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Chapter 4

Ronald Weasley was the kind of guy who thought it was hilarious to smash Coke cans against his forehead and burp really loudly. He had long, stringy red hair that looked as if it hadn't been washed for about a month. I even spotted a thin gold earring in one of his ears. His face seemed to be locked in a wide grin, his dark eyes crinkled in laughed. I couldn't imagine a serious expression on his face.

Ron was tall and lanky and never seemed to stand still. He was very fidgety, and very hyper. He bounced around his small, crowded living room, wearing a T-shirt that was too small for him and baggy, faded jeans with enormous holes at the knees, slapping high fives with random people, shouting and laughing loudly.

At first I couldn't imagine Ron and Harry being best friends, but after a few hours, I realized that Ron brought out a lighter side of Harry. Around Ron, Harry loosened up and became funny, and wild, and loud. Almost as if he was competing with his friend.

I was pretty nervous, being the outsider, the new kid. So I spent a lot of time on the outskirts of the crowd, studying the others.

It was Friday night. Harry had picked me up in a brand-new, Volvo and had driven us to Ron's small box of a house, named the burrow, for the usual Friday night blow-out.

Harry seemed pretty relaxed, and I pretended to be. But my stomach was knotted, and my hands were as cold as ice. I mean, it was our first date, and here we were going to a party where he knew everyone and I didn't know a soul.

I had spent at least an hour up in my room puzzling over what to wear. I'd finally ended up in a silky white, long-sleeved top and a short, black skirt over black tights. As we walked in through the kitchen door, I saw most of the girls were in jeans, but I didn't care.

Even though it was a cool night out, the house was steamy, due to heat charms placed around it. I spotted about twenty kids, maybe more, jammed into the small living room and spilling into a narrow front hallway. The music was so loud, even the windows seemed to rattle. Everyone had to shout to be heard over the noise.

Most kids were caring around cans of Coke, but I saw several with cans of beer. Even though they were at work, I was sure Ron's parents must know about his Friday night parties. But I did wonder if they knew about the beer.

Holding my hand loosely, Harry led me into the crowded living room. Over the voices and music, I distinctly heard someone ask "is that Harry's new girlfriend?" I turned, but I couldn't see who had said it.

Ron came bounding over, grinning. His grin didn't seem to fade as he checked me out. Harry introduced us, giving Ron a shove.

"Watch out for this jerk" Ron warned me, shoving Harry back. "He doesn't look it, but he's an animal"

I laughed. But it flashed through my mind that Ron was the second person to tell me to watch out for Harry.

"You're not an animal. You're a vegetable!" harry told Ron, with pride in his voice.

"You're not even a vegetable!" Ron replied, "You're a sponge"

"If I'm a sponge, you're the stuff you have to wipe up with a sponge!" harry exclaimed.

The two of them collapsed laughing.

Shaking his head, Harry said something to me, but I couldn't hear him over the music. Ron moved closer to me and wrapped a heavy arm round my shoulders. "Don't pay any attention to me and Harry!" he said, bringing his face close to mine, I could smell beer on his breath. "We're both idiots"

"And proud of it!" Harry declared, grinning. He ran a hand through his hair as his eyes searched the room. "Where's Lavender?" he asked Ron.

Ron shrugged and slapped a short kid walking by on the back, causing him to spill his coke on the carpet. The kid didn't even turn round, he just kept talking to the two girls he was with.

"Here I am!" a girl's voice called from behind me.

I turned to see a tall, dramatic looking girl, with piles of long blonde hair that had been curled, dark eyes and bright red lipstick on her lips. She had very pale, creamy-white skin. She wore a really short, flowery skirt over black tights. Very sexy.

"Ron, cant you turn the music down?" she demanded, stepping past me.

"No way." He gave her a goofy grin.

"I can't hear myself think," she shouted.

"Who wants to think?" was Ron's reply.

"Ron hates new experiences" harry commented dryly. He turned to me, "Hermione, this is Lavender Brown"

"Hi," lavender shouted over the music "you're here with him?" she pointed to Harry and made a face.

I nodded, looking confused.

"You must be new here," lavender teased. She tossed her hair back over her shoulders. She seemed to play with her hair a lot, tugging at it, tangling it around her hand, and then pushing it off her face.

"Yeah," I said "I've just moved here"

I turned to Harry, but he and Ron had disappeared somewhere. I felt abandoned. As I looked for him, my eyes stopped on the couple making out at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't see her face, but I recognized the girls red hair.

"Ginny!" I called.

"Have you met Ginny?" Lavender asked, stepping close beside me and following my gaze.

"Yeah" I said, staring "who's the guy?"

"I don't recognise him" lavender replied "I don't think he goes to Hogwarts" she sniggered "Ginny probably doesn't know his name, either"

I laughed. I liked Lavender's nasty sense of humour.

"Some people do aerobics. Ginny does guys" lavender said. And then she turned her eyes to me and her expression grew more intense "she has a thing for Harry, too. Did you know that?"

"A thing?" I asked. I wasn't sure I'd heard right. It was so noisy. I couldn't hear what Lavender said next.

The two of use found ourselves wandering back towards the kitchen, away from the speakers and the crowd. The kitchen was empty. Someone had spilled a bag of crisps across the worktop. There was a stack of dirty dishes in the sink. I stepped around a brown puddle of coke on the floor.

Lavender and I leaned against the worktop, chatting and absently picking up the spilled crisps and eating them as we talked. She was nearly 30 centimetres taller than me, and she kept complaining that she was overweight, by in my opinion, she was just well-built. I looked like a short little beanpole next to her.

I told her about moving, and how hard it was to leave my friends behind, and the fear of starting a new school so late into the school year.

We both jumped when we heard a loud crash from the living room. "Typical" lavender said, rolling her eyes. "I can't believe Ron's parents put up with this"

"Ron's a riot" I aid, reaching for another crisp "he's so funny!"

"funny-looking" lavender muttered "Ron and I have been going out together for about six months. On and off"

I gazed at her in surprise. I couldn't imagine Ron and lavender as a couple. "On and off?" I asked.

"Sometimes I get sick of him," she admitted, glancing to the kitchen doorway. "I mean, he's just never serious. That can be a lot of fun for a while. But sometimes I just want to shake him and say, "Knock it off. Stop the jokes. Be serious!" he can be a real pain. I mean, he's always getting into trouble at school. Always . . . "she stopped.

"Yeah?" I urged.

She shrugged "he's OK, I guess. He makes me laugh. And once you really get to know him, he's a good guy." She sighed and tapped a crisp against the worktop until it crumbled. Then she raised her eyes to mine. "There's something you should know about Harry." She said, lowering her voice, her expression turning solemn.

"Huh? What about Harry?"

"He's been through a bad tome. He – "

She didn't get to finish her sentence. Ron burst into the room and grabbed her arm. "Come on, Lav – we're all going now!"

She pulled out of his grasp "going where?"

"To sportsworld!" he replied, tugging her again. He turned to me. "You, too. Come on"

"What's sportsworld?" I asked.

"Batting cages" Lavender answered, making a face "you know. One of those places with basketball courts and table tennis and – "

"You can watch me outslug Harry!" Ron said, grinning. "We made a little bet" he put his hands together and bent his knees in a ridiculously exaggerated batting stance. Then he swung all the way around, toppling into the kitchen unit.

"Ron, how are you going to outslug Harry? You can't outslug me!" lavender declared, shaking her head at him.

"Are you kidding?" he cried, acting as if his feelings were hurt "you swing like a girl!"

"Cute," lavender muttered. "That's really cute" she gave him a hard, playful shove, and then followed him to the living room. I followed Lavender, and then stopped in the hallway. Across the room, I saw Ginny standing with Harry. She had a hand on his cheek. They were talking with their face close together.

I think he saw me because he pulled Ginny's hand away from his face and stepped away from her. I made my way across the room, pushing past a circle of kids who were laughing uproariously about something.

"Hey, I lost you" he said as I approached, flashing me a smile. "You remember Ginny?"

I said hi to Ginny, and she nodded "did you get your bike fixed?" she asked, shouting over the laughter across from us.

"It wasn't my bike," I told her "it was my brother's"

She didn't react. I thought maybe she didn't hear me.

Ron grabbed my shoulder and grinned "come on guys. Let's go!"

Harry flashed me a guilty smile "is it OK with you? I sort of made a bet with Ron?"

"Sure"" I said "sounds like fun"

A few seconds later, about ten of us had piled into two cars, and we were roaring past town towards Sportsworld. I sat beside Harry in the front of his car, with four kids I didn't know in the back.

Harry drove like a madman. He had the radio cranked up as loud as it would go, and he kept careering deliberately from side to side on the road, going at least 60 the whole way.

"Harry!" I shouted when he bumped over the curb into someone's front garden. "Stop it!"

His eyes were wild with excitement, and his grin just grew wider "I can handle it" he shouted. He turned the wheel wildly, and the car squealed back into the street.

"Do you always drive like this?" I asked.

He started into the windscreen, a strange grin fixed on his face, looking almost as if he were hypnotized.


I was so relieved when we finally reach Sportsworld, a brightly-lit, massive indoor-outdoor sports centre. Harry turned into the car park, the tyres of the car squealing and suddenly coming to an abrupt, bone-jarring stop. To my surprise, Ron and his group were already going inside. Ron must be an even crazier driver than Harry, I realized.

I slammed the car door shut and ran after Harry, who was already moving across the car park towards the entrance. "What a ride!" I ride breathlessly. "That was scary Harry"

He stopped and turned to me. His mile faded. Those amazing green eyes seemed to burn into mine. "Sometimes I just feel wild" he said "lie, out of control. You know" he stood there staring at me, hands at is waist as if waiting for me to reply. But I didn't know what to say. His driving had really frightened me. He did seem out of control.

His expression softened. He smiled "just kidding" he said, his green eyes seemed to twinkle under the car-park lights. He was just so gorgeous! "Come on. Let's go and kit some baseballs"

We walked across the car-park together catching up with the others. I saw lavender up ahead of us, and suddenly remembered what she has started to tell me in the kitchen: "there's something you should know about Harry"

What had she started to tell me?

Did it have something to do with the way he drove, with his need to get "out of control"?

He seemed to have such drastic mood swings.

Was that what lavender wanted to warn me about?

The batting cages were outside, at the back of the building, under daylight-bright lights. I could see a row of ten of them, long canvas-and-wire mesh cages with pitching machines near the far end.

The place was incredible crowded. Jammed with teenagers and alit of loud, young, working people. We had to wait for a batting cage. I kept close to Harry, peering through the mesh into the cages, watching helmeted batters take their swings against the 90 mph pitches.

"Look at that guy. He's swinging an hour late on every pitch" Harry said, sniggering.

I was a chilly night. It felt more like winter than spring. I shivered. I wished I had worn a jumper or something. Harry was shouting encouragement to the guy in the batting cage. He seemed to be enjoying himself. I wondered if he actually liked me.

Suddenly, I heard a loud, rattling sound above our heads. Startled, I looked up to see Ron climbing to the side of the cage, about five metres above the ground. He was holding onto the mesh with one hand, making chimpanzee gestures with his other hand.

"Oh, man!" Harry cried, and then he totally cracked up.

"Get down from there!" a man cried from somewhere behind us.

"Hey – that's dangerous!" someone else screamed.

"Me Tarzan!" Ron shouted, climbing to the top of the cage.

"Ron's so messed up!" harry exclaimed gleefully. "He's crazy! He'll do anything!"

My eye caught lavenders, who was standing a couple of meters away. She didn't appear at all amused. In fact, her face was bright red and she looked really embarrassed.

I saw two guys wearing dark clue trousers and white shirts come hurrying over. They must work here, I realized.

"Hey – get down" one of them waved furiously at Ron.

"What are you doing?" the other one shouted.

Ron ignored the two men. "Hey, Harry – join me?" he called down. "You get a better view up here!"

"Do you believe him?" Harry asked me, still laughing.

"Come on, man!" Ron called down to Harry "you chicken?"

Harry stared up at him friend.

"Come on up, you wimp!" Ron called down.

The smile faded from Harry's face. I shuddered. Harry had the strangest expression on his face, fear mixed with anger. His entire body went rigid. He stared up at Ron without moving.

What is wrong? I wondered. What is Harry thinking about? Why does he suddenly look so strange, so frightened.

"Hey – chicken face!" Ron called down, waving his free hand, clinging to the wire mesh with the other "chicken face!"

Harry glanced nervously at me. Then he started to call up to Jacob. But Harry's words choked in his throat, and his eye widened with horror. As Ron motioned enthusiastically for Harry to climb up, his hand slipped away from the mesh.

He started to fall.

I watched as Ron plummet all the way down without realizing that the hideous scream I heard the whole time was coming from me.