necessary to exorcise her Two demons.

Blake reached the taps and turned the blue 'C' all the way to right, and what happened next was one of the most painful experiences of her entire life.

But it did the trick.


The RWY of Team RWBY laughed heartily about Blake's sore state when she announced to them her plight. They then spent the rest of their morning lounging, doing some light reading and eating breakfast and other manners of small activities whilst the remaining two Team members waited for their turn to bathe.



"You ever wonder why we're here?"

The single question brought confusion to her two Teammates, who shared a glance.

"Whadd'ya mean, Rubes?"

"Like, here, waiting for Blake to get out of the shower? I mean we're all the same underneath… and we need to use the shower… and besides, she's been in there for ages!"

Blake's scream pierced the air, muffled but eerily powerful even through the walls that stood between them and her.

It was only when the screaming stopped that Yang dared breathe, let alone respond,

"Well Rubes, I'll tell ya, it's so that we don't have to handle that! Kitty got wet, and it need's it's time to brood." Yang said, with a huff, returning to what she was doing. Although Ruby agreed with Yang's response, immensely, she didn't think it was a satisfactory answer.

But still, at least Ruby had figured out one thing. A Faunus in Heat must be handled with care. Lest she incur the menstrual wrath of the feline.

"Fair enough, Yang. Fair enough." She said timidly, withering into her seat, trying to be as far from the door as possible. With a daring breath, Ruby amended,

"My shower can wait."


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"Must just be a Faunus thing…"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Hey, listen, I didn't want to say this in front of Ruby, but, instead of going after Jaune, can you not just… you know… handle yourself?" Yang asked, unsure.

"Let the ship set sail!"

"Nora, please, be quiet. Some people are trying to read." Ren calmly instructed to his hyper-active partner.

"White Fang? More like White Fag! Fuckin' got 'em."

"Well, Jaune has been in me many times now, yes."

"I don't care, he's mine tonight pussy, find another!" Velvet spat, venomously.

"Now I'm wilfully acting on doing this with him, I feel like such a liar and a cheat. I'm gaining his trust only to have sex with him, what kind of person does that make me?" Blake asked, sobbing into her hands.

"A bad one?" Ruby offered.

"Wrong answer." Yang said aside.

"Arc, I am here to kill you."

"Is there no way I may live to see my beloved once more?"

"There is one…"

"Please, I'll do anything!"

"Suckle on my loins!"

"So be it!"

"I'm sorry, I still didn't quite snatch that."

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